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Week ending Sunday, September 26th 2010
It's HOT!

Wow, it's HOT today out here. Too hot to go outside and well, even with all the windows and doors open it's a sweatbox in here. Usually you wouldn't think that September would be that hot here but it's as hot as I can remember. I'm going to grab my fan and put it in the living room to try and cool things down.

Ahhhh that's better!

This week was pretty relaxed. Other than hanging out with friends on Tuesday that was about it. I had classes most of this week (fibre channel switches) so I was only at the office on Monday and Friday. I was supposed to go to training next all (all week) but because so many people are going to be out of the office in training as well I was asked if I could hold the fort. Either they think highly of me or very little of me - LOL! I don't quite know just yet.

I did get to watch the Buccaneers game today and to say I was disappointed would be putting it lightly. They pretty much got creamed. Oh well there is a bye week next week so I am going to play golf at Encinitas Ranch so I won't be watching anyway. I also watched the WSBK and AMA races (Well, AMA will be played later tonight).

Other than that, Church was awesome on Saturday night. I stuck around to see if Pastor Bob was around but he had just flown in from Chicago so he was tired and I think he left :) Even he deserves a break, ya know?

As for my situation, I'll let you know as soon as I know. There are a couple of things in the works right now and I am not sure what direction it's going to go. I did tell them that I would be open to going to Florida or ideally, Europe (woot!) so we'll see where that goes.

I think that is about it for now. Can't wait to get back to the gym tomorrow. Everyone have a great week!


Week ending Sunday, September 19th 2010

Great weekend!!! I mean, honestly I should not be so fired up over a game and a race but it's not that often when both the team and the racer win! First off I woke up Sunday morning to see that the MotoGP race in Spain was recorded when the race actually happened over there (4am our time). So I popped that on and was pleasantly surprised to see Nicky Hayden finish 3rd!! He actually battled it out with Lorenzo and beat him on the last lap!!!

Then the Bucs vs Panthers was on and I wasn't really expecting much. I mean, beating the Browns is one thing but beating a division rival is another altogether and we won! It was an exciting game to watch and I hope there is more to come though the dreaded Steelers will be in Tampa Bay next weekend. D'oh!

The week overall was pretty good. Thursday was the final day for one of my good friends at work. He found another opportunity and all I can do is wish him the best. We went out to eat after work and had a good time (pic on Facebook). Work overall was fine. Quiet as I like it and busy as well but that's pretty much normal.

I really do like staying busy and having a little extra pressure on my shoulders. Sometimes we have things that have deadlines that need to be completed on time so there's nothing else you can do but put your nose to the grindstone. I did go to lunch with the boss this week and with a vendor so that was fun. Food is always great when you're not paying for it, lol! ;)

Church was awesome on Saturday by the way. It always is when Pastor Bob is talking. I have noticed that he looks my way often. I am sure that he is not specifically looking AT me (we've only talked a few times) but I think it's God's way of tugging at my ear and saying "PAY ATTENTION!" And sometimes I really need that. I've also been taking a lot of notes and taking this worship as an opportunity to learn and be in tune with what God's trying to say.

Other than that there wasn't much else going on. I got all the things that needed to be done off my plate. Right now I am considering what I am going to do -- whether I stay here or move home to Florida. I really think that I just relate to more grounded people that what is here. Not that people here are bad, we just have a different philosophy on life in general that doesn't always match. Besides, I am not interested in competing with the "Jones" and I don't think it right to be looked at by others as if I am somehow inferior.

I'm perfect, the way God man me (in His eyes) -- and regardless of my age -- I am still a long way from being old or over the hill. ;)

Have a great week!

