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Week ending Sunday, November 24th, 2013
That's all I can say about this week for sure. If I did not have faith in Him who reins I would not have any idea how to handle trials when they come. New job, new site I'm working for, new processes (lots of them) and sometimes you just can't get all your ducks in a row. And it's not the big things, because I have a good handle on all of the big things that I am used to. It's the minutia that is the problem. The small little processes that I am not aware of. I know communication is a big deal, and I am getting better with that, but sometimes no matter how hard you try or work at getting your ducks in a row, something always FAILS.

On the plus side I have been working really hard to get my EMCTA and EMCIE certifications which will go a long way in backing up the knowledge I already know. The good thing is that I have some great bosses to work with (upper level) and they understand I am new to things and I don't have the resources I need at my disposal (like other team members do), so I am working to get things straight. In the end no matter what happens, it's always in God's plans. Trials are how He shapes us into the types of people He wants us to be and you just to "Let go and let God take over".

Other than that, it's been relatively quiet this week. I did drive up to LA last weekend to hang out with friends and had a great time. Haven't seen them in forever so it was good to just hang out and see how they are doing.

The other big deal is my little brother ending up having to go to the hospital with a ridiculous heart rate. He needs to take better care of himself, especially with two young kids that depend on him, especially given the problems their mother has right now. When I think about the relationships he has gotten into it does tell me that mine really weren't as bad as I thought they were and that again, God's plan is always different than our own.

The Bucs won their 3rd game in a row. Not sure if I should be happy about that or not. If they would have kept losing we could get a top draft pick but that won't happen. Haha. Schinao finally stopped being a tyrant and it looks like the team is playing much better and closing games out.

Ok, that is about it. I am going to setup my certification tests as soon as possible so I can that under my belt and keep the boss happy. Hope you had a great weekend and do me a favor. Pray for someone you know that needs God's touch. There are a multitude of people I pray for every night before I fall asleep. I ask very little from God other than how much I need Him in my life to mold and shape me. What are you asking for?

Many people need help, but they rely on the things of this world instead of He who is NOT of this world. Pray for others -- that God may wrap His arms around them and keep them safe from harm.

Have a great weekend!


Week ending Sunday, November 17th, 2013
Even more quiet week -- yay!
Yes, much better! I like it when the weeks are more quiet and I can focus on my training and certifications. That has been my goal (and my bosses goal) since I came onboard here with EMC. I love the company, the people are great and I hope that this is where I retire from and end up fishing and golfing the rest of my years (single or not! haha -- though I have embraced my single-dom. If that is what God's plans are for me then who I am to say otherwise?

Church was great as always this weekend. I cannot say what Pastor Bob talked about but it was very funny and of course, right on point with what God wants us to know. Weed out the sin and bad things in your life and focus on His plans for your life. That is exactly what I have been doing and I am excited about not only today but what God has in store for me. Each day I am thankful to be alive and able to do His work. While I may not be doing anything special as some good disciples are doing, I am doing the part that He has designed for me.

No MotoGP racing this weekend and that is OK. I cannot wait to see what Nicky has in store for next year. I really hope that they figure out the electronics and get that bike working the way the other 2nd tier GP bikes are. He's not going to have factory speed unless they get those electronics worked out.

Hey the Bucs won their second game in a row!!! How good is that. I know I am one of the people calling for Schiano's firing but let's see what the rest of the season has in store. Ok that is about it for this week. I know it's short but I am driving up to LA to celebrate a friend's birthday and I need to get OUT OF THE HOUSE! LOL.

Have a great rest of your weekend and check in with you later!


Week ending Sunday, November 10th, 2013
It's a very quiet but good week!
So yes, it's quiet around here and I like that. Since the fall has set in and the cooler temperatures have rolled in my neighbors (and me) have been closing all the windows so that knocks the noise down. Working from home I need that to focus on what I am doing. Of course if they get too noisy I will just crank up Slacker and play my music, lol -- provided I am not on a conference call. Actually the music helps out a lot.

So not much else going on. I have been trying to get my certifications completed. My boss wants me to get them done, I want to get them done so this is something that really need to be completed ASAP. We also have some corporate changes going on so I am not sure if my current boss is still going to be my boss later. I'd hate that because he is taking good care of me -- and we take good care of him. Very much like the relationship I had when I was in VA with my boss. That definitely makes me feel blessed to be in that situation twice in a row.

