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Week ending Sunday, October 26th, 2014
For the second time in three years, good bye San Diego.... (sigh, for good)
You all know how much I LOVE San Diego. It's home to me and the second closest thing to paradise as far as I am concerned. However, the futile attempts to try and secure a new position that would allow me to stay here phased out and I just couldn't wait any longer. I had an offer on the table and they wanted an answer. It's not that I didn't want the job (I do!) I was hoping I wouldn't have to do a THIRD cross country move in 3 years. This is getting old and I won't be doing it again.

Once I get settled in Florida, that's it. I am simply not moving again I don't care how much the salary is or for WHO it's for. It's too much work and stress and leaving friends that I don't like dealing with. I already know what Florida's weather is like -- having been raised there until I joined the Marines. My family is there and so are my friends from my childhood so there are some really good things about it. I just simply do not EVER want to do another cross country move.

I'm not angry at my old employer, more like disappointed. I get that it's a business decision but with my background and experience, there aren't too many people who can do what I do. Normally you'd think they would do whatever they could to keep me but I think the fact I got a new boss who didn't know me and he "convinced" me to move over to his group is what lead to me being where I am at now. The original hiring boss totally had my back but when he moved over, I ended up with a new boss who didn't know (or care) about me.

So now comes the part I dread the most. I have to pack all my stuff up AGAIN and have it shipped cross country. Every time I do that, something gets broken or destroyed. Case in point, the movers lost a leg to one of my couches and broken the fairing on my CBR. I am shuddering at the thought of what they are going to break this time. Then there is the point some of my adopted family members are here. Jason, Tim, Jack, Jane, Christina, etc. I will miss them all a lot and all the fun times hanging out. I'll have to come back whenever I can to see them or they can come see me in Florida. You never know.

One thing I know for sure -- and that is God's plans for me are never quite the same as my own plans. And that is OK. I embrace it fully because He has always taken good care of me. I will indeed miss going to Horizon and Pastor Bob but I can always catch his sermons online as well. I just started to meet some new people as well and I guess I will make new friends in Florida. There is a lot of "red-neckery" so to speak but I am also used to that.

On the plus side? Family #1 for sure. Friends #2 and of course, I can actually GO to Buccaneer games as well! I really enjoyed the game I went to a couple weeks ago so the opportunity to go to more games is really great.

Like I said, I am in good hands. God's hands. Who is going to take better care of me than my Maker? My faith will always be on His shoulders and there's nothing wrong with that at all. I will definitely have to find a new church and, provided everything works out I will start looking to buy a place. At least the housing market is better and of course there is no state tax! It's like getting a significant raise that is for sure.

So to all my friends here, this is "See you later" not goodbye. To my family and friends back home I will see you all again soon. Just not 100% of the exact date. All glory to God!



Week ending Sunday, October 19th, 2014
Back from Florida!
Had a fantastic week in Florida spending time with family and friends. I always like visiting but even the thought of living there makes me very, very hesitant. I flew out Thursday morning (had to get up at 4am) and made it to Tampa International at 4pm EST. By 7pm I was in Sebring attending my nephews JV football game. He didn't know I was coming but he looked over at his mom and saw me sitting there and gave me a big smile. He was happy to see his Uncle there. Oh and they won the game like 40-7. They did really good this year almost going undefeated. They lost the game this past Thursday -- though at that point I was already on the way back home.

Friday I drove up to Orlando to meet a friend of mine about another job opportunity. In fact, my phone was blowing up the whole time I was in Sebring. When I got back Friday night I had dinner with my good friends back home. Saturday night I had dinner with other friends so that was good too! Had a great dinner with my sister on Sunday night and then pretty much the rest of the time was spent hanging out with family. We had some good lunches and lots of time to talk. Very little time was spent with my nieces as they are anti-family or something. Oh and I love Cody's!

Sunday I took my brother in law to the Buccaneer game. In fact I got 2 seats on the Buccaneer 40 yard line, 4 rows back. We were so close we could literally reach over and high five the players. That of course is provided they were winning. In fact, it turned out to be a debacle of a game but hey the experience was great to have and hang out with my brother in law. Would have been much nicer if they had won or at least made a game of it lol. Go Bucs (next year!).

Got back VERY VERY late on Thursday. Ok well, early Friday AM. I received a couple of calls that I had to take care of. What I can say so far is that I have three different avenues. One of them is in Orlando (not my first choice). Two more are here in San Diego and we're going back and forth on this. Unfortunately the time limit to respond to the Orlando one is short so I am trying to get one of the other two to respond timely so I don't lose the bird in the hand to the two that may or may not be "in the bush" so to speak. By tomorrow I should have a final answer as to where I am going and what I will be doing.

