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Week ending Sunday, November 30th, 2014
Short work week, short update, Happy Thanksgiving!
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We worked Mon-Weds (Technically I was supposed to work Friday but they let me work remote) and then had Thanksgiving off. I went down to Sebring to spend time with my sister's family and my step dad. That was a really good Thanksgiving a lot of good comradery with my loved ones. Really, really enjoyed that. I will get to go to my sisters for Christmas too so that's a good thing! :)

So far I do not have my laptop at work. I am hoping to get it tomorrow so I can figure out what we're going to do with the storage I am working with. We have a lot of plans and a lot of things that have to get done. I mean I have about two years worth of work to get done so I will definitely have my hands full when I can connect to the network.

No Church yet though I have started watching the Horizon North County services online. It's good to be able to see and listen to Pastor Bob even if I am not there physically, I am at least there in spirit. Definitely have to find a new Church here but a lot of them do not have Saturday night services (which is what I prefer).

Not much else going on. Bucs lost again, Gators lost the final game (See ya,Muschamp! You're a GA Bulldog anyway!) and I have just been working on getting the house turned into a home instead of a place where all my boxes are. Just waiting for the movers to come back to me with how they are going to fix my bed. If they don't get me the parts soon I am going to go nuts. Well at least I am actually on a mattress and not a sleeping bag.

That is it for this week. I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving and God Bless you all!!!


Week ending Sunday, November 23rd, 2014
Not a bad first week save a few mess ups!
So the first week is in the books and all is good. I got settled in at the "job with the funny ears" however I still do not have a laptop or network access quite yet. I sat with my new boss for about 45 minutes and he gave me about 2 years worth of work, which actually excited me. I am glad to have at on of work to do!

On Thursday I went to the DMV and tried to get my Florida driver's license. That never happened because they asked me for my SSN which I didn't have a card for nor did I have anything mailed to me at the new address. I had my passport but that wasn't good enough lol! If I was illegal this would have been a lot easier! LOL.

On Friday the movers came here and dropped everything else off. The only thing I can find missing is my sister's crock pot and my hardware to put my bed together. So that means I can only sleep on the mattress on the FLOOR, not on the bed itself! Ugh, that sucks! I have to put in a request to the movers to find to hardware they did not deliver. Ugh.

I had a great time with my family this weekend as well and I think they will tell you they had fun as well :)

This is going to be short as I screwed up my HVAC controls and I am sweating bullets. God bless you all and I think next week I will have a much more detailed blog! :)



Week ending Sunday, November 16th, 2014
First few days in Florida....
From last week's blog to Monday I finished up packing the rest of my belongings, had dinner with Jack on Sunday night and then, around 3:30 PST I hit the road having loaded up the movers (as well as my CBR) and pushed the start button!

So the trip from San Diego to Orlando took me approximately 48 hours -- counting the 12 hours I slept. It was actually one of the more pleasant drives cross country as I had not only God watching out for me but I also had a new and dear friend to chat with for much of the drive. I stopped in El Paso the first night and Louisiana the second night before pulling up to the new town home.

Once I got here I off loaded what cargo I could take with me (after a brief walk through) and then got back into the car and drove down to Sebring. For the past several days I have been with family just hanging out and catching up. Friday night I drove back up to Orlando, stayed the night (on the air mattress) and waited for DirecTV. The guy calls me at noon and I mention "I have no TV" so he said "Let's schedule for next week as I need a TV to validate the installation". Ok, that was a bummer.

The network guy showed up 4:30pm Saturday so I worked with him to get the network connection I have now. From there I go back into the car again and drove back down to Sebring to have dinner with my family. This morning I went to my sister's church which was ok. Good service -- as with any chance you get to spend with God, then watched the Buccaneers beat the Redskins.

After that I drove back up here to Orlando and started writing this blog. That's really about it. I have had a few discussions with friends and yes, I do miss San Diego but I don't think it will be too much of an adjustment to stay here. This is where God wants me to be and, as I always say, His plans are far better for me than my own! I am learning more and more to be patient and trust in God. That is the very best thing you can ever do.

So that is it! Not as deep and philosophical as normal but then again, I am sitting on the floor of my office with no desk! Really difficult to type like normal but I hope my belongings get here some time next week so I can get back to normality! Tomorrow starts the new job and I am excited about that. I have some time to make the adjustment but I am sure they want me to make an impact as soon as possible.

"He makes all things new...." -- more than we ever expected and I feel far more blessed that I ever deserve. Hope you had a great weekend and, after the family is over next weekend, I will have another update!



Week ending Sunday, November 9th, 2014
Last day in San Diego :( (tomorrow)
Well that's about it. Most of the house is packed up, I just have some small things I need to take care of before the movers get here tomorrow. To me, San Diego will always be my home no matter where I live. I am used to Florida from growing up there and yes, there are many good things about coming home. Family, friends, a new Church, lower cost of living, etc. It's just that Florida cannot replace the weather and the scenery here. Plus we have some great beaches and well, there is only one Gas Lamp district like ours!

I said goodbye to my Church yesterday. It was Pastor Bob's son that spoke and he did a great job. I will be able to catch the sermons online so that is the one good thing about today's technology. You may not be in your home Church but you can always still be a part of it.

