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Week ending Sunday, October 27th, 2013
Finally home!
Yay. I am extremely excited to be home, finally! There was a lot of traveling involved the last few weeks. Suffice to say I am not looking to relocate myself to Wyoming anytime soon....err NEVER! However, from a work perspective it was really good as I got educated hard core on everything that I needed to know to function properly.

Tonight -- well it's late Sunday night -- I am performing some upgrades on the customer's equipment. The thing about this job, especially in IT, is that you work some weird hours. Thank the Lord that I can work from home and don't have to fight with traffic every day. I do love what I do as it's always changing and interesting. However when you work in operations you have to be especially careful as all it takes is one thing going wrong and you're in the deep if you know what I mean.

The travel was hectic -- going back and forth to Cheyenne, Wyoming. There's nothing there. It's cold (well it was when I was there) and it's vast, but not much there. I am sure many people love it for it's....tranquility....so to speak but to me I like to have stimulation on the brain. I have to recreate those neurons somehow, right?!

Speaking of work (again) because I had work to do last night I had to miss Church. Hate doing that but I think God understands. Well, He is "Know All" anyway so it's not as if we can hide anything from Him or that there's something He doesn't know. Trust me on that one!

Tomorrow I can get back into my work routine. Out of curiosity today when I was grocery shopping I took a few minutes to take a blood pressure test and I am not liking the results. Maybe it's me getting older but 120/80 is not good. I would much rather have it at 120/60 but we'll see what happens. I think I need to change my diet and lose about 10lbs to get back under 170. I don't look overweight so maybe my diet has something to do with that as well. Not sure but definitely want to know.

Everything else is good. Got to watch some MotoGP today. The last race is going to determine who is the winner and that's how all championships should be. Nobody likes seeing someone being declared the winner with 3,4,5 races left to go, knowutImean?! Anyway, no football today either since my beloved (and probably moving to England) Buccaneers were not playing.

Laundry, shopping, cleaning and work stuff done and somehow I have the time to update the blog every week. Frankly, given all that has happened to me in my life, I am surprised I am not brain dead. Well, some people might say that I am but such is life. Hope you had a fantastic weekend and talk to you later!



Week ending Sunday, October 20th, 2013
Leaving AGAIN on a jet plane...
To quote a famous band named "Whitesnake -- "Here I go again on my own, going down the only road I've ever known....like a drifter I was born to walk alone...". Hah. Yes, I was (am) home briefly over the weekend (Friday night) and I am headed BACK to Cheyenne, WY in about an hour to finish up the Isilon training and do whatever work I can for our client.

Just so you know it's VERY cold in Wyoming this time of the year. So much so that the rental car company gave me a 4WD Tahoe (meh, it's ok) and I needed it because on Thursday and Friday it snowed! The weather is going to get a little better but not much. In fact it's supposed to snow tonight which means I have to drive in that weather from Denver to Cheyenne. I also have to change planes in Phoenix. Not to whine but I hate changing planes. It is what it is. Hopefully after this week we'll be done with the travel for a while. At least I hope so! The next time I fly I hope it's Christmas to see my family.

I did make it to Church last night so it was great to see Pastor Bob and listen to his message. I even posted a photo on FaceBook from where I sit :) Can't wait until next week when I get back because in the WORD is where I need to be.

That's about it. Watched another Buccaneer loss and my Gators lost as well. Not a good sports weekend. I did see that Nicky Hayden signed to ride a non-factory Honda next year. THat's good for him. He may not win but he'll be doing a lot better than 7-10th place next year. Let's hope that team can do something to give him a fast ride.

Have a great, blessed week and talk to you next week. The only thing I ask for is prayers that I stay in the word (from you all) and for my family and "missing' niece. Have a great one!


Week ending Sunday, October 13th, 2013
Leaving on a jet plane...
Yep! Getting ready to hop on a plane here shortly from San Diego to Denver. From there I will grab my rental car and drive the 1.5 hours up to Cheyenne, WY. Yes, Wyoming. Never been there before so this will be a first time for me. If I recall I've been to Denver maybe once but that was just driving through and it was a long time ago.

