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Week ending Oct 25th, 2009
Good week!

So far it's been a pretty good week. I'm sitting here watching the World SBK races and I am very satisfied with the results (no spoilers here, haha). Up next is the MotoGP races which I think Nicky has a good starting position so let's see how he does. I'm looking forward to seeing Ben Spies in MotoGP next year even though he's getting a cameo appearance at the next GP.

Work wise things are going well. I still have my hands full with projects now I have two more really big solutions to work on that are going to take me through the end of the contact. Then what?! We'll see what happens. There has been a lot of talk about extending the contact but we haven't heard any official news. If we don't extend the contract very long then I can think about my next move. Maybe move out of California or, ideally, move to Europe.

Moving overseas would be a good move for me seeing as, other than my immediate family, I don't have anything holding me here. I thought with this economy I'd be able to get a house but there seems to be no lack of investors wiling to outbid a first time buyer. I personally think that first time home buyers should get priority when trying to buy a home but then again, that would make us Socialist, right? And we definitely don't want that.

Church was awesome yesterday, as always. I feel really blessed to have such a great Pastor who tells things like it is. Even the things we don't want to hear but need to hear.

I've already managed to burn through one entire tank of propane for my grill, lol! I guess I was more excited about having it than I thought I would be. Either way, Sundays are my BBQ days when I watch the NFL, laugh at how horrible my Buccaneers are doing and eat a big meal or two. I've already BBQ'd for a few guests who seem to like my grilling technique.

My work outs are going great and I think I am at an "all time high" on my weight (175lbs). Still 5lbs off my goal of 180. Once I get there I have to start mixing in more cardio and cutting down on the carbs so I can finish the hard work that I've been doing. I don't think I am going to run though as it's hard on my knees and I still have issues/damage from running in combat boots when I was a Marine.

Well that's it for the week. Not a lot going on but lots of things to look forward to. The weather is FANTASTIC here and I think I'll start getting in more golf games. Have a good rest of your Sunday and talk to you later!


Week ending Oct 18th, 2009

Good week overall, bad Sunday. Let me explain. I don't harp much about sports. I mention my teams and such but I am not a die-hard fan. I do watch the Buccaneers every weekend because Football -- well if there is a sport I follow hard core, it's that and Motorcycle racing. Well this weekend the Bucs lost their sixth game in a row. I feel like we're going back to the 80s and early 90s. I've never seen a team this terrible in my life, lol.

Then, this afternoon I turn on TiVO to watch the MotoGP race only to Lorenzo take out Hayden (and himself) in the very first turn. Especially after Nicky had made one of his best starts of the year. He was gridded 7th and I think he was in 4th or 5th into the first turn when Lorenzo torpedoed him. LOL. Poor Nicky. This has been a season to forget for sure. Hopefully the Italian folks can put him a bike together next year that can compete because the one he is on now sure can't.

Work-wise, things are going well. Just extremely busy as always. I've been working out during my lunch breaks which I like better because there are less people there and I can grab lunch right after and don't need to get a shake. It must be working because I am the heaviest I've ever been, lol. All that means is even with the cardio I am doing I am still taking in a lot of calories -- enough to gain weight! That's always a good sign, lol.

Saturday I hung out with my friends and we went to Stone again. I rather like that place but the service was terrible this weekend. I know there was a lot of people there but still, it took them 45 minutes for them to find us a seat outside and we know for a fact that they had plenty of tables available. I don't know what the delay was. Even when we finally had a server she was really slow to respond as well. Maybe they need to staff up a bit? Who knows. Either way we had a good time. Adam, it was nice to meet your new friend :)

Still looking for a house. I don't know what's going to happen there. It looks like they will probably expand the Tax rebate to first time home buyers next year. That will be a good thing. I have to find a decent place. Well that is not even the problem, it's getting into bidding wars with people over homes that are still a tad over-priced to begin with. One thing is for sure, I am not going to spend more for a house than I am comfortable paying.

