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Week ending Sunday, October 31th, 2010
Good Week :)

Had an excellent week overall. Work was busy as always and I got a lot of things off my plate. It's really enjoyable when I make progress on a daily basis and it makes work more fun than work :)

Of course I worked my tail off at the gym this week. Was hoping that we'd have a boot camp as well but the trainer was headed home to celebrate his dad's birthday so we'll try for next weekend. Overall the progress in workouts have improved and I am making good progress.

Church on Sunday was awesome as well. I did bring my friend again and she's really starting to like the Church and my Pastor. His message is always great and enjoyable.

I actually went out with my "Family away from Family" this weekend. We went to dinner on both Friday and Saturday. Friday after dinner we were supposed to go to the movies but the movie they wanted to see had been taken off the list so they came to my place and we watched movies.

We had Church and then dinner on Saturday. Today (Sunday) I rested. I was tired and woke up with another one of those annoying headaches. I did watch a lot of football (Yay Bucs!) and then watched the MotoGP races. The last one I think is next weekend then Valentino Rossi will be joining Nicky Hayden on the Ducati team.

I did a lot of studying this weekend as well because I want to pass my Security+ test before the end of the year. Besides, it's required for my job and I tend to like being employed :)

Well that is about it. Sorry it's not long as usual but I am tired and want to get to bed early! My brain is fried from all the studying. Hope you have a great weekend!




Week ending Sunday, October 24th, 2010
Short Update

Hope you had a great week. Not much to talk about this week because I was in training the entire week. Basically they tried to condense about 8 weeks worth of knowledge into a week long class. I couldn't even keep up with the instructor. I'd be writing notes and before I could even get through 1/3rd of the notes he was already on the next page.

It was kind of frustrating. Instead of reading the exam book I was trying to read my notes and take practice tests but that really didn't help either. What I should have done was tried to read 2-3 chapters a night. On the good side is that I have a little time to get ready to take the test so I am going to study the book as much as possible and then pass the test. I'll pass it, I am not worried about that :)

Church was awesome on Saturday. I was going to go to LA with my friend but she thought better of it and I agreed with her. As I always say, Pastor Bob is great to listen to and I always learn a lot.

We were supposed to have a boot camp on Saturday but due to all the rain this week the trainer decided to cancel it. That was great because I got to sleep in a bit. I've been feeling better. The headaches are still there but not as badly as they have been. I'm hoping that when the weather gets a little cooler and the rain stops maybe that will fix the problem. We'll see.

That is about it. I'm watching football today especially since there is no racing. Yep, I got asked the $1,000,000.00 question(s) again this weekend. Why aren't you dating, why aren't you married, do you want to get married, etc, etc, etc. My answer is always the same. If it's in God's plan, it will happen. Otherwise, I am not worried about it.

I did book my flight and rental car so I'll be headed home to Sebring for Thanksgiving again this year.

There's more to life than worrying about God's plan for you. Life is far too short to worry about things you don't control!

Week ending Sunday, October 17th, 2010
Tired :)

Well this was the first week I got back into the Saturday "Boot Camp" workouts. Man I am tired, lol. I didn't think I was THAT much out of shape but I guess I was. We didn't even work out quite as hard as we normally do but the sprints that we run still work me hard. I am still not quite fast enough to beat the trainer but I am getting there little by little. Even at my age most people are impressed that I still work out hard.

Guess I come from good genes I guess. Every time I am there someone always thinks that I am in my 20s (great compliment but not exactly true, haha). The reason I work out is simply to stay in shape. When I was injured back in February the Doctor said "Most people your age don't make it so it's a testimony that you've kept yourself in good shape." Not that I ever look for compliments but those are always nice to hear.

Starting Monday (tomorrow) I'll be in training all week. There is never a good time for me to be away from the piles of work that I have to do but this is something I need to get done. Besides, I really enjoy learning as much as possible. If anything is makes me more valuable to the company. It's not about self pride, it's simply striving to be the best at what you do.

Work-wise, things are going well. I've definitely been given more and more projects over the past six months. Part of that is probably because we've lost one person on our team and another one is leaving soon. I expected this to happen when the new contract was signed. I expect even more when the economy picks back up again -- though I don't really think it will ever be as good as it was several years ago. That's life I suppose.