Church was awesome this weekend as always. We had Ross Rhodes again. Always loved listening to that wise and insightful Pastor. He came in last year to fill in for Pastor Bob when he took a short sabbatical. I think Pastor Bob is off on a missionary trip this weekend which is why he wasn't there but Ross is always great to listen to.

Well, I have 3 weeks left on this "involuntary" vacation so I want to make the most of it. No matter where I go or what I end up doing, I have 100% faith in God that His plans are always greater for me than my own. He has always looked after me and blessed me far greater than I have ever deserved. It certainly humbles me each and every single day.

Off to watch some MotoGP racing and then watch both my fantasy football teams lose. Hey, at least the Bucs aren't playing and losing this weekend :) Have a great rest of your weekend and talk to you later!


Week ending Sunday, October 5th, 2014
God always has a great plan if you keep your faith in Him!
Yay! Finally some good news to report. I am no longer jobless! LOL. Well, there was a point in time where I was not 100% sure what was going to happen. It started out rough on August 27th finding out the company you thought you were going to retire at didn't hit their quarterly revenue goals, have a new boss who doesn't really know you and you have been asked to change technologies. All within the span of less than 30 days!

So Disney was over, I was going to do ViPR/SRM per the new bosses request (instead of staying with Isilon) and he tells me, two weeks into our new boss/employee relationship, that because I was "not billable to a client I had to be laid off". Nice. Ok, plan A: Pray! Plan B: Go look for a new job. In all fairness, I am not angry. Disappointed of course, as would anyone else be if they have ever been in this position before. I did get a nice severance package so I had some time, but honestly looking for a job is a full time job. Had some good interviews and some bad interviews.

The first company that gave me an offer wanted me to move to North Carolina. Not interested. Second one was a company I was just working for through EMC. However, they wanted me to move to Orlando (on my own dime). The offer was nice, but I am not in a position to eat another $12,000 relocation cost on my own again. I had just done than in March of 2013 when I moved back to SOCAL and I just don't have $12,000 laying around. I just spent $4,000.00 helping a relative out. My rent is expensive here. Granted, I paid all my credit cards off but I have bills too.

Though I did not decline the offer, that is what they said. That I declined the offer. What I asked them is if they didn't want to cover the relocation cost, could they offer a sign-on bonus to help off-set the cost. NOPE! They just said declined the offer. I had some contract jobs offered at me. In fact, there's an NMCI job here local that would actually pay the highest rate but I'd have to go to North Island every day and deal with the traffic. Not such an interesting option. The traffic going there and back is horrendous. And if I took my CBR there's a chance it would get stolen.

The good thing is when Oct 1 came around, the job offers started flying. I don't start the new job until the severance is over. That gives me some time to take a breather and a vacation! So -- some time late this week I will NOT be in California (any thieves reading thing, I got some guard dogs in the house. They bite! HARD! haha). So next week I will NOT have a blog update. If you want to find out where I am and what I am doing, hit me up on that silly place called FaceBook.

Church was awesome this weekend. The topic was "Let it Go" and the every time Pastor Bob said that all I could think of was Def Leppard's song of the same name. Made me smile. The message was pertinent and to the point and something we all needed to hear. It's about letting the bad things go, show forgiveness (it only takes one to forgive, but it takes two to reconcile!) and move on with your life. If you have read my blog since I started it, you can see that forgiveness wasn't easy for me, but with God's help I was able to not only forgive, but to forget and move on with my life.

Maybe the people I had done wrong to in my life forgive me. I hope so. Usually the things that I do are never done with the intent of malace. I am human and fallible. So I pray they forgive me, just as the Father has forgiven me for my many misdeeds. That is what God has instilled within us, to be shining beacon in the vast expanse of darkness on this earth. To whom I have wronged, I ask for your forgiveness. To whom who have hurt me, rest assured, I forgave you many times over. As Pastor Bob said "LET IT GO!"

That's about it for the week. I watched the Bucs lose a close OT game and now I have some WSBK to watch. Tomorrow back to my normal routine (workout, etc) then have to go get my signed offer letter PDF'd and then get ready for my travel plans this week.

With God, all things are possible. Keep the faith because no matter how dark it appears now, His plans for you are greater than your own.


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