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Week ending Sunday, September 27th, 2015
Busy Bee!
Up to my ears in work this week! I have so much to do. I have to deliver the cashier's check for the deposit on the house I am renting. Well, it's a lot more expensive than where I live BUT it does indeed have a pool. What is odd is I have to go buy a washer/dryer (grrr) and a mower and weed eater. That or I pay about 100 smack-a-roonies per month to pay someone else to do it. Over the course of a year it's cheaper for me to do it myself and I'll do a better job.

They are building houses behind where this house is BUT in front of me is only a tennis court. So that is good (nobody is playing tennis in Florida when it's 99 degrees outside and 100% humidity! LOL. I HATE the tile. I hate the cheap plastic counter tops and this place isn't worth the cash BUT I can stay there as long as I need to find a home of my own here.

Speaking of which, I do not think I am getting the full time job but my boss likes me enough that he's going to keep me for another year. In fact, he invited me to go play golf with him on Friday after work. That was fun! I know he has some changes in place so all I really have to do is my job and stay out of trouble. They like me there not because I am the smartest guy on the planet (I am NOT) but I just work hard and love what I do. And whatever I do not know, I am willing to go learn on my own. In fact, my boss told me to "catch up on the stuff you haven't touched in a while and the stuff you need to learn". Good enough for me.

I am dog sitting this week. The original plan was to take her back tonight but I decided today that I am going to keep her here with me until my family makes it home to Sebring. Then I will drive her back probably Tuesday night. Monday night I have to drive out to Orlando in the evening and drop off this check. I've already reached out to some movers, I know I need to get boxes, I have to change my address, -- blah blah blah! So much to do, so little time get it done.

Hope you had a great weekend and God Bless you all! Watching the Pope was fantastic!

Cheers! B.

Week ending Sunday, September 20th, 2015
Good weekend!!! YAY!
What do I do this weekend? WELL -- I got to see my nephew play in a varsity football game! He did pretty well when they put him in there. I am very proud of him and it appears some of the wisdom I am passing on to him is sinking in. The way God lays out the plans for us, 99.999% of the time it's nowhere NEAR where we wanted it to be. That is where you give up SELF and give it over to GOD! :) I cannot think of a better place to be in life than in God's hands.

This weekend I got a bunch of chores done and signed the lease for the new house. I am trying to get some movers in place because -- frankly, I DO NOT want to move this stuff myself, haha. But at least with the new place, even though it cost a lot more, it's NOT a town home and I will have more peace and quiet. I also have a lake (well, pond) behind me as well. I don't fish, but it'll be good to get some chairs out and do some BBQ? Maybe!

I actually went to Church with my VERY VERY close friend (ok, you can say girlfriend but you all know I do not talk about my deeply personal stuff here) and that was really fun too. New Church -- and a lot different than the "Calvary" based Churches that I like (RIP: Chuck Smith!). Maybe we can find another. It was so odd that I found one in VA right near where my house was so maybe God's plan for me is to find another house here close to a CALVARY Church. Note to Pastors: NO GRAVEN IMAGES!!! :)

I also got to watch the Bucs win their FIRST win of the season and first win against the 'Aints since like 2011. Good dealio!!! And Johnny Rea won Race 1 and nearly won Race 2 in WSBK. Next race he wins, he is the champ. Too bad he didn't do it on the Honda but in all fairness Honda wasn't giving him the best chance to win anyway!

That is about it for the week. I pray you all have a great weekend and stay safe!!!


Week ending Sunday, September 13th, 2015
Renting a house for a year now....
That is because looking for a home around here has been a gigantic pain in the buttocks! I found a house about 10 minutes from work. It's bigger and more expensive and probably needs some work but it will suffice for now. That allows me more time to put some money away, sell the house in VA and find a good house with a larger down payment. I think this has been God's plan all along (even though I the first to admit I am never in sync with His plans all the time). So I start moving around the middle of October or late October. Still gotta find some movers and boxes, change my address, what not.

Had a GREAT weekend with the family in Sebring. I took them out to dinner and went to Church with them today which was also a nice change of pace. The Church is good, just not MY Church in San Diego which I miss a lot. I would also ask for a prayer if you have one for me because I have a full time interview with the Mouse tomorrow so we shall see how that goes. It also means I will take a large pay cut as well, heh. I knew that would happen but maybe they'll negotiate a bit with me? I don't know. Only God knows how that is going to work out.

It has helped a lot that I get great feedback from other groups that I work with and they send that to my boss which is also good! I cannot tell you how grateful I am when someone sends in a good note or two about me. It helps show my value to the company and backs up all my hard work.

Honestly that is about it for the week. The Buccaneer game is on shortly so I will be watching that and getting to bed early. I want to be prepared as best as possible for the interview tomorrow. I hope you all had a great week and I'll talk to you again soon!


Week ending Sunday, September 7th, 2015
No more house hunting -- at least for a year....
So the house hunting adventures are off for now. I am just sick and tired of being nickled and dimed to death by builders and the other options from mortgage companies mean I am short of funds to buy a decent house. Besides, I am never sure what is going on at work and I think it's better to wait a bit and see how things work out before I make a decision. Besides, it's God's will that I should be waiting for not my own. Every time I try to force things to happen on my own, God steps in and says "No my son, you will wait for Me!"

I think that's the best position to be in. Waiting for God!

Everything else is going OK. I have been playing on the softball team at work and pulled a few muscles on Thursday but I am healing up a lot better. I hope to be ready to play on Thursday as we have a late night game (9:30). That's a really late start for us but it should be OK. We lost the game last Thursday in the final inning by one point. We played a lot better than what we did the week before and I missed a home run by a few feet! LOL. Ok maybe next time!

There's no MotoGP going on this weekend but the Gators did win their first game of the College Football Season so that was good! I don't want to talk about the nut cases shooting our Police Officers or how the "Black Lives Matter" movement makes me laugh when they don't even care about their own lives. At a 10-1 ratio, more blacks are killed by blacks (10-1) than whites kill blacks or COPS kill blacks. And if you are killed by a Police Officer, why are you being arrested?! Maybe society should obey the law. If they did this country would get back to being strong, healthy and a nation the rest of the world could look up to.

Right now -- we look laughable to the world while Russian sends submarines off the coast of Georgia and China sends ships to the cost of Alaska. Yep. Keep voting for "career" Politicians and this is what we get. Anarchy!!!!



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