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Week ending Sunday, May 29th, 2016
Not going to be updating the blog much!
As you know I am getting married in about 2.5 weeks! So excited and glad that I patiently waited on the Lord. At some point, I thought I would never get married much less find someone as special as the love of my life. But this is proof positive that if you are patient and wait on the Lord, you will be blessed -- and that I am!

Throughout all my trials and tribulations I have remained steadfast on the Lord and had faith that if I was patient He would bless me. And He has! Exponentially! It's been a really fantastic if not the most important part of my life ever. I am glad it happened.

The blog was a way for me to vent but with other avenues, such as Falsebook, I can use that to communicate. Depending on the new better half of my life, that will depend on how much I update this site. To those who have stuck by me for every single phase of my life, I cannot thank you enough. There have been some very bad times spattered in with some really good times but if the finance doesn't think I need the blog, then I am going to listen to her. Keeping her happy and living in the will of God are the most important things EVER!

Praise be the glory! AMEN!

I'll see you on social media (and this pre-dates facebook as far as I know!)


Week ending Sunday, May 15th, 2016
Good Week/Bad Week
Hanging out with my fiance and the kids, that is a good week in my book. ANd we have 30 days left until I am OFFICIALLY and FOREVER off the market. I couldn't be happier because I know this was God's plan for me always, no matter how much in the past I had kicked against the goads. When you "Let go and Let GOD" handle things in your life you realize it was always be far, far better than you had ever planned for yourself. Who can complain about that? I for sure cannot.

Big plans coming up next month. That is for sure. We have to get all the wedding plans taken care of and I think at least we need a wedding rehearsal? I am not even sure. I did buy a really nice "vest" to go with my outfit for the wedding. I don't want to overdress in Florida during June that is for sure. On top of the good news, it's the Fiance's father's birthday on the 17th! How cool is that?! We'll always have 2 reasons to celebrate June 17th (similar to August 3rd for me!).

As for work, there's always an occasional mistake and I made sure to let me boss know what the issue is. It probably isn't as bad as I think it is but I always harp on my failures far more than I say anything about the successes I have. In this kind of work one mistake can make you unemployed. If that happens, it happens. Cannot change that whatsoever. I have to the do the best I can and rely on God's guidance. Nothing less will do.

That is about it for the week. Oh and CONGRATS TO Nicky Hayden for FINALLY winning a race :) I give the guy a hard time but he lost the same desire after he won the G GP title after. Gotta keep that same desire every single race!

Week ending Sunday, May 8th, 2016
Great week, Happy Mother's Day!
Hope you all had a very nice Mother's Day. I lost my mom in 2005 so I often remember her fondly. At the wedding I want an empty chair where my mom would sit, even if it's going to be a small wedding. I don't want anyone to think for a minute I have forgotten about her because no one in our family has.

Work is always keeping me busy and that is a good thing. I've had other people ping me for jobs but I want to stay here and rely on God to teach me how to be a good husband, father and set a good example. I've always relied on God and myself but now I have three other VIPs I need to be there for and I want to!

Other than that, it's HOCKY DAY as the Bolts may go to the conference championship if they keep playing like this. And we don't even have Stamkos! Everything else is going well though I think at some point I am going to have get my knee scoped because I just can't put a lot of force on the knee anymore. Maybe buy a bicycle or something? We shall see, hehe.

Hope you all enjoyed your mother's day and make sure you tell her you love her! I wish my mom was still around so I could tell her that. Miss you, mom!


Week ending Sunday, May 1st, 2016
Counting down the days till the wedding day! YAY!
Alrighty! We have what? 5.9 weeks left until the wedding day and my fiance and I couldn't be happy. That also means right after the wedding we'll be headed to the UK for a two week honeymoon. I really need to start planning where we're going to go but I love being spontaneous! If we plan everything out right now odds are things are going to go haywire. I know the things we are going to do:

1. Fly to London, head immediately to Normandy. That is on my bucket list to pay my respects to those who lost their lives defending freedom from tyranny.
2. Head down to Paris later that day and stay the first night there. Going to probably walk the Champs-Ellesse (again, I did it in 2004) and have a great dinner.
3. Fly back to London the next day, visit downtown (Big Ben, Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, etc.
4. Stonehenge! (Definitely a bucket list item I have been wanting to do forever).
5. Visit a castle.
6. Head to Ireland, do lots of stuff.
7. Head to Scotland, do lots of stuff.

So we have a lot of ideas and things to do but as a team, we're going to decide together as to what we do, where we go, etc! Gonna be fun stuff and I could not feel more blessed by God to be given such a great woman. It's truth that "Be patient and wait on the Lord" is not just a cliche!

Work is fine but definitely busy. I took my step-son to work last week and they had a great time. This week the bosses are out in Las Vegas for EMC world (been denied 14 years in a row!) so I am sure they are going to have a good time. As for me, I'll have my hands busy with work and catching up on the projects I've been assigned. I know I have other offers and I can go elsewhere but The Mouse has been good to me and I have a great team of people to work with. Not perfect, but only ONE was ever perfect :)

Today I got a lot of chores done (including cleaning the pool, pool area -- pulling weeds, etc). I need to talk to the land lord and get the exterminator out here to get rid of the ants and spray for weeds and get some grass growing here. This lawn is in horrible shape. But at least I got everything done and now I can relax for a bit and get some rest. Definitely a busy week coming on.

Have a great rest of your week and just as a side note, if you're a liberal and you call Trump a racist, I would like to know what EXACTLY racist thing Trump said. $100.00 bet you cannot find one racist comment he has ever made.



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