I am headed there for work/training which should be good. There's a lot of things I have to catch up with the NAS stuff so it's an opportunity I cannot say no to. Also, my boss lives in Denver so he's coming up to say hi during the week. I do like my boss, he's a cool "cat" so to speak and really does care when he sees us working a lot of hours (I work honestly at least 60 hours a week but since it's from home there's no daily driving to deal with).

Church was great this weekend as always. Pastor Bob had a great message about communion and what it really means. Me personally, I have not been doing so well with my behavior as a Christian so I know that I need to "Let go and let God" take over. Sometimes we struggle with things like that because we think we know better than Him, but we do not.

That's about it. I will check in on FB and of course you can leave a message on the guest book it you want to let know that you were here.

Have a great rest of your weekend!


Week ending Sunday, October 6th, 2013
Here comes the fall!
Yay! Hot temperatures are finally going away and the house isn't a "steamer" for high temperatures, especially with the cool ocean breeze coming though that I love so much! Clean air, cool breeze, low to mid 70s -- what more could you ask for?! LOVE IT!

Everything with the new job is going good. It's still a "freeze" period and that will carry over I think until around the 14th. Oddly enough, that is when I am headed to "Cheyenne, WY" for two weeks of accelerated training. I am actually looking forward to it. Well, not going to Wyoming but getting to work an expert in our field. That is how I moved along so fast with block level storage and now I will do the same with file level. As I told my boss "Whatever you need me to do, that's what I'll do!" -- thus, a week from tomorrow I'll be on plane to Cheyenne. Should be a hoot!

Oddly enough a friend of mine pinged me and said "Hey man, the guy you used to work for at "that" company either left or was fired because he's working for another company. So I checked the company out and found out a TON of people left. See folks, it wasn't just me, that place was a disaster waiting to happen. I also found out they were sold and will be pulling their stock off the market. Nice! Best thing that could have happened to them because it was definitely not run correctly and much like a bad plumber, they were patching leaks and not fixing the holes. You have to do things RIGHT or you shouldn't be in the game. At least that's my $0.02.

So I got a call from my sister yesterday and she said "How would you feel about being on the Dr. Phil show with me?!" So I said "Ummm what's it about?!" She stated that it was a show about runaway or exploited children and since both her and my brother in law cannot both take time off work she asked me if I would go. Plus, it's a short drive up the LA so I told her I would do it -- but only if I could speak my mind. She knows that I don't mince words. I am always up front, direct and honest. (That may explain why I stayed single my entire life -- I am an open book and hide nothing so it gives the ladies nothing to wonder about -- and we know they love that! LOL).

I'm not going to bash my niece if I go on the show. Look, she was 16 (now 17) at the time she bolted. She's young, immature, confused and easily persuaded and there are many of low-down, dirty and bad people who will take advantage of naive children and I think that is what happened to my niece. Let's just hope that she is safe and that SOMEONE, ANYONE knows where she is and that she is healthy.

On a sad note, Pastor Chuck Smith passed away on Thursday. He had been battling with cancer for some time and we knew some day he would get to meet with the Lord (like I got to in early 2010!) -- only this time, his work on earth is done. I used to listen to Pastor Chuck all the time, especially on the long drives or rides from OC down to San Diego (where I live now) before I moved. It was great to get the word with him and Pastor J. Vernon McGee every day and I LOVED it. Now they may be with the Lord but you can still hear their sermons on KWVE in LA/OC/SD or on the affiliate stations throughout the Country. Thank you, Pastor Chuck, for all you have done to bring the word of God to many who did not know Him. We all have a much better relationship with the Lord now than we would have had without you to listen to. God bless you!

I think that is about it. There is some WSBK racing to watch here shortly. Laundry is done, dishes are clean, dinner is over with and now it's time to relax before work tomorrow. More studying but that is the part I love about my job -- gaining knowledge. Hope you had a fantastic weekend and talk to you later!


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