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Week ending October 28th, 2007
This was an interesting week, indeed.

Starting last Sunday afternoon I noticed the smell of smoke. Thick, heavy smoke. I thought one of the condos in my area was on fire or something. I looked outside but didn't see a fire nor did I notice any sirens or see any fire trucks. I switched on the news and there it was -- a huge fire, several actually -- not very far from my house.

I didn't see anything pressing in the news on my area Sunday night so I went to bed. When I woke up on Monday morning the smoke was worse and the news was telling us to stay home if we didn't need to be on the freeway. I called in to work and most everyone was staying home. The fire was coming closer to my area. By Wednesday when I headed to work they had issued mandatory evacuations for areas just North East of me. In fact the fire came as close as two miles. Less than two miles away they had a row of 12-14 fire trucks protecting the neighborhood. I did call some of the local charities to see if I could help fight the fire but I was told "Contact the SD Fire Dept..." So I guess I will check into being a volunteer fire fighter.

Most of this week was a short week. The air was so bad they wouldn't let anyone come to work. So I left early on Wednesday and after hearing they needed cots and sleeping bags at Qualcomm I decided to go to Sports Chalet to pick some of those items up. I ended up getting some 2 cots (all they had!), 4 sleeping bags and four pillows. Off I went to Qualcomm and boy was it packed. There had to be at least 15,000 people who were displaced from the fire.

I got in the donation line and about an hour later I was offloading the goods I had brought. This is where my faith in humanity was restored. I was AMAZED at the amount of necessary items that were donated! Huge piles and piles of everything you can think of. I'm very proud of the people of San Diego who really pulled together during a rough time. As I dropped my stuff off onto the HUGE pile of sleeping blankets, air mattresses and other bedding I couldn't help but think how much God has blessed this entire community. There was more than enough stuff there to take care of everyone.

The fire destroyed something like 14 houses not too far from my Church. Next Saturday many of us from Horizons who volunteered are going to the houses that were destroyed to help the homeowners sift through and claim as many valuables as they can. Pastor Bob had a really good sermon yesterday on hope that really hit home and hopefully helped to ease the heavy hearts of the people who lost their homes. Surprisingly enough, it rained a tad on Saturday. That was some much needed rain and we hope we get more.

What was even more interesting is my OLD neighborhood in OC also had a pretty fast moving fire. In fact, some of the places I used to ride in Silverado Canyon were hit (not far from Cook's Corner). I need to swing by to see if one of the coolest little canyon rides is still there. My neighbors are fine and that's a good thing.

I received a ton of phone calls and emails from friends and family making sure I am ok. Many of them know that where I live was one of the places evacuated. Thankfully I live close enough to the beach and the winds shifted just in time to spare us all. Definitely God working his magic in our lives.

Again, I was VERY proud of the way the entire San Diego community pulled together though all of this. I've never been around such a great group of people who really care about each other. No offense to OC or LA, but if you saw what I saw over this past week even you'd have to agree. San Diego people really take care of each other.

That's about it for now. I hope everyone is safe and sound! Thanks again to everyone to called to check in on me. I love you too, knuckleheads :)

See ya next week!

Week ending October 21st, 2007
Not going to post much today. Why?

Well, this afternoon around 2pm I noticed the smell of something burning. I look outside and I see lots of brown smoke. I thought there was a fire in my complex but it turns out that it's not close. There are a couple of huge fires burning in the East County area and that is pouring into the beach areas. I had to close my windows so my eyes would stop burning. Apparently there has been a few houses consumed and one person died (RIP).

So I am watching the news and paying attention because there is always a chance for the fires to come this way. There are some mandatory evacuations near Ramona, Poway, etc. I have friends that live in the Santee area so I am keeping my eyes and ears open for them. They know they are welcome to stay here while the fire is being dealt with.

Other than that, it was a quiet week. No racing this weekend and I am not sure when I will be headed back out to the track. As of right now the racing is on hiatus. I do want to do some track days but I am finding it harder and harder to be motivated to get to the track.

Church was awesome as always :)

More will be posted later.


Week ending October 14th, 2007
Excellent week! Work has been going exceptionally well. I have been buried in the lab with a lot of troubleshooting. The best part about this is that I am learning so much. I wouldn't say I am an expert, but I am learning. The job has me excited enough to order tons of books. In fact I just ordered a couple hundred dollars worth this week :)

I am trying to psych myself up for racing this weekend but it's just not there. I think I am going to just do track days for the rest of the year while I think about what I want to do. I am spending a ton of money and having fun, yes, but I also want to buy a house next year and I won't be able to continue racing and buy the kind of house I want. Track days are less expensive (no racing fees, for one!) and because I am not going full tilt I can make tires last longer. I'm in no danger of winning anything given the competition I face every month either. So why try and kill myself racing when I can just kick back at the track and have fun?

Besides, I do plan on getting in a lot more snowboarding and dirt biking this winter. The CR250 is ready to roll and I am really looking forward to riding it. I also have a new snowboard and will be buying new bindings and boots. I had so much fun the last time I snowboarded. Plus, it's great exercise.

Speaking of which, I got another compliment at the gym this week. I guess I look small (I'm small boned, not small) so some guys aren't used to seeing me toss up 160lbs in dumbbells when doing presses or deadlifting 100lbs over my own weight :) I really do appreciate the comments and it also serves as motivation to keep it going. I'm really focusing on core body strength as well as my shoulders (which are starting to shape up nicely). I want nice, round/wide shoulders and that takes a lot of work. My weight is also going up nicely as well so the shakes and eating like a pig are helping a lot - haha. What can I say, sushi is addictive!

That reminds me, thanks to John and Mel for hanging out on Saturday night. The sushi was great and it was fun to chat things up. The next time we go to eat I promise my "friend" will be there. She said she is looking forward to meeting you guys. And Church before was great, as always, with a message that really hit home ("It's ok to be angry, in a Christian way, when the time calls for it. After all, Jesus got angry when it was right to do so.)

Thumbs up to Nicky Hayden. Keep working hard and I'm betting next year will be even better. Kind of weird your motor went out on you, but that's racing.

That's about it for this week. Have a good one and I'll chat with you later!


Week ending October 7th, 2007
For once in as long as I can remember, I didn't have too much on my plate the entire week, lol. Oh I have projects that have deadlines but overall I am on top of everything.

Yes, I was supposed to go racing this weekend but a friend wanted to hang out and I couldn't say no :) I actually don't mind that I didn't race because I can save the tire funds for an extra set at the Big Track. There also isn't a lot of participation in the "Streets" series and I don't know why. Either way, I am still waiting for the track that is supposed to be built over by the Indian Casinos. That would be awesome as I would not have to drive so far and blow a whole weekend. Maybe they'll have garages you can rent too! We'll see.

As for work, it's going great as always. Nothing really new to add other than things have been calm. One of my best-est buds put in his resignation on Monday but no one can really blame him. It has nothing to do with our work in general -- he just got one HECK of an offer (think "double" his salary) so all we can do is wish him luck. He's one of the few fellow Christians in our group as well but that just goes to prove God takes care of those who keep their faith in him. I should know, I'm a living example :)

It probably looks like I am purposely keeping the blog short but really, there isn't that much going on (well, things that I can talk about here, haha) so no need to bore you. No sense in venting over the Gators losing two in a row (goodbye repeat!) or the Bucs losing to Dungy -- again.

Have a great week and we'll talk to you next week :)


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