Church was awesome as always yesterday. Jack's daughter came with me so that was fun as well. We went for Sushi afterwards and let me tell you, I pigged out. Then again I always do whenever eating sushi. The message from Pastor Bob was great and she really liked him as well. I'm very blessed to be able to find a Church and Pastor that I really like.

We're actually going to LA next weekend for her brother's Halloween party. I'm going to go dressed in my "Austin Powers" costume that I really like, lol. It'll be fun and I'll behave (always do).

Well I guess that is about it. Watching football today and I did watch the MotoGP race from Australia late last night. Really good race and fun to watch. Gotta get to bed early tonight. Class starts at 7am sharp. Have a great rest of your week!



Week ending Sunday, October 10th, 2010
All quiet on the home front...

Pretty quiet week, to be honest. Work was busy as always. In fact I normally work form home on Thursdays but haven't been able to for the last three weeks. What I needed to accomplish was completed this week so I'll probably work from home next Thursday. Otherwise work has been fine and nothing new going on.

This week my friend came by and we watched movies at my place. She hasn't seen (500) Days of Summer so I showed it to her. It's a good movie to watch and a really good reminder of when you need to pick up the pieces of your life and move on. I learned it years ago but it's a really good reminder. What I told her is what I've told everyone else: "I don't want a relationship and I don't believe in love anymore..." Works for me :)

This week at the gym instead of lifting as much weight as possible I halved the weight and doubled the reps and it seems to be working better. Right now I am not trying to get buff but simply stay in shape. That means I really do have to mix in more cardio work (no Boot Camp so far).

Church was great this weekend as well. Pastor Bob was doing a couple retreat (no problem for me, haha) so we had another Pastor come in and he was pretty fun and good to listen to.

That's about how my week went. I've been really quiet. I've been having headaches lately and just kind of tired so I have been relaxing. Haven't forgotten about trying to get back to Florida. I do need to be closer to my family and plus when I looked at houses there, I could certainly afford something that I simply cannot afford here: A home.

Hope you had a great week and talk to you soon.


Week ending Sunday, October 3rd, 2010
Busy, busy week!

Well I had a pretty darn busy week that is for sure. I was supposed to go to special training all this week but due to being down a headcount and another teammate being on vacation. If I had gone to training that would have left only two people to hold the fort with Corporate there to work on some software they want to introduce. Needless to say I was well engaged with helping them and I will be helping them next week as well.

This is in addition to the other solutions that I am working on as well! It's ok though as I really enjoy keeping myself busy. There's nothing worse than being at work, being excited to get things done and have nothing to work on, lol.

They did have a BBQ thing on Friday but I couldn't leave because the Corporate guys were there and I needed to stay around to help them. I did get all my gym workouts completed this week. Since there are no more softball games I didn't skip a regular Wednesday workout. The one thing that is bad about missing a workout out are the muscles that I glossed over are definitely sore as heck a day or two later. Heh, even walking up the stairs was a pain, lol!

I did get to hang out with friends this week (no partying, trust me!) and I probably ate more than I should have. It's not like I enjoy pigging out but what are you going to say when the food is good?

On Saturday I had a pretty bad headache (been having a lot lately) so I pushed myself to go to Church anyway. Our Pastor was out this weekend so they had a really cool speaker but about halfway through my head really started pounding so I had to leave early. I even went to bed early because I needed the rest.

On Sunday I got up early, without a headache this time, and played golf with my friend Jason. We went and played Encinitas Ranch which is a pretty decent course. I shot much better this time than I did the last couple times. I even fixed a few things about my swing. I am thinking I should play golf more often so we'll see how it goes.

I am still thinking about talking to my company to see if I can relocate to Florida. If I go I probably won't stay on this contract and that's OK as well. I am pretty sure that we'll ALL be looking for jobs within three years so it's good to plan ahead so you're not left out in cold. Ideally I'd like to move to the Tampa/St Pete/Clearwater area. That way I can get season tickets to Bucs games and catch the Gator games live.

Well that is about it for now. Nothing special that I am hiding just in case you're asking, lol. I keep most of my private info very private so while I don't talk about everything that doesn't necessarily mean I am being reclusive.

Have a great week!!!!

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