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Week ending Sunday, December 2nd, 2012
Better every day!

Well the first week home from the debacle early in November is over. I'm really glad to be back to life, back to work and grateful for my friends and family for looking out for me. If God wanted me, He would have taken me. The last 6 years of my life has been full of crazy things. The crash racing at Willow Springs that broke my collar bone and later, as we found out, my neck. I should be paralyzed or dead from that accident.

Then there was the accident in 2009 where I was simply trying to defend a woman from being slapped around and ended up getting my head bashed against the concrete which in turn caused me end up having brain surgery and out of work 9 weeks (they told me 6 months, but I'm a fighter and I don't like being away from work). Then less than a year later I had a seizure because I wasn't taking my meds but even then that was light. I was out for 15 minutes and was back on the meds.

This time they have no idea what happened to me. I've been though INOVA emergency, ICU, a neurologist and a General Practitioner in the last 30 days. Between all of them, none of them have any idea what happened to me. Some think it was another seizure but not due to the head injury but a funky virus that no one can identify. Maybe I'll finally make the record books -- but not the way I wanted to. I wanted to do that either with music or racing. Now maybe flying, lol.

This was my first week back to work as well and they would only let me work 6 hours a day. I am approved to go back to full time next week which will be great. I still need to get my garage door repaired so that is on the agenda but there will be no working out the rest of this year. I'll get back to my P90X in January when I feel back to normal. This time right now is for rest and recovery. I was so humbled by the support at work and how many people cared. You don't realize sometimes that people really do care about you and I couldn't be more grateful.

Also this weekend I drove down to Norfolk to see the decommissioning of the USS Enterprise, a ship I served on briefly when I was in the Marine Corps and we were certifying new FA-18 pilots for carrier qualifications. I went with my good friends Jack Springer and his daughter, Stephanie. It was a sad moment to see the largest aircraft carrier ever be put to rest but the good part is that it's going to be revived with CVN-80 in the next 10 years or so. We always have to have an "Enterprise" in the fleet as we have always had since our Country's birth when we stole a ship of the same name from the British (thanks!).

Today I am back to resting though I did clean the house up, washed the dishes, dusted, washed my clothes and just made my house look normal again. My sister and her family received their early Christmas present which they love and I know they needed it. I am grateful for the job I have and the people I work for which gives me the opportunity to not only help my family but to help others less fortunate. God says our job here is not to be focused on ourselves but to follow Him and to help others and that is what I am trying to do.

Can't wait to be checked out and have an answer as to what happened, back to Church, back to work full time, paying my bills off and finishing up my flying lessons. I was initially going to buy a plane but I think for now I would be better served just renting one and doing that. That will let me fly when I want but without the overhead and expenses of owning your own plane. I'll let someone else deal with the maintenance and other costs and there are plenty here at the airport next to my house that are available. The owner of the plane I like knows I take good care of that plane so I'll be careful with it.

I think that is about it for this week. Waiting for the Bucs game to start at 4pm. Hope they beat the Broncos because we need the wins. Thanks again to everyone for you grace, care and love. I'm so thankful that every time I have found myself in a bad spot, someone is there to save me. I think God puts everyone in those positions to help whether they believe it or not. Again, if He wanted me, He would have already taken me by now.

Hope you have a great week and talk to you later. Have a fantastic, safe and healthy week yourselves!


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