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Week ending Sunday, Nov 13th, 2011
Last Update of the Month!
The reason I am only making two entries this month is next weekend I am headed to Florida for a two week vacation so I won't be able to post the weekly updates. That said, I will be able to post on my Facebook page if you want to know what's going on :)

We had Friday off for Veteran's Day (Ooh Rah to all my former Marine comrades and to all who server in our Armed Forces!). That was great as I needed the break. I was supposed to fly on Friday but due to the high winds we decided against it. Apparently there are a lot of high winds during the winter time here so I guess I have to get used to it. Instead we flew on Saturday and it ended up being windy again. I decided against doing any heavy flight maneuvers so we ended up flying back to the Airport and just doing traffic patterns. The instructor is always positive about my flying skills but I guess I am just harder on myself. I want to be a fun and SAFE pilot.

In two days it will be the 6th year since my mom passed away. I always remember her fondly and that includes me seeing her in February of 2010 when I basically died in the hospital myself. She was such a great mother and great person who cared about others greatly (even when they did not feel the same way about her). This world would be a lot better if we all had mothers like my mom.

Everything else is going ok even if I do have a headache. Not sure where that came from but I guess it's time to take some aspirin and watch the Bucs game today. I'm just really looking forward to the long road trip to Florida, golf clubs in hand, to hang out with my family, hang out with my friends and play a lot of golf. We also have plans to go to Tampa over the weekend and hit the Zoo, go to "One Buccaneer Place" and then hit the coast line for a great dinner. That should be a lot of fun.

This weekend I listened to Pastor Bob's service which I love and miss a lot. It's so great to "feel" like I am there even if I am not, lol. Check out the link the Horizon RSF on my web site and check the services online if you want to hear his sermons. Really worth your time as he speaks directly from God's word and not his own "spin" on what God is saying.

I also worked a bit on Saturday from home so the project I was trying to test out worked so that is a good sign. I also got my wireless router working (forgot to check off the MAC address option!) so now I have my TV and DVD player updated. The code level was out of date so now it appears to be working a tad bit better.

I think that is about it for the week. I will check in on December 4th when I get back so I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and my Sebring Family and Friends, SEE YOU NEXT WEEKEND after my short stop in Georgia!



Week ending Sunday, Nov 6th, 2011
Easy Going
This was a very quiet week which is something that makes me happy :) Work went very well this week as I got one of the major problems solved (which I had an idea that was the problem weeks ago but we couldn't test it until this week). So far, so good so I'm happy about that. Otherwise things there are going ok and I'm just trying to keep my nose to the grindstone and get things done.

This was the last weekend for MotoGP racing and it was very surreal with the loss of Simoncelli. The whole team showed their support for him and I know that he was overlooking the race and smiling from above. The start wasn't so good today though as four riders were taken out in the first turn and then it became a boring race until Spies almost won it -- but nixed at the end by Stoner. Heh, those Hondas are fast so I hope the other teams come up with a better plan for next year.

I also did some more flying this weekend. I might say -- I don't like it when there is a lot of bumpy wind going on in a very, very small airplane. I've been flying the Cessna 162 and though it's fun and easy to fly, it sure is tossed around in the wind pretty easy. I am trying to get a couple more flights in before I head down to Florida in a couple weeks for a two week vacation. I'm going to drive there so I have both my truck AND my golf clubs. I do plan on playing a lot of golf and enjoying time with my family. We're going to go to Tampa over the weekend and go to the Zoo as well as "One Buccaneer Place". That should be a lot of fun. I definitely miss hanging out with my family.

There was no bad weather this weekend so that was a good thing. That said I did buy a snow scraper so the next time we have inclement weather I can get that snow off the windshield so I can actually drive since I cannot keep my truck in the garage (it's too big, lol -- and it's a small truck!).

I didn't go to Mclean Bible Church this weekend. I don't know, I mean it's a good Church but I don't feel like it's home to me. I wish I could transplant Horizon in RSF and bring it here to Virginia - haha. I am sure Pastor Bob would not agree with that idea, lol.

Other than that everything is going well. Got all my chores done, did the flying thing, did some studying and relaxed and watched some movies. When the weather turns here it appears most everyone stays indoors and I don't blame them.

Well that's it for now. I cannot wait for my vacation in a few weeks so Lisa and the gang, I will see you guys soon. And you may not recognize me anymore without the big scar on my head anymore. I look like I used to back in the day :)

Have a great week!

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