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Week ending Sunday, September 29th, 2013
Training and other things!
So I am doing training this week and over the weekend. Work is slowing down due to it being the end of the quarter, which means reports, so I have turned my attention to focusing on studying and for exams. My boss is encouraging it and I personally want to get them in the books as well. Not just for my job but overall for my career.

At first I wasn't too excited about NAS storage but right now we have a lot of block level guys and they really needed a NAS guy. Plus in this position I get to be the lead for NAS so I am OK with it. In fact, I am embracing it because it gives me more responsibility and more goals to shoot for. Granted there are things that I need to do better (I've been taking copious notes and have learned to stop responding without a lot of thought. Plus, it helps working remote (except for the noise).

I thought this weekend we were supposed to serve the homeless again but I didn't get the notification so I suppose it got canceled or something. It's ok, I will fill in wherever they need me at Church. They know I am available and I've said it more than once that I will do whatever they need me to do. Just like what I said at work.

Speaking of Church, Pastor Bob had a great sermon this weekend on letting go of things we cannot control. I had learned that about 7 years ago but it was good to get a refresher on that topic. Let go, let God! I think I've even said that before on the blog -- but I mean it.

There was football this weekend and of course, ANOTHER disappointing game and another Buccaneer loss. I'm being reminded of the 1984-1996 Buccaneers. I mean they are playing that badly. It's hard to root for a team that is destined to fail or prone to failure. Maybe I see a lot of myself in that team which is why I haven't given up on them yet. I haven't given up on myself either so well, there are correlations to both.

Working from home has presented one thing I hadn't planned on. Being home alone all the time does have it's drawbacks. I did enjoy the co-worker interactive conversations and now all I get are phone calls or emails. It's ok though, it does give me peace and solace and maybe that what I enjoy the most about it.

I honestly think that is it for the week. There's some WSBK races I want to watch and I did watch Iron Man 3 (hadn't seen it yet). I do know RDJ isn't going to do Iron Man solo movies anymore. Too bad, I loved him and Gwenneth Paltrow as they were both perfect for the movie. We do get to see more of him with Iron Man but it will only be with the Avengers. Ah well, that's better than nothing.

Hope you had a great week and as always, will talk to you later!


Week ending Sunday, September 22nd, 2013
Quiet -- except for my neighbors!
Am I whining?! I kind of feel like it. I know I've said something about my neighbors -- in fact I went and talked them earlier this week and they understand that our windows are so close to each other that it makes logical sense to close them. Not because anyone is trying to be mean but simply out of respect for each other. It's been a little more quiet (especially after I told them I can hear when they flush their toilet -- that's how loud it is) and I have a ton of stuff to do for work.

I was told this past week that I will probably go to Seattle again for at least two weeks to sit down with the engineering team to get the more critical information you won't get from the classes. Not sure how I feel about that. I mean anytime you can get training is great, I am just no so sure about being in Seattle during the winter, haha.

Other than Church this weekend, which was fantastic as always, that is really about it. I'm keeping it short this week and of course you can catch me on Facebook.

Have a great and blessed weekend!



Week ending Sunday, September 15th, 2013
Venting out loud week!
(edited 9/16/2013)
So...this week I posted a link from Yahoo that our "lovely" California Governor is going to sign a bill that gives ILLEGAL ALIENS legal CA driver's licenses. Nice. Now we're going to reward ILLEGAL INVADERS with "legal" identification. We can't even get clear background checks on foreigners! Basically what we're saying is "Yes, we know you're here illegally but even WE do not enforce our own laws. So bring more of you! Our tax payers will pay for all your expenses you even though YOU have no regard whatsoever for our laws, will not learn English, will not follow our laws and entered this country LEGALLY!"

Great. Even our elected officials will not enforce the laws that our forefathers enacted to PROTECT this country. Now all of you who pay taxes will see your social security dwindle to nothing (ie: you will have nothing to live off of when YOU retire). Their "excuse" is it will make the roads safer. HOW?! They're already driving illegally and many of them are sitting in our jails because they drive drunk with no insurance and end up killing law-abiding citizens. They have no regard -- NONE -- for US laws. They have no regard for US citizens. Having seen their "work" first hand, I'd say we're getting what we paid for. They want to turn Southern, California (and the rest of the US) into "Northern Mexico". They waive their country's flag on US soil and DEMAND they be made US citizens. Why?! They do not want to be Americans. They want to be a Mexican or South American or Russian or Chinese or wherever they are from "Citizen" while being spoon-fed from American tax payers.

Look. I am not cold-hearted. I understand the plight these people face every day in their own Country. That said, why aren't they trying to change THEIR own country? Why aren't they taking the US-taxpayer paid Educations (those that do) and go home and make a change where THEY came from? Why is it that America has to be the "Welfare Country" for the world? Why are MY (and your) tax dollars, that should be set aside to take care of Americans when they retire, to pay for US Legal Born children to go to school, to pay for road improvements and for US defense being spent on hand outs to people who could care LESS about America??? They are the complete opposite of what JFK said about being an American. They are "asking what our Country can (and will) do for them -- NOT what THEY can for for our country." And as US wartime veteran and former US Marine -- I am embarrassed to be an American right now.

Ok now that my vent is over (because even when I explain to my friends, they are all for allowing these illegals to invade our country and, one anchor baby at a time, revert us into a 3rd world country. They think it's great because they can buy stuff "cheaper" (even though they have to spend more money in the end to replace the crap made overseas because they are built by "slave workers". Even my LEGAL US Immigrants are OK with ILLEGAL INVADERS having US driver's licenses. Nice. OK since you're OK with spoon feeding the invaders, why don't we make sure that the taxes paid to subsidize these illegal invaders come from YOUR salary! I'm willing to bet your tune would change then....

