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Week ending Sunday, October 25th, 2015
So much to do, so little time...
Picked up my sister's 4Runner this weekend so I have something that can tow a U-Haul trailer. Since I don't have a lot of friends in the area, it looks like I'll be moving everything myself. Besides, I didn't have an volunteers either. Not completely true. My GOOD friend said her dad would help but I don't want to put that stress on him and he's retired! He shouldn't be working!

The things I have to do! So much -- but I have already a lot of the check marks done. Got my sister's SUV, reserved the trailer, got a dolly and other things I need. Taking 3 days off of work next week (well deserved since I already have about 100 extra hours over time that I do not charge them for) so I can go get the keys and remote on Weds, move on Thursday, get everything done by Friday then I have a HUGE upgrade to do on Saturday. Needless to say, I really SHOULD be charging for all the extra overtime I put in.

Today I found out how DISAPPOINTED I am in Lovie Smith. If he says he is the MAN when it comes to defense, how come you are losing games when you are up 24-0 in the first quarter? Oh yeah, BAD COACH!!! Washington just schooled you today and if I have another Rep. from the Bucs called me about game tickets, I am going to answer him by saying "Only if you let me talk to Ownership and the Head Coach -- mano-e-mano meeting, knowwutIamSaying?!

Church was really good today! I haven't been NORMALLY going to Church on Sundays but I guess since I am not on lEAST Coast, it makes sense :) Pastor is good, Church is good, just need to talk to them about the Cross on the wall. God says "NO GRAVEN IMAGES!" and I really think they need to take it down. Don't worship the cross, worship our Lord and Savior and OUR God! :) And no, I am NOWHERE NEAR close to being perfect. Only ONE ever was!

Well that is aBOOT it for this week (Canadian pun!). There is some MotoGP stuff to watch but I still have some chores to get done. Have a BLESSED weekend and talk to you soon!


Week ending Sunday, October 18th, 2015
Running "oot" of time!
Yep! I am running out of time getting everything together in order to be completely moved by the 29th. Well, at the end of the day at the soonest. I still have to figure out how to move everything I own by myself -- which means disassemble and reassemble solo! Gonna be hard but I know God has my back and I will get this done. Much like at work, when I say I am going to do something that is what I do!

Everything else is fine. I got an upgrade done yesterday (Saturday) and I have 2 more to go the next 2 Saturdays PLUS I have an upgrade Tuesday at 2am! Uggg! Means I will go to bed around 8am and then work from home the rest of the day. We have a window where we can get things done and that is pretty much about it. You either get it done in that window or you're done for the night and have to start again. lol. That's work.

Church was GREAT today with my "friend" and I really enjoyed the Pastor today. Nice Church. It's not Horizon but hey, I like it just the same. Football and Baseball was not so good this weekend. Gators finally lost a tough game at Death Valley but hey, that is life. You cannot win them all. The CUBS are in the NLDS and lost the first game to the Mets yesterday. They have another game tonight I think and I'll be watching if I can squeeze in the time.

Other than that, not much else to add. All I can say is I hope you all had a great weekend, that you understand you are blessed by God and if you think things are bad, think about others who are far less fortunate than you. Give back -- because God asks us to.


Week ending Sunday, October 11th, 2015
Even when I am not working, I am anyway....
I'm not on call this week, but that said, I am the secondary and I know some issues with the storage I am working on so I have been paying attention to it. I always have to pay attention to what is going on lest I have another Sev1 or Sev2 call and end up having to work an entire weekend and turn in a RCA (which stands for "Root Cause Analysis"). Fun, nerdy stuff eh?

Last couple of weeks in the town home before I move. Man, I have so much to do as well. I have to rent the trailer. I have to go to See-Boring on the 25th and borrow the 4Runner. I have to reserve the trailer. I will spend the next week or so knocking out the change of address, moving my DirecTV and inter-webs over and then making sure I sign up for the water and stuff (coz at a house, I have to pay for water -- who knew?!). I really hate moving. I'm sure I have said that 1000 times but sheesh, I never expected this owner to sell it and had he told me he had intentions of selling it, I would not have rented here.

The next place is a house but my goal is to get something with the Mouse more permanent and then just buy a house. That of course means I have to sell the home in VA. It'll be the 3rd home I have bought in the last 4 years. One for me in VA, one for my family in See-boring and one more for me here in slOwrlando. Hah. I definitely miss SOCAL for sure but I am adjusting well. I'm no the red-necky type so hunting, fishing, etc do not appeal to me. Nor does mud bogging, lol!

Church was great this weekend and got to hang out with the most important person in my life. That's always a good feeling. Love is a good feeling! MotoGP was on this weekend and it was a great race, the Bucs won and the Gators won. So all in all it was a great weekend!

Hope you had a good one and I will check in you next weekend when I have a better idea of when I am moving!


Week ending Sunday, October 4th, 2015
But on the good news side, my contract was renewed....
Trust me, I was sweating it a bit. Look, I know I work hard and I do the best job I can do. Sometimes and for some companies, your best just isn't enough. I was concerned that with the way the commercial business goes they would just say "Meh, we don't need you!" Then what do I do? There are certainly not enough jobs in Florida to keep me around and to stay would mean a HUGE (and I mean HUGE) pay cut. I mean, I can live on a lot less. Always have been able to live within my budget.

But that doesn't mean I should take a huge pay cut to stay here. I dunno. God's always got my back and I have never had to worry before, so I am not about to start worrying now. Worry simply means you do not trust that God will take care of you. So whether I stay here or end up traveling to places I have never been before, I know that is His plans for me. My friends think I am crazy or something but again, I've never suffered for believing in Him.

As for this weekend, I am ON CALL again. Hate it but gotta do it. Basically it means you're on house arrest (not really but if something happens you need to be on a call asap!). For instance I got called on Weds night at 11:15pm and yesterday at 11am. Each time it was a simple thing but really, I know how to fix all these problems so I am going to my boss tomorrow. I already know what most of the issues are that are causing the problems so I will fix it.

That is about it for the week to be honest! I hope you had a great and BLESSED week! God is always looking out for you, I assure you of that. Never lose your faith because He never loses faith in YOU that you will always be at His side.

Have a good one!

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