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Week ending Sunday, September 30th, 2012
So so ....
Well it wasn't a bad week but it wasn't a good week either. Work-wise everything is fine, just a couple of minor things to clear up and everything will be great. I know a lot was accomplished and I stayed extremely busy so overall not too bad.

This weekend they had the "Leesburg Airshow" which scale-wise it's a lot smaller than say a Military Airshow (like Miramar or El Toro) but it was pretty good. I went with my neighbors and we got to see some vintage WW2 airplanes, so bi-planes, a sport plane and even a C5 Galaxy over fly the runway. I then took them over to AV-ED and showed them the plane I fly the most and it seemed to get them interested in flying so that is a good thing.

I have also been studying my ground school book and so far I am pretty much right on top of things. I know that I'll be ready to take the ground exam in a few weeks and even my instructor is trying to schedule the 3rd check ride which is the last dual flight before the FAA Examiner will come up to give me the test. Should go well but I am not in a super-big rush to get it done. I also helped my friend record another song this weekend so that was good. I have a some really good recording gear so its nice to get back into the groove.

Church was awesome again this weekend. I have really warmed up to our Pastor a lot and actually he's interjecting a lot of humor into the message so that keeps everyone focused and on the message. I think a lot of people pay more attention to instruction when its fun and interesting. Regardless, reading the Bible is always interesting but adding humor is just an added benefit.

Watched the MotoGP race this weekend and I am glad Nicky is ok. He came really close to doing the same thing Super Sic did last year and its good to know that he'll be able to ride the next race. Watching the Bucs vs that "DC" team right now (its halftime) and not looking so good. Josh isn't looking like the franchise QGB right now so I hope he gets it together.

That's about it for now, short but sweet. Hope you had a great week!


Week ending Sunday, September 23rd, 2012
So the week went ok. Work-wise, as always, I am getting things done. There was a lot to do and I made sure everything was completed. I do have some vacation time coming up and I am not sure what to do this year. I definitely want to go to the UK and check things out as I have never been there but I think for sure I will be going to Florida for Christmas this year. I will probably go to SOCAL for Thanksgiving as I know I can hang out with my friends and since my sister doesn't have much time off then.

This weekend I was supposed to solo again just to keep my chops up but the weather didn't seem to want to comply so that got canceled. Since there was no flight I did a ride through most of Western VA which was really fun. It's been a while since I dragged a little knee but I did it safely, so don't worry! I did due my chores such as mow the yard and clean up the house a bit then I went to our Saturday night Church services which I always like and try never to miss. The Pastor is so good and it's nice to know we're with a Church that is true to the word and we bring and read from the Bible every service.

I also watched some AMA racing this weekend which was good and then today (Sunday) I got to watch the Bucs once again play good against the run, bad against the pass and somehow our offense is stuck in first gear. At least with the Gators they know how to make second half adjustments and I think Schiano needs to learn how to do that or we'll have another losing season. In all fairness, those were two road teams against some very tough NFC East teams. Next weekend the dreaded team from here goes to Tampa so I hope we can win that one! Sheesh.

Well I think that is about it. Not really that much to add. There's a lot of things I need to get done and I need to study that ground school exam before I can take the FAA Examiner verbal and flight test. Once that is done I'll be free to fly whenever and wherever I want which was the main reason for this. First cross country will probably be to Boston to see my Aunts and take them flying. Haven't been up there in years so that would be great. Then I will head down to GA and FLA to visit family and friends.

Well that is it. Hope you had a great week and talk to you later!


Week ending Sunday, September 16th, 2012
Ah well (D'OH!)
Overall it was a great week. I mean work went pretty well as I got a lot done and even had the vendor give me a few compliments on my work. That's always nice to hear. It is a really good thing that I love what I do or I'd probably be bonking my head on the desk all day long -- haha. Either way I did accomplish a lot and I'm very happy about this.

This weekend I did another flight with AV-ED only I took a different instructor with me to critique my performance maneuvers. He said I did a really good job and that I just have to review the documentation to make sure that I run them the exact same way because he said the FAA Examiner is going to ask me the same questions. Actually it was a great flight as the weather was great, the sky was clear and the temperatures were way better than the summer has been. I ordered and ASA Ground Study booklet so I can prepare in haste for the ground exam and then all I really need to do are a few check riders with examiners to test everything and then go for broke with the examiner.

When I get my license I do want to fly to Boston and see my family first then fly down to Georgia and then on to Florida. I'll see Pops in St. Mary's and then my family so I'll land at Sebring Airport. Just have to pay attention to what is going on and if I do indeed do the long cross country I'll use flight following because that way I'll be in contact with the controllers and make sure I don't make any silly airspace mistakes (like flying into restricted area, that is not a good idea).

Church was awesome again this week and I like I said I am really getting used to the new place of worship. Like I always say "God's plans are always greater for us than our own". I also was telling my friends "You have to love and respect yourself before others will love and respect you". That's something I have learned as I've gotten older.

