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Week ending Sunday, September 25th, 2011
One of those bad weeks...

Ever have one of those weeks where nothing seems to go right? That would be the best way to describe how the last week or so has gone. I definitely don't like when I mess something up and I think people who know me know that I don't ever mean to do something that lacks morals or ethics. We're just people and we're fallible -- and sometimes -- mistake prone. I know that for sure about myself and I'll always be the first to admit it. I don't think I am better than anyone else that is for sure.

Ok now that has been said, I did get to fly this weekend. First time I've flown in almost a month due to just having bad weather. Granted we were not able to do stalls (I guess that comes next week) but we did get to do some pattern flying and practicing landings. I needed that because I am really, really rusty. You have to do the stalls which I assume is coming when we have better weather. After that the instructor said he would sign me off to do some solos (which I need to do). Hopefully by then we can do some cross country flying and then I'll take the ground and FAA test and be done :)

Everything else is ok and I wish I had a bunch of great things to talk about but again, this isn't San Diego so things are much more quiet and slower. That's ok and I am not complaining, that is for sure. There is a Buccaneer game on today at 4pm (I'm so used to PST not EST lol) so I am looking forward to relaxing and watching the game.

I did not have a chance this weekend to check out the new Church but I have promised myself I will go asap. I did get to listen to Horizons this weekend and I am sort of caught up with Pastor Bob's messages. The next time I get to come home I will definitely get to a service there and maybe one in OC.

Hope you all had a great weekend and let's pray for GOOD things for others and then for yourselves. Amen to that!



Week ending Sunday, September 18th, 2011
Liking the VA weather... not!!!

What is up with the weather in VA?! Seems that it rains here all the time, well at least every time I want to go flying, lol! When I first got here it was freezing cold (could have snowed at any time) and then it got extremely hot. It rained so much last week that they even broke a record here (like 7-8 inches of rain). Can you imagine how much snow that would be if it was winter-time here?! LOL. They say it doesn't snow much here around Christmas time but that it does a lot during January-February (guess getting here in mid-March was a great idea!). Well I hope the weather is nice at least through November when I plan on flying back to Florida for Thanksgiving!

This week at work was busy as ever. There are some new technologies being used (for me at least) that is taking me time to learn. We even had the vendor out here and they couldn't fix the problem. Me and a friend think that it's the network so on Monday we're going to talk to the boss and see if we can get that ironed out. As soon as we get this working I will move over to "operational support" (right now I am in engineering) for the array so that will be good. It'll be nice to be in daily management mode for once :)

Everything else is going OK. I am going to ask for some advice about McClain Bible Church. Someone else recommended it to me but I want to get some advice from "Elders" on what they think about this Church. It'll be my first new Church here in VA which has taken me a lot longer than I thought it would. When I moved to San Diego it didn't take me long to find Horizons -- and I still watch the weekly sermons online (if you can't be AT Church it's still good to have that connection to a Pastor you know and like). If this one works out that'll be great because they also have Saturday services which I am more comfortable with.

Today I got to watch the Aragon MotoGP race. Ducati is really hurting this year. I am not even a Ducati fan. I root for Nicky Hayden and always have so I'd like to see him on a more competitive bike. It'd be great to see him back at Honda but he has to go where the opportunities are (much like what brought me here to VA!). I also watched the Buccaneer game today which was ticking me off for the first half of the game. Man this team is really raw compared to last year but I think they'll do ok. I mean they won but just barely and they should be rolling over other teams. LOL

Well think that is about it for the week. I hope you have been as blessed as I have been my whole life. I didn't even have a relationship with God until six years ago and I feel like there is still a lot for me to learn and a lot of catching up to do. I also need to write back to the child I am supporting in Bolivia. Got a letter from her last week so I need to write her back and ask what she wants for Christmas :)

Have a great rest of your week!



Week ending Sunday, September 11th, 2011
A Time of Remembrance

Today, Sunday September 11th, 2011. It's been 10 years since the September 11th, 2001 attacks. Do you remember where you were and what you were going that day? I sure do, just like I remember where I was when the Space Shuttle exploded on takeoff in 1986 (guess I'm getting up there in age, eh?!). There were many lives lost -- and many heroes as a result of their selfless efforts to save others. God has a plan for us all and it's sad that this Country wants to put God in the back seat and do the driving on their own. Very, very sad. Take some time out of your day to thank God, to remember those lost, to remember the people who defend our Country and those who sacrificed themselves to save others. Thank you.

Today I watched a lot of the 9/11 coverage on TV and now am watching the Buccaneers vs the Lions and this is just a bad way to start the season being down by two TDs in the last quarter of the game. It's only the first game of the season and the Bucs never play very well at home. I mean, really, nobody is showing up to the game and watching it on TV I hear the opposing team fans yelling "Let's go Lions". Come on, really?! Tampa, SUPPORT YOUR TEAM AND GET TO THE GAME!

Last night I listened to the Horizon's service which is always great. I love Pastor Bob and his message is always poignant and moving to me. He brings out points in the bible that we need in our lives. One of the biggest yesterday was "Less of me, more of you, God" and I think we can all learn a lot from that. Don't mean to get on a high horse here but you get my point. Keep your faith in the Lord where it should always be -- and let your life serve as a beacon to others.

Nothing else going on this week. It's still been nothing but rain and more rain all this week and last (which means my DirecTV doesn't work, sometimes at all!). So I'll go back to watching the game shortly after I finish this blog, provided the it stops raining and I actually get some reception. Since the weather has been so bad, no flying and no riding but hoping to be able to get back in the saddle later this week.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and God Bless you all! :)



Week ending Sunday, September 4th, 2011
Bad weather = boring time at home...

Happy Veteran's Day weekend to everyone. Hope you had better weather than we had this week. It's just be dreary and raining so I couldn't do much but veg at the house. I'd rather have been hanging out at the East Coast version of Six Flags but that's sort of how things go when the weather is bad. I did get to watch a lot of racing so that was good. It was the last weekend for AMA (Go Eslick!), the WSBK races and then the MotoGP race as well.

At least I wasn't that bored. Got a lot of chores done but I don't think I was out of the house all weekend. I was supposed to do some stalls and such with my flights but all those were cancelled due to the weather. We're going to try for Thursday afternoon and see if that works. Also took off Friday from the gym and am taking tomorrow off as well.

Also watched the Horizon Online service this weekend as well so that was great. It's always great to keep in touch with my roots back home when I am such a "stranger in a strange land" so to speak, haha.

There really isn't that much to add. I mean, work is going great and I did get to go the Bucs vs Washington game on Thursday night. Had a lot of fun and really the Washington fans were pretty nice. I mean it was a pre-season game after all and I do love going to the games. I can do without all the traffic though. What a mess that is, lol. Lots of tailgaiting going on as well but you know, it's a good way for people to hang out, talk and have fun. I'd like to see more talk about Chistianity but I know not to presss it on others. I may pass on the good news but it's up to them and God to work it out. You can't make people believe, they have to come to their own conclusion.

Hope you have a great week and talk to you later!


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