Week ending Sunday, September 12th 2010

Not a bad week, really. This was the first weekend of the NFL season and I was amped to watch the Bucs play. I saw them play during the preseason and I have to admit there were some high expectations. Watching the game today I did not expect the Bucs to start so slowly and play so badly, especially against Delhomme. I mean really, this is the Browns not the Saints or Indy. Either way they managed to get it together during the second half and even though they messed up a golden opportunity, we still won :)

Work was work as usual. We did get some bad news as a team member is leaving but to be honest, I expected it. It's good for him though as it presents a new opportunity and a decent pay increase so I don't blame him. It was really quiet which is great since I had to work with another team. Usually it's noisy as ever but this week nice and quiet.

I met with a friend on Thursday during his normal small group meeting. It was really good! I ordered pizza for us all (and yes, we did pig out, lol). He wanted me to talk about my own testimony but we ran out of time. I will do that the next chance we get. Not sure if I will make it next week or not.

As for Softball, the end of our season happened on Thursday night. We lost to a team we split games with during the season. The last couple of games it looks like the teams brought in some ringers and I don't really agree with that. It's supposed to be just H.P. players but some of these people weren't in the first two games so I don't know where they came from! D'oh!

Did hang out with friends on Friday night so that was good and of course Church was great on Saturday night. We had "Leeland" playing and that was really good. I had heard a few of their songs but didn't realize how great they were until I saw them in person. Even our Pastor really liked them a lot and of course the service was great (as always). Also went out with a friend on Tuesday night and that was good.

Looked at another Condo on Wednesday but I didn't really like the place. The other place wants a final offer from me and I will raise it 10K but that is about it. It's not nearly as much as they want in my opinion and if I don't get it, I don't get it. No big deal. :)

Well that is about it. There is no MotoGP, AMA or WSBK racing this weekend but that's good because I wanted to watch football. Have a great rest of your week and talk to you later!


Week ending Sunday, September 5th 2010
Good Week :)

Ok well this was a better week than the lat few. Work as always has been busy and with our team lead out I was filling a lot of his duties. That is definitely something I am not interested in the long run. I know there are good intentions behind everyone's suggestions but with this client we can't just toss things aside and start from scratch all the time. That's just not possible!

This week I got an email from a Real Estate agent about a place I would definitely be interested in. Since the rebates for new buyers has long past I figured there wouldn't really be any good reason to make offers on a place. This one, however, has been discounted by about 50k which more than makes up for the difference in tax rebates. I went ahead and filled out a new credit app and sent in my offer. I know there is a "cash" buyer that wants to buy the place as an investment but I am hoping that they give me a break as I a new home buyer. We'll see what happens.

On Friday I went down to OB and hung out with friends at this really cool restaurant that had some great Asian food which I really liked. It was good to hang out with my friends and make new ones as always. I also did not wear a hat, which I usually do, and nobody said anything. I guess the comb over worked, haha. No hair is growing back where the scars are and I don't think it ever will. It's God's path for me and I accept it. He knows what is better for me than I do, that's for sure.

On Saturday I went to Church. Pastor Bob is back and it's always great to hear his message. He had been in the North East at conferences and giving the word so that was really great. But -- to be honest -- we're glad he is back because I will personally say that I learn so much from him.

We did get another Softball playoff game in and we got CREAMED. And I mean CREAMED! I don't think we've been beaten that bad in a long time and I know that I personally had a really bad game at bat. I actually went and played outfield to give some support for that area. Other than that I watched MotoGP (c'mon Nicky. SHEEEEEESH!) and a lot of movies.

Speaking of which, I have watched about 5-6 movies a piece from Zooey Deschanel and Kate Beckingsale. Both I really, really like a lot and they are really great "Actors" (I keep wanting to call them "Actresses). Something about those two ladies that I really like. Don't worry, both are taken and I don't have any desire for a relationship (If you remember!).

Also watched some Pre-Season football games. The season starts next weekend and I am really looking forward to the Bucs making some progress. Monday is a day off so I am trying to find some motivation to do something. Maybe the beach or something else, we'll see. It's normally a workout day but I am taking it off and just relaxing. Think of it as an extra Sabbath day :)

Have a great weekend and talk to you later. Don't forget to sign the guest book!

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