Today I watched the MotoGP races and all I have to say to Dani Pedrosa is "KARMA!" Glad he didn't get hurt but he did the same thing to Hayden in 2006 and nearly cost him the Championship. Now he's 38 points down on the leader with only a few races to go. That's racing I guess. I also watched the Buccaneer game today with the Giants. They actually should have won that game but I think the fact that the defense got worn out due to the offense not generating anything just sent the game down hill. They still had a chance to win it at the end and that's showing me they are a better team. They didn't quit on their coach.

Also this weekend I helped a friend of mine record a song. We used my AW16G and my new electronic drum kit so I laid down the drum tracks while he played guitar. I just made some stuff up honestly. He added in his vocals and we'll finish it next week. He wants to cut a CD which I think is really neat and any way I can help others, you know I'll do it.

That's about it for now. Hope you had a great week and talk to you later!


Week ending Sunday, September 9th, 2012
Not a bad week...

So not a bad week overall. We had a vendor come in to upgrade our SAN arrays (the vendor won't let us do it ourselves and I have done it before) and that went fine. I went ahead and created the storage pools so now we have another 180TB of storage space so its all good. Our customer is happy and that is the most important thing when you're a contractor. Well, that and keeping your boss happy. Work is going fine so that's the report for this week.

Church was awesome this weekend as it always is. Our Pastor used some doughnuts in place of Manna to prove a point and it was extremely funny. He had the whole congregation laughing and I think as a Pastor, to keep people interested, you really do have to make them smile. Cornerstone is one of those very good "Calvary" based Churches that I really like a lot and it helps that this Church is very similar to the one I had to grudgingly leave last year in San Diego (Horizons).

This weekend I went ahead and did another solo flight. I really need to study for the ground exam and I have been working on that but I wanted to get in some flight maneuvers which I did (Slow Flight, Steep Turns, Stalls) and then I went to Martinsberg to do some landings. I posted some photos of that on my FB page along with some photos from the MetalliBash that I never uploaded. Those are the photos of Lars and Kirk from Metallica joining us on stage. That was great!

I also went ahead this week and purchased some throw rugs for the living room and some ornaments and evergreen trees I planted in the front yard. I know its almost the FALL and it will be cold here soon but I wanted to get them planted so they could start growing. Hopefully by this time next year I'll have some trees blocking the master bedroom downstairs so guests don't have to worry about trying to peek through. HAHA.

Other than that I have some Buccaneer football to watch today as well as the AMA races. I've still been having headaches and I don't know what they are from but I am taking aspirin and hoping this eventually fades. If not I guess I will have to go get a checkup completed.

That's it for now. Have a fantastic rest of your week!


Week ending Sunday, September 2nd, 2012
Ok week with a Holiday tomorrow!

Well let's see. Still a lot of work was accomplished this week at the office though I have been hearing some rumors about them possibly consolidating the data centers and that has me a tad worried. Not sure where I'd go from here but if this job ends up being eliminated then I will have to weigh my options. Since I just bought a house the ideal thing to do would be to find another job here but almost all of them demand TRAVELING. The best option for me would be to rent my home and move back to SOCAL (where there are always a lot of jobs for what I do) or maybe try to go to Florida. Either way I am not going to worry about it for now. My faith is in the Lord and His plans for me are always better than my own.

This weekend I completed the last of the required SOLO cross country flights. I went to York again since Charlottesville had a TFR due to "VIP" movement in the area. Hah. That is the bad thing about flying around here is you always have to worry about "Temporary Flight Restrictions" and squaking the wrong codes. I've made it a habit to turn the squak code to the "return" code as soon as I leave the Dulles Class B airspace that way I don't mess it up when I get back to Leesburg Executive. There's a photo on FB of the plane I flew parked at York, PA when I stopped there and grabbed some lunch yesterday. Now I just have to hunker down, study the ground testing materials and then get ready for the FAA Examiner flight (crossing fingers).

Church was awesome yesterday and it always is. There are some things coming up that I want to get involved in but I have to wait the one year period with my Church so that they can see that I am earnestly committed to doing whatever I can to serve. I know other people are doing the same and if it wasn't for this move here I'd be back at Horizon's begging Pastor Bob for something to do. :)

Everything else is going well. The NFL season starts next week and there's no MotoGP or WSBK racing going on. Heck there isn't even any AMA racing to watch so I think I am going to get my weekly chores done, study my materials for flying and then talk to the boss on Tuesday to find out what's really going on. Always, always remember that worry is never a good thing. It means you are not trusting in the Lord for all your needs and I'm not worried. Hey look, I had my skull bashed in (wrong place, wrong time and I was't looking for it) and He pulled me through. My friends and family prayed hard but in the end, it's HIS will that matters, not our own.

Have a great rest of your Holiday weekend and stay out of trouble!


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