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Week ending Sunday, October 28th, 2012
Frakenstorm (Sandy)...We're in the path...

Now that things have started to settle down at work, we can focus on more pressing issues at the moment. We have this storm coming in tomorrow morning and though I am not too worried about it, odds are I will have to take a vacation day or two because I think the building will be closed. If buildings are closed in DC, things will be closed here as well. Not sure why there is so much panic. The earthquakes in California scared me far more than a storm you know is coming and WHEN it will come. Earthquakes don't normally give you a week's worth of warnings. We'll see how that goes but I have a plan and what I'll do if it gets really bad.

This weekend I didn't do much at all other than Church on Saturday morning which, as I always say, is great. I'm there to get into God's word and that's what I love about Non-Denominational Churches like mine. It's not "religion" that is important because most of that is just man-made doctrine. It's a relationship with Jesus and God that is what everyone should be striving for. In fact, I have a friend who is "of a different religion" and agrees that it is religion that is the problem (and fanaticism) and that people simply don't have a relationship with God. Didn't want to get into a philosophical debate on their faith. Not going to change someone's mind that is already made up. Jesus brings you through the cross, not people anyway :)

There is some MotoGP racing going on today so I am going to watch that and then there is some Football to watch but not the Bucs since they played on Thursday night and won. The Gators lost this weekend (Boo!) but sometimes you just can't win them all anyway. At least they are playing better but our QB needs to throw better and our line can't seem to run block either so at least Coach M. knows what he has to look for this year when recruiting season comes up.

I think that is about it. For those of you here on the East Coast, get all the supplies you need and brace for the storm. I'm set for now and am going to take care of a few things, pay my bills, send money for my family members charity work and then hunker down and stay warm and dry.

Have a great rest of your week!


Week ending Sunday, October 21st, 2012
Better this week. It's just OK..

So this week was a little better than last week. When something in the Information Technology industry goes awry, there's always "someone to blame" and "lots to do". Now I am in a position where I don't really want to touch anything even through I've been doing the same things for a year and a half. Can't really control when something goes wrong with the network but of course someone has to be the blame and I'm OK with that. "It is what it is..." as my old friend at my last job said and that is 100% true. I'll just let things die down and eventually I'll be able to get back to doing what I love to do in my job which is storage engineering.

Good weekend at Church even though our Pastor is out this week. We had a guest Pastor that does a lot of Discipleship work overseas and the stuff he is accomplishing is amazing. He has started Churches in Russia and you know that God is working with him and through him to get these things done. Today (Sunday morning) I did some flying just to keep my skills up. I still have to study more of the ground school book which I will try to finish up this week and them hope to take the ground exam in the next couple of weeks. From there I can work with the FAA Examiner and try to get signed off and get my license soon. From there I can start flying (mostly) where I want to fly. Have to get insurance and once I build up some hours I will take the IFR and Multi-Engine sections and see where I want to go from there. It's not a career just a hobby as I like flying.

I also got my "Rocksmith" software, FINALLY! It has been on back order for about a year so I guess there were a lot of things they needed to finish. I did a few songs on there already and so far my skills haven't diminished. I want to see if I can start picking up "leads" so I can record some of my own music and covers and make an album. That has always been a goal for me. Well, music, flying (for God!), racing, golf, etc. There's always a lot of things on my plate.

There is a MotoGP race going on today and it's recorded so I will watch it a little bit later. For now I am going to finish watching the Buccaneers game (we're losing after having a big lead). The plus side of this weekend is watching the Gators roll over South Carolina and now we're in a good position to make a title run. GO GATORS!

Have a great rest of your weekend!


Week ending Sunday, October 14th, 2012
Ugh, worst week in recent memory (not kidding)!!!