My friends has a "meet up" on Wednesday night in Long Beach (CA). It's about an 85 mile ride from my house in San Diego. I don't normally like riding at night but to be honest, freeway riding at night is safer than city street riding at night. You don't have to deal with people running red lights. Honestly, you just have to ride with your head on a swivel and act as though no one can see you (because odds are, they cannot). The ride up was nice, the weather was great and it was just good to meet some new people and hang out with some old friends. I must say my old age is starting to catch up to me as I had some tendentious. I think long rides without knee dragging with do that to you.

Church was awesome as always and it's good to see Pastor Bob's fire re-ignited. I want to get involved with the shoebox for Christmas that is going on and then talk to Willy about getting involved in other areas I can serve. I haven't heard that we're doing more work for the homeless which is something I have wanted to do but we'll wait and see. I watched the final MotoGP race this season (boo Marquez!). It's apparent the Spanish own the MotoGP series (especially with Repsol so heavily involved). Why can't we can some American oil companies involved in MotoGP and bring more manufacturers back and level the playing field?! Hayden will be testing the customer spec RCV tomorrow so I am interested in how that plays out.

Other than that, the only other things are the fact my neighbors (two houses down) whom I have not met left their garage door and the door to the house wide open last night. It looks like they might have moved out but there was stuff still in there so I called the SDPD and had them check it out. Then not long after that I started getting some weird text and a call from someone I don't know who seemed to be "a few sandwiches short of a full picnic basket" if you know what I mean. Had to block that number. Funny thing is the call was from Canada. I know a few people there but not this person.

Ah well, I'm good! Just need to keep running and keep the exercise up. I can probably stand to lose about 10lbs so maybe I need to curb my Coca Colas. Ummmm probably not. Love em :) Hope you had a great week and I will talk to you soon. Be safe and God bless!


Week ending Sunday, November 3rd, 2013
Here comes the fall!
Interesting but quiet this week fo'sho. Had a long talk with the boss this week about the training I did recently and what my "plan of action" is. We both agree I need to bang out the certifications that will help us both in the long run so starting tomorrow I'll be focused on that and try to get them completed ASAP. That will keep me from having to travel for more training and I can stay home and just work on the planning and Architecture work that I love to do. That also means I'll be able to put the day to day stuff aside and excel and what I do.

Everything else is going good. I can't say great because I wouldn't know the difference between good and great most of the time anyway (lol). I do know what a bad week is like but God has a plan for us all and when we face trials or not, all that matters is who you are looking for guidance. Him or yourself? If I have learned anything, depending solely on myself has gotten me into nothing but trouble. And Lord knows, trouble has followed me my entire life. Not as bad as one might think but enough to get me into some sticky "situ-a-a-shuns" nobody really likes to be in.

Actually I am looking forward to this week. For the first time in a LONG time I am going to toss my leg over the CBR Wednesday night in full leathers and ride up to Long Beach for a night time "meet and greet" and then take a ride south down to Dana Point (I think that is where they are headed) where we're all going to meet up. I think they may do some canyon runs but not me, lol. I'm not pressing my luck on that one and instead will peel off and take a casual and relaxing ride back home.

Church was fantastic this weekend and got one of the best quotes ever: "Humility isn't think less of yourself, it's thinking about yourself less." When you let that sink into your brain and bounce around your ears you realize eloquent and true that statement is you start to get a much better perspective on what is important in the short time we have on this earth.

Still no word on my niece yet and we're still praying for a good outcome. I know why she ran away but no matter what the reason is, you don't leave your family hanging the wind with no word or anything as to your safety and well-being. We've all run away as kids -- for an hour or a day but never for 3+ months.

Ok well no MotoGP this weekend. Just watched another EPIC Buccaneer loss (Fire Schiano!!!) and of course this was a laid back weekend. The training starts hard-core this week and I want my certs done (at least one of them) this months so I can relax. Going to have Thanksgiving dinner with the Springers which is always a load of fun. Hope you had a great weekend and talk to you again soon!


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