As for everything else I have new neighbors with a 4 year old who likes to scream at the top of her lungs all day long. Now, we don't have A/C here so I leave the windows open. I'm trying to get work done and all I hear are ear-piercing screams all day long. Look -- I love kids and I don't have a problem with having neighbors with kids. I do however have a problem though with being so close to them and hearing EVERY PEEP they make (because they do not respect their neighbors) -- I feel like I have to be integrated into their family. And trust me, if I wanted kids or a family I would have gotten married.

Look I am a God-fearing man. I know to love thy neighbor -- but apparently THY NEIGHBOR doesn't love us because they feel it's ok to annoy the entire block all day long.

Vent over.

Pastor Bob is back! Fantastic service this weekend and so glad to have him back and invigorating our service to the Lord. I got to watch the Buccaneers lose another close game and watch Nicky Hayden sit around in 9th place about a minute behind the leaders. Blah! What bad weekend. And work is pressure but I am trying to do the best I can. That is really about it for the week. Hope you had a great weekend. I am going to "sweat" out the rest of the day because, of course, I cannot open the windows here and get any cool air without the screams of a 4 year old all day.


Week ending Sunday, September 8th, 2013
Steady as she goes, Capt'n!
Other than the hot weather here, this week has been much better. I mean the work is getting done, no one is complain (that I know about ) and my work schedule is starting to come down to more like 10 to 11 hours a day instead of 14-16. In fact, since I wasn't on call this weekend I vegged out. Still too hot to go out and do anything, though I had been thinking about the beach.

Saturday night was the second service for Pastor Mile McIntosh. Next Saturday Pastor Bob is back! We're all excited to see him and hope the time of rest and recuperation has invigorated his passion. Not that he ever had that problem but I think this time he finally realized he did need rest. Even God said REST! So we're looking forward to seeing him come back.

This was also the opening week for NFL. Already my Gators lost to UM and today, the Bucs lost a game they should have won handily (and even the pundits said they would) and they lost that one. I am starting to theorize that I love a loser. I mean, maybe I think that I myself am a loser and need to associate myself with teams who fail so that I don't feel like the only one on this planet who fails. Well -- that isn't true -- but that is how I feel sometimes. I've been a Buccaneer fan since I saw my first game as a 6 year old and of course, huge Gator fan. Both teams lost and well, that's that! Nothing I can do about it.

There is a bunch of work related training I need to get back on and that should be happening soon. Thought I was going to finish my private pilot's license (didn't happen, move cost me all my savings -- then swapping a terrible job for a much, MUCH better one) but as it turns out, that's just not a feasible option. Not not for sure, maybe never. I hate starting things I cannot finish but in this case it's really out of my hands. If it is God's plan for me, it will happen. That's all I or anyone else should be concerned about. If we focus on our troubles instead of the One who takes care of them for us, we're looking in the wrong direction.

Can't think of anything else this week. No MotoGP, no WSBK, but lots of cleaning and dinner to make. Yes I cook, I am just not a Chef by any means! LOL. Have a great rest of your weekend!


Week ending Sunday, September 1st, 2013
Work your fingers to the bone, what do you get? Bony fingers!
Ok That's pretty much how the new job is going. Not complaining at all because I work from home but man, when you do that, you tend to work a LOT of hours. Definitely averages about 10-14 hours a day, but that's easy to do when you don't have to deal with traffic and such. Wish I had started doing this sooner, would have helped me out a lot with less "distractions". I did it a few times at the DEA but honestly, they want your rear-end in the seat so they can keep tabs on you (I am theorizing here).

I worked about 58 hours this week during the week then worked a few hours Friday night, 7 hours on Saturday and a few hours on Sunday. I am hoping that tomorrow morning I can put the leathers on and take the CBR out to "clear it's throat". It's been sitting in the garage collecting dust because I'm at home all the time. Hopefully I can just take a quick AM run up and down and then call it a day at my favorite spot (you all know where it is). Once that is done I'll come back home and hopefully relax.

So, I have new neighbors. May I remind you this area is normally very, very quiet with a lot of retirees or older people who don't party (yay!). Well, they are a family from another country and I guess they are not used to keeping the noise down because they are extremely noisy. I have to have the windows open to let the cool air in. Well, whatever cool air we get because the last couple of weeks it's been so hot that I've been sweating like crazy, even with a fan on me. It's been both hot and humid here. Very much unlike SOCAL but this happens every 4-6 years or so. Let's hope we get our cooler weather back. I do remember back in like in the summer of 2006 it being like 80 and humid at night, too!

Yesterday (Saturday) I got to FINALLY do some work with my Church. The last Saturday of every month they feed the homeless in downtown San Diego near the Mission. I got to serve this weekend which was really good the chef that created the meal did a great job. It's so sad to hear people say "This may be the only time I eat all day". What do I do? I know these people need help but I am one person. How can I help all these people who need encouragement, assistance and a way out of the life they are living now. If only they turned their face towards the Lord would they see there is always a true, guaranteed way out of anything -- if you let go and let God take control. I look forward to serving with them next month and I want to get more involved in more missionary work.

It's no secret I am trying to help my sister buy a house in Sebring but the work trying to get that inexpensive house is far more work that it took me to buy that HUGE town home in Virginia. Let's all pray that it works out so my sister stops being a renter and starts to become a homeowner. I know where she lives and even I cannot sleep there due to the road traffic. Her house is right on the parkway. I am not sure how anyone gets any sleep. Dear Sebring, don't put a parkway in the middle of a residential area. There was plenty of land elsewhere to make that road!

Anyway, that is about it for the week. Enjoy your holiday and I'll go watch my MotoGP and WSBK races. I don't even think AMA is on TV anymore. At least, I don't see it so I'll still with the foreign races!



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