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Week ending Sunday, November 29th, 2015
Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!
I am not sure how to top off the last couple of weeks. The only thing better would be if the "Mouse" would make me a full time offer, lol. I hate not knowing what the future holds but I do know that it's in God's hands and I do not control it. All you can do is have faith (No, not the George Michael song, but close! "Ya gotta have faith-ah, faith-ah, faith! BABY! I know you're asking me to stay, please please please please don't go away, you know your giving me the bluuuues!" SORRY!)

ANYWAY! Got to spend the first part of Thanksgiving with the Fiance which was really fun. Got to meet some of her family members (most didn't even know about me lol). I had to bail out early as I had the solo drive down to "See Boring" to hang out with my family as well. Really good as well (calm, quiet, fun). Then I had to drive back as I had work to do the next day.

So Friday I was knocking out some work and was taking some NetApp training when the boss says "Hey, let's go play gold!". OK! You don't need to tell me that twice. So we got to play on one of the really nice Mouse courses that used to hold the PGA. After that I bolted straight home and I ended up getting more work done. On Saturday I had so much work to do and I went to mow the law. Want to hear something funny? It takes me 3-4 pulls to get it started. On the last pull, it started AND the pull broke. So I was able to mow the lawn but could not leave the mower because if I did it wouldn't not start again. Needless to stay, I had to order another pull starter from Amazon.

I was thinking today, "I need stuff!" Place mats for the kitchen table, a stand and a TV for the living room (moving that TV into my bedroom, the bedroom to the living room and then a new TV for the living room). That will clean everything up nicely. I need a breakfast nook table and a patio table and chairs for the VERY RARE time I can work at home and sit by the pool. Ah, life is rough eh? No, GOD IS GREAT! :) He has blessed me far, far, FAR more than I deserve and sometimes I feel like pinching myself. So hard to believe that all the trials I have been through (and I am sure more are to come) that a) I am still alive and b) through my faith, He has still blessed me regardless of all my faults.

I hope you had a great weekend as well. Sorry to both my Gators and Bucs. Bad weekend for futbol! :)


Week ending Sunday, November 22nd, 2015
Great week with family! Work was busy as heck (it's busy today as well, I am almost always working or I might be catching up with sleep! I have to do that since sometimes during the week I end up working crazy hours. At least this week I got a lot of stuff completed and I have managed to keep any Sev1 or Sev2 tickets away from management, lol. The less they are involved, the better everything else goes because if it gets that far, something has gone south -- FAST!

Church was good though I was solo today. You know who your are :) Missed ya in Church. I got to spend time hanging out with my family and today I had to get the yard mowed between waiting for a couple of things. I still managed to get laundry done and a few other chores completed.

I am going to get back to it. Thanksgiving is coming up this week. What are you thankful for? Me? I am thankful that God has blessed me despite my own problems! He forgives us, as long as we accept that He is who He says He is :) Have a great weekend and talk to you after the Holiday!


Week ending Sunday, November 15th, 2015
GREAT WEEK and evil permeates this world!
Even though I am sick it ended up being a pretty good week. I guess you can say I am officially off the market and I would say, engaged :) She is the right one and I know that God knew this all along. Even though we have doubts about ourselves, His plans are always greater than our own. So the less we try to interfere with His plans the better off we all are. I am happy, she is happy. She loves me, I love her. Great match that is all I can say. When God's hand is upon it, there's nothing else you can say!

Now on to the terrible news in France. This is the worst attack since 9-11. I know the French had these people on the watch list bur France is a more liberal country than even ours and they didn't stop them. Hind sight is 20/20 they say and I pray for France and I stand with France. Having been there, it's such a great country to visit (as long as you stay away from the Mooslim-only areas -- that's another story) and you'll have a great time. Just make sure you at least try to speak French first. Just say "Desole, J'en compres pas. Parlez vous Anglais?" I hope I spelled it right, Lord knows I used it a lot in France. The fact that President Holland said out loud "We are at war!" I certainly do not understand why Obummer won't say it. Islam is at war with America and we need to stop them out now or it's only going to get worse. That's why I will vote Republican and the ONLY candidate who can destroy Radical Islam and shore up our borders. No Syrian refugees, no more illegals. The LAW is the LAW! We are expected to follow it, so should everyone else! PRAY FOR FRANCE!

I've been sick since Wednesday and just starting to feel a little better. I am on call the rest of the this week but should be good to go for Thanksgiving! No more MotoGP and no more Nicky Hayden to watch. I want to see Valentino win one more championship and then it'll just be all Spanish riders and no one will watch it. BORING! Need some diversity in MotoGP.

Hey the Bucs beat the Cowpokes today! WOW! Sloppy game but a win is a win! I hope you have a blessed rest of you week and talk to you soon!


Week ending Sunday, November 8th, 2015
Good week, I would say!
So I got moved into the new place safely. Moved almost everything over myself which I mentioned in last week's blog. I took off from work a little bit early because of the 13 hours I put in last Saturday. I got a chance this weekend to cement a promise I made to someone and when that announcement is ready, and I am sure it will be sooner rather than later, you will hear about it here on FB :)

Work kept me pretty busy and of course I am dealing with the property management company that manages this place. They are "shady" to say the least. The contact guy over there only contacts me when he wants $$$. He hasn't followed up with the million of other issues he needs to get fixed and I really know for a fact I am NOT staying here. Even if I do like the neighborhood, I can do better!

Honestly that's about it for the short week. Pool party at my house in a few weeks and got to spend time with my step dad today which was really good. I'm going to do something special for him soon! Love you Pop and I love you too. You know who!


Week ending Sunday, November 1st, 2015
Backbreaking work this week....
Had to take 3 days vacation to prepare for this move if you can believe that. Not only did I have to get everything ready for the move, I also had WORK to do all day Saturday (literally) to get everything I had scheduled to do at the office. You know what made that even more fun? My laptop would NOT boot up. Had to scramble, run over to the office, find a laptop I could borrow and start the work there. Once I got everything going and with a break, I ran back home and connected there. I still do not have a working laptop yet but my boss says he has one I can use tomorrow.

As for the move, I got almost everything done on my own. The only bad part? I was trying to move my entertainment center solo down the stairs and you guessed it, I lost a handle on it and BLAM! Right into the wall with a 2x2 inch hole in the wall. I called the owner and let him know I would pay for the damages. He was very kind to me about that saying "I am glad you are ok!" and I was more worried about the damage. Needless to say I am ok.

Thursday was the "major" move day where I had a friend from work help me move the living room and bedroom stuff. It wasn't that much so the rest of the stuff I moved myself. You know how I am -- I have been doing things myself all my life so I am just used to it. I got everything done around 1am on Thursday night then had to bring the UHaul trailer back. Friday I spent most of the day setting everything up and then Friday night was great because my sister came into town to stay the night and went to dinner with me and my girlfriend. That was really good as I want them to spend more time getting to know each other. And you know me, when I go to dinner, it's high class places :) I love it. Great company, great people, great experience.

Saturday I talked about already and today was getting the washer/dryer I had to buy (doh!) and getting that set up then finishing the rest of things I had to do at the house. I had to go to Lowe's to get some more things for the house and go grocery shopping so unfortunately had to miss Church (me no likey!). Some other good news, the Bucs actually won and beat Atlanta and the Gators beat Georgia so all in all, a good weekend. I am tired. REALLY tired and I know I need to get back to working out. That will happen again tomorrow since this house has far more room than the town home had. It's a 5 minute longer drive than normal, lol, so I am good there.

Hope you had a great weekend and will talk to you next week. PS: Next vacation I am going to the UK!


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