If you ever had one of hte weeks I've had then you could probably understand why I am ready to bang my head on my desk (and others I know want to bang it for me). I like getting things done, especially when I am told it needs to get done. I realize I work in an environment that is all production and I am thinking what they really need to do is let me work an odd shift like 12pm-8pm so that I can get the work done without interfering with most people. That said, most people with this group are working all around the world so there really is no down time. Either way, people are mad at me and I have to deal with it. That or they'll just ship me out of there -- which I wouldn't be surprised. They feel anyone can do what I do or that someone else can take it over.

We'll see what happens. I'm trying not to get it give me heartburn. I learned a long time ago that you cannot worry or fret because God always, ALWAYS takes care of things. You just have to trust in Him. And I do -- very much so. Like I said I should have been dead 2-1/2 years ago but He had other plans for me. No matter what happens now I am sure His plans are greater for me than my own.

Speaking of God and Church, we had another great Saturday night service. Not sure if our Pastor took some comedy lessons but he's becoming more and more funny so he's keeping everyone intently involved on the message. Like I said before it is not about entertainment but you can't have that guy from "The Wonder Years" putting people to sleep -- LOL! I also got the new tires on the CBR this weekend but man it took a lot of energy to get out there and get it done. I've been feeling sick and tired the last 2-3 weeks so I am hoping that whatever my body is fighting wins the battle.

Honestly that is about it for the week. There is some MotoGP racing going on later today so I will watch that and I just watched the Buccaneer game that was great. I was going to get some work done but my remote connection is dead so I'll talk about it tomorrow. That is, if I still have a job here! Let's see...

Have a great week!



Week ending Sunday, October 7th, 2012

Well it's been a very, very busy week. By that of course I mean work-related stuff. Got so much done it wasn't even funny. Unfortunately for one of our co-workers, his father passed away earlier in the week. I can definitely empathize with him because I was his age when my mom died. Definitely praying for him and his family during this trial. God's plans are always greater for us than our own so we need to maintain our faith in Him and that He will make something good out of what always appears to be the "Valley of the Shadow of Death...".

As for myself -- I have been feeling ill for the past couple of weeks. I went to the Doctor and they checked me out and said I was fine. My lymph nodes were going crazy but the last couple of says or so they have started to settle back down. This usually happens every five to ten years for me so I sort of expected it. One thing about my immune system is that it works pretty well so when the lymph nodes are working that hard I know that something is up but just to be patient and let it work itself out. I'm going to take off all next week from working out and just let my body rest and recover. Probably get in some extra sleep as well since tomorrow is a "Government Holiday". I will just relax.

Church was great as always on Saturday night. It's great to go to that service as it's the first one of the week for the Pastor and the crowd is usually smaller. He's been trying to mix in some jokes and some people aren't used to it yet but I get them and laugh (not obnoxiously loud, lol). Really do like our Pastor and yes, I still miss Horizon and Pastor Bob but this is my home now. It's where God wanted me to be and I can't complain about anything!

Since the Buccaneers weren't playing this weekend I did watch the Gator/LSU game (GO GATORS!). Great game to watch and now Florida is ranked where FSU was. Haha, Seminoles! I am sure Robert is having a fit about his team losing but hey, it happens every year to some of the best teams. It happened a lot last year to the Gators as well. Earlier in the day I stopped by my friend's motorcycle shop and ordered some Bridgestone BT-003s for the CBR. Yes, I know it's getting cold now and I won't be able to ride until late April or May but I might as well get the tires before I park it for the winter.

Speaking of which this will be the first winter in my own home. Not sure how I am going to deal with the heating and stuff because the 3rd floor is always much warmer than the 1st floor. I've got to talk to the company that built the place to make sure I have everything set up correctly. Hoping that it snows a lot this year because I want to actually have a white Christmas! OH! And I can get a big Christmas tree (no presents, that isn't what Christmas is about!!) and definitely have friends over. I still have to set the house up a bit more.

Other than that I have been studying the ground exam course and I hope to take the final test in the next few weeks. Then I can set up the FAA Examiner oral and flight exam and get this license thing going! WHen the weather is good I'll be flying as often as I can.

That's it I think. Hope you had a fantastic weekend and talk to you next week.


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