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Week ending Sunday, November 21st, 2010
Lots of GOOD things!

So this week was interesting -- both at work and in my private time. Work as I always say was busy as heck and there are a lot of priority changes so what was important then is not now. Of course what wasn't important then is important now. Needless to say I am going to be very busy when I get back from Florida.

Speaking of which those plans are all set. Originally I was going to fly to Tampa but instead I am going to fly to Orlando. I also paid for my niece to fly in from Arkansas and she'll be there a few hours ahead of me. I'll pick her up and then we'll drive down to her moms for Thanksgiving. I plan on stuffing my face, playing a LOT of golf and hanging out with friends. Even though Florida can be boring at times, if you have a good imagination and some extra energy you can make fun out a molehill - LOL.

This week I sponsored a child in Bolivia. This was the first time I've done this though I have been thinking about it for a long time. It's not really as much as I would like to but if this goes well for her then I will probably sponsor a few more. I just feel like God wants me to help others and this is a good way to start the process.

Gym work was hard this week but good for me. My legs are sore as ever and I went back to heavier weight. Earlier I had swapped back over to more reps with lighter weight but now its back to less reps with more weight. I am easily able to bench 225 again so I'll see if I can press that up to over 250lbs. Definitely the extra work makes me feel better and while I am always sore, it tells me that I'm working them hard.

Church was great as always even though Pastor Bob was away traveling. I need to go even on days I just don't feel well.

Also, I got my Blue Ray DVD player installed and also received the Avatar collectors edition which is GREAT. You wouldn't believe how much work was put into that movie so my hats are off to them. I am already excited for the next two that are coming out in about 3 years - lol. Hey, to make a masterpiece you have got to take your time and do it right :)

Well that is about it for the week. Have a GREAT Thanksgiving. I won't be checking in for the next couple of weeks while I am on vacation so if you want to reach me, try FaceBook or cell!



Week ending Sunday, November 14th, 2010
Great Week :)

Well not bad overall, really. Even though we had Veteran's Day off (thank you, my fellow Vets!) and on top of that I worked half a day on Tuesday (golf!) I still got a lot of work done. A week ago Friday I got those two solutions done and last week I worked with the group downstairs to get them certified. So that feels good, when you get things done so you can work on the next thing coming along.

I took a "Pre" Security+ test and got a 95 so I suppose I am ready to take the ACTUAL Security+ test (lol). This certification is required by the Government so it would be in my best interest to get it done as soon as possible. When I complete this one I am going to go back and get the Network+ cert and then try for CISSP (tough one for sure but needed).

We also have some things in the work to support the Rady Children's hospital. Rady was helpful with the Nguyen family and I am very sorry their son passed away. That has to be awful to deal with as a parent. Even my mom said "The one thing I cannot handle in this life is having a child die before me..." so I can understand how hard it is for parents to deal with such a tragic loss. I have personally kicked in out of my own pocket and hope we can get others to do the same.

On Friday I went and hung out with my friends. Had a really great time at the Noodle House. It's right near the beach, Ocean Beach to be exact and man they really do have the best food ever. We got to hang out and chat and stuff so it was good. On Saturday I was feeling sick so I stayed in most of the day. Had a bad headache (still having those since they worked on my dome). We didn't do a boot camp on Saturday either so that was good.

Today I got a lot of chores done and got to watch the Bucs beat up on the Panthers (sorry, Carolina!). I have a few other things to take care of and then I have to start planning my visit home next week. It will be good to sit down with my family for Thanksgiving, play some golf and generally relax.

Well that is it for now. MotoGP, WSBK and AMA racing are done until the end of March so I am left with the NFL (and the occasional Magic or Lightning game). Have a great rest of your week!


Week ending Sunday, November 7th, 2010
Fall Back!

Pretty good week overall, no doubt. Had a lot of stuff to get done for work but that's fine because I got the projects off my plate by Friday which was my goal. I have a couple of other things to finish this week as well. We even have Thursday off so I'll be studying for a "Pre" final exam for the Security+ certification. Once I am done with this one I'll go back and get a few more certifications as well.

Speaking of which I have been asked to join a few charitable causes for work so I am pretty excited about that. I'm helping out with a few sales and I think in addition I'll be helping a bit with the Marine Corps "Toys for Tots" drive this year. That'll be something well worth investing my time on.

Overall the week was fun. I hung out with a friend a few times this week who is here for school. We went out to eat and then hung out on Friday as well. That was actually pretty fun except for the fact on the way there I somehow managed to ding my right rear wheel. Now I am not sure if I am going to replace the wheel or replace the wheels and tires as a whole. I am being frugal with my cash, saving up and paying off bills. Not really sure what do to there.

Saturday I went to boot camp. Hadn't done one in a while and this one kicked my tail pretty good. I mean, it's Sunday and my hammies are still hurting, lol. Definitely don't feel like doing much but watching NFL games. Speaking of that the Bucs had a chance to put the Falcons away at the end of the game today and we blew it. That's ok. We're making progress and we get to play those guys again before the end of the year.

Saturday night after another great service from Pastor Bob I decided to stay in (well I mean, I was still sore from the Sat AM workout). Avatar was on and I have never seen it before. Have to admit it was pretty good. Better than I expected though because I missed like the first 30 minutes of it I was a tad lost there for a while.

It's "Fall Back" time so I stupidly woke up at like 6am this morning. I think it will be a good time to take a nap later. Watched the MotoGP race and have to say I am a tad disappointed at what happened to Nicky. That said, the new year starts in March so I'll be looking forward to it.

That's about it for now. Getting excited about going home in a few weeks. Oh and I even get to leave work early on Tuesday to play some golf. Sssssh :).

Talk to you later! :)

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