Otherwise, everything else is going great. Still reading the Bible in case you're wondering. Just started on Jeremiah last night. Took me a tad longer than I thought it would to get where I am now -- especially considering this is like my 4th or 5th time through. I've just been really busy but have still managed to get in nightly reading. I just want to stay on top of the word, ya know?! I've been blessed in many ways -- more so than I deserve so it's good to keep up my reading.

That's about it for this week. Hope you're having a great weekend!


Week ending Oct 11th, 2009
Well, how was your week?! Mine was extremely busy as you can tell from posting the blog a day late. I was entertaining company this weekend so I didn't have a chance to do my normal update on Sunday.

Everything is going pretty well. I have pretty much given up on the thought of owning a home before the end of the year. As it turns out that might be a blessing because I hear they may up the first time buyer rebate to 12k from 8k which will definitely help. That said, I am still contemplating moving to Europe! I know that sounds far-fetched but I would have a lot of fun soaking up the culture -- not to mention I would get to see a lot of MotoGP races live and in person. The Europeans go crazy for motorcycle racing. Not here, though. LOL. We're kind of lame that way.

I did a lot of BBQing this week. I've done my best to break the grill in and already it's looking like a veteran of steaks and burgers, lol. Definitely great for NFL games. I sort of do my own tailgating at home, haha.

Work outs are going good. Haven't missed any in a while and I'm inching ever closer to my goal. I definitely don't want to look like Ahhhhnold (hey what is he going to do after he leaves office?! He hasn't done much for Kaulifornia, that's for sure! Besides, what is he?! Republican or Demo-rat?! Nobody seems to know, haha).

It's supposed to rain pretty decently here in the next couple days. I think we're all looking forward to it since a) it never rains here and b) I need to test out to 4WD, haha. Any good excuse for 4-Wheelin, I'll find one!

Everything else is going well. I can't really think of anything in particular. I haven't been to Church in a few weeks which is unheard of for me. I've just had things come up that have prevented me from going but I will be there next week. I really don't like missing services and I look forward to fellowship :)

There's some things coming up soon that I will post on the blog. Not sure when I want to talk to about it but at some point, I will. You know me -- I'm way more private than the blog leads you to believe.

Hope you had a great week and talk to you soon!


Week ending Oct 4th, 2009
Good week for me, how was yours?

Summer is over and I am ok with that. It just means I go back to being pasty white, lol. This was a pretty good week as I took a day off to help a "friend" move and got to work from home one day as well. Don't get me wrong, moving is a pain but it's good exercise. One thing is for sure, if people know you have a truck they are going to ask you to move them at some point in your life, lol.

Friday night I hung with a friend and we went to "Wine Steals" for dinner. That was pretty good! The food wasn't bad at all and it was worth the $$ spent. I also went to Sears on Saturday and bought a brand new gas grill which I put to work earlier today making burgers. I have wanted a good gas grill for some time and this thing is awesome. It even has a side-burner which is really cool!

I'm trying to think if there is anything else I need to add. I mean the week was overall pretty quiet and I got a lot of hard work outs in. In fact, I am resting today (Sunday) because I am so beat!

Now without having a bike other than my dirt bike I guess I can look forward to some winter dirt-biking and some snowboarding up at Mammoth (which means I get to test out the 4WD!)

I'm sitting here after watching the Bucs lose yet another game and watching Spies let the championship go, I am starting to wonder if I am back luck for the people I root for sometimes, lol. I mean, this is one of those years where every team or rider I am rooting for is not doing well. Maybe I am just bad juju for them? Who knows. Either way, I am hoping the Bucs get it together and Spies wins the championship before he heads to MotoGP next year. That'll give me someone else to root for besides Hayden -- coz I am not a Colin Edwards III fan -- haha.

Anyway, that's about it for my week. Hope yours was fantastic as well and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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