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Week ending Sunday, May 25th 2014
Dog Sitting!
That is pretty much what I have been doing since Thursday. My friend Jason went to Canada on vacation and asked me to dog-sit for him. The dogs aren't too hard to watch (they're probably around 7 or 8 years old). They are friendly and timid -- unless of course there is another dog around then they lose their darned minds! LOL. All the barking. What for? Most of the dogs you are barking at could rip you apart in two seconds. Better safe to speak silently and carry a big stick than carry a small stick and have a big mouth LOL!

Everything else is OK. I got my ITIL certification this past week and now I have to get a presentation together and then finish a certification before the end of June or my bonus will be affected. Definitely do not want that. The contract we're on, we're not being asked too much to do I am just being pinged constantly by the foreign people who have taken over. They don't know too much about Isilon and they want all my "knowledge" handed over to them. I went to training for that, I think they should have to do that as well.

Church was fantastic this weekend as always. I am still a bit bothered that our church doesn't actually DO more for the homeless here. I mean they do spend a lot of time in Mexico why aren't we getting our barrel full first before we hand out to foreign countries from an empty barrel. That has never made sense to me whatsoever. I know some of the reasons why they do it but it just doesn't make a lot of sense.

The rest of the week is going fine. Happy MEMORIA DAY and SEMPER FI to my fellow (and former) Marines! May God bless you each and every day and that you walk with the Lord in every decision you make! It's a holiday so I am making this short!



Week ending Sunday, May 18th 2014
Study, study, study!
Studying is what it's all about this week and for the upcoming weeks. I have an ITIL test tonight at 9pm then I need to put my nose to the grindstone for another certificate. Need to get those out of the way for a couple of reasons. a) To make myself more valuable to the company and b) to qualify for my bonus. That it and of itself is good enough motivation to keep on learning. On the work front it is still busy as the new guy that is going to be taking over my role is behind on knowledge so I end up spending a lot of time helping him.

Church was great yesterday (always is) but I still want to know why they are spending so much time in foreign countries when we have American Citizens that need help here. I understand that Jesus said "Go and make disciples" and that us "Gentiles" should go and preach the word. I totally get that but when I look in my own "back yard" I see many people that need help here but aren't getting it. I do see people that are here "illegally" getting benefits from this country they are not entitled to while citizens of this country are snubbed. Now I see businesses are moving out of this country to avoid paying taxes. Do you know where much of that tax money is spent? Food, clothing, shelter, medical services and education for people in this country illegally.

Now -- I am all for helping people, but we need to teach them how to fish, not just "feed them fish". We're not helping by just supporting them while we have Americans out of work. And now with business leaving this country it's no wonder our Government is out of money and let's just say, behind the bills. We need to make America strong again, a place where Businesses want to say and when we're healthy then we can go assist with other countries that WANT our help. Not in places, such as Afghanistan where we're not wanted. I see the decline of this nation in front of our eyes and everyone is turning a blind eye to it.

In my eyes the USA is no longer a world power. We're slowly regressing back into a 3rd world nation. We have a very low graduation level of high schoolers and even fewer of them actually finish college and get a degree. Where will they go for jobs? The job market here is not getting any better and like I said, with more businesses moving out of the country we'll all have to get VISAS and go work in a foreign country in order to survive. I'm not calling this "the end of the world as we know it...." but it's sure looking that way. I hope we all have our homes in order when the wrath of God comes down on us. It's coming, so it appears -- so be ready.

Sorry for the "doom and gloom" scenario but that's the way I see things as they are right now.

As for everything else, I'm still working out 5x a week. I am getting my work done. I am not getting out and enjoying life as much as I would like to but we'll see how things play out. I did catch the MotoGP race today (boring as ever) so I cannot wait until there is more WSBK races to watch.

That is it for this week. Keep your chin up and let's help make America strong!


Week ending Sunday, May 11th 2014
Quiet change, hands tied, gotta follow the path...
That is essentially what has gone on during the "change over". There is only so much that I am allowed to do so I have to check and forth with the boss man to see what I am allowed to do or not to do. Not so bad as honestly my mailbox has slowed down a lot AND I have time to study. In fact I am going to finish off my studying tonight for the ITIL exam and then schedule it ASAP then move over to the EMCIA test because I NEED to get that one done as well.

Otherwise it was a quiet week. There was some WSBK racing to watch and I am happy to say Johnny Rea won one last week and two this week so it puts HONDA on top of the leader board. Gotta love that. Not so good watching those races to see the Americans there on the bottom of the ladder. Not good at all. Haven't see anything good from WSBK and Americans well -- since I think maybe Schwantz and even then he was not really as good a rider as Freddie Spencer (no malace intended). Probably Wayne Rainey being of the best of then of course we have Mr. Roberts who won many races in Europe. Too bad American 2 wheeled racing is not existence. I don't even feel like doing track days here. NASCAR is what fans like (though I still don't understand the fascination with just going around in a circle....).

Church was fine as always. Pastor Bob always has a good message even if I am not exactly super-excited about the Church spending more time in Mexico helping the "Country of Illegal Invaders" while leaving American citizens, families searching for help. I haven't heard back from my homeless family but he said they were doing OK last time we talked so I have to assume they are in good hands (God's of course!). They know how to reach me if they need help.

That is honestly about it. Like I said -- a quiet week. I hope you all had a great Mother's Day weekend (my mom has been gone for some time). Be safe out there and talk to you next weekend!


Week ending Sunday, May 4th 2014
A new frontier...on and MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU!
So you know that my role has not changed but some faces have disappeared. I am going to miss a lot of those folks and hope that somehow we get to keep connecting in the future. It wasn't really my choice or theirs for that matter but as my old bud Jeff used to say "It is what it is..." lol. We shall see what happens.

That is why I was in Orlando during the week. Again it was good to see the team and hang out, talk to the customer and have meetings. We got some transition work mitigated out and we sat down with the customer to talk about that in detail. It was good, you know. We know they like us and that we did a great job for them but hey it's not the choice anyone wanted but again -- it is what it is -- lol!

We did some KART racing on Wednesday night. You know me, I talk smack sometimes but I always back it up. This time I told my team "I am going to win all three races" and they laughed at me. Well guess what?! I WON ALL THREE RACES! :) They came up to me after the races and said "Well you called it" and I said "I did warn you guys I used to race and I have this penchant to go fast and knock people out of the way. I did get t-boned during the race so hard my inner thigh is bruised