Going to have dinner with Jack tonight then see my new friend. She is also moving to Florida so I hope we get to stay in touch. She's a really cool cat I met in Church which at least we still have that in common.

When the movers get here, I will be taking with me only the bare minimums. Clothes, my PC, bathroom supplies. There rest of it, including my CBR (which will be crated tomorrow) will be on the truck. And that, my friends, will take 7-14 days to get to Florida. That means for the time being I really don't have a bed to lay down on. I may try and grab an air mattress or something to hold me over. I anticipate that it will take 3 days to do the drive so I plan on being there around Thursday afternoon.

To all of my SOCAL friends, I will miss you a lot. This is not "good bye" this is "See you later". I'll be back to visit and say hello but as far as moving, I am not going to do another cross country move. Florida makes more sense to me financially and of course, God has planned this out for some time. To be closer to family is the ideal position to be in and of course, it's a lot less expensive to live there. That may mean house #2, I don't know yet. I definitely am dreaming of some property, far away from neighbors where I can sleep listening to the rain and crickets :)

I am thankful to God that He has taken such good care of me in spit of all of my faults and sins. I am know I am far, far from perfect but trusting is the Lord is the absolute best thing you can do. He knew that the environment out here was one that wasn't good for me to be in. There's a lot of drama out here, that is for sure. There are some lifelong friends and well, there are enemies too. I don't hate anyone, that is for sure, I am just smart enough to walk away from people that are not healthy for me.

This will probably be the last blog update for a week or two. If you see nothing here next week, check out the updates on FaceBook. Thank you everyone who have supported me no matter where I go, what I do and for picking up every time I fall flat on my face. I'd have no idea what to do without you.

Much love,


Week ending Sunday, November 2nd, 2014
Slow progress getting this done....
What a hilarious week to say the least! Trying to get everything in order before the movers get here (whenever they do) and the lease here paid off (whenever that happens) seems to be taking much longer than it should. On top of that, the people I do know where I am headed are asking "When are you getting here??" The answer is always the same "Don't know!! It's not in my hands it's in the hands of the company moving me". So that is where things are at right now.

On the plus side, the boxes will be here tomorrow so I can at least START packing my stuff up and waiting for the movers to get here. Once that is part is done and the movers are here I can load everything up and head East. The bad part is it will take the movers at least 10 days to go Coast to Coast. I can make that trip in 40 hours if I don't sleep (but I will!!!) or I can take it easy and do it in 4 days. I could do that and make a few side trips to go to a few places I haven't been to. Haven't decided. If they want me to start work asap then I will bring as much clothes as I can and stay with family and make the drive every day. Going to be tough though for sure.

The main thing is I have made it clear that they cannot damage my property. Mainly the CBR and my guitars. Those things must not be damaged as they are special to me. The guitars are from when I played music for years and the CBR reflects my time racing. The rest of the stuff is replaceable but those are simply not! Remember when I moved back to San Diego from Virginia they broke the fairing on the CBR. Oh yeah that reminds me, no more splitting traffic!!! Ugh. It should be legal in all states given the traffic jams we have and it would encourage people to use cheaper forms of transportation. Maybe I should try to promote that legally in Florida?

Actually now that I think about it, Florida needs a helmet law for crying out loud. California repealed it's helmet law and then Florida instituted one. The way people ride motorcycles, it should be mandatory. It's not even the riders I worry about the most, it's cars that aren't looking for bikers that I worry about.

This week I got in a game of golf, got to hang out with some of my friends that are still here (some moved away from CA a long time ago) and got to basically iron out everything that is going on here. The funny thing is I met a girl in Church I have seen there for years. Always noticed her by herself and I finally went up to talk to her. Turns out she is also moving to Florida at the end of the month. That's funny how God works, isn't it? She has a lot to deal with on her move but at least we exchanged info so that when we move we can find another Church to attend.

I will definitely miss Horizon North County. My Pastor is great -- heck everyone at the Church is great. That has been my home for the last eight years so finding a new Church is going to be very hard to find. At the very least I can attend remotely via the "inter-webs" and not miss a sermon. Weaning myself away from San Diego is going to be a difficult journey but you know, His plans are greater than our own and all this is part of His plan for me. I always knew I would move back to Florida eventually, just wasn't expecting to do so this fast.

There are many good things about moving and I've mentioned them before (Family, friends, less expensive to live there) but I will miss my friends here, the awesome weather we have year round and the beautiful West Coast beaches, mountains and lifestyle. But, sometimes you need to be taken out of your own comfort zone to realize what He has in store for you.

Maybe, just maybe, I can find a place that is out in the Country where I can get a piece of property with NO NEIGHBORS close by where I can lay my head down and night and fall asleep listening to crickets and the rain. What a great night of sleep that will be :)

Not sure if this will be the last post for a while. You'll have to check back for updates as I will post them when everything is packed and I shut this PC down for a while.

One thing I did learn this week? People are so quick to judge others (I for one included) based on one thing a person says or does yet neglects the 100s of other good qualities, words or actions. Why is it that we (people) judge others so harshly? We're not perfect, why do we expect others to be perfect? Talk about "plank in your eye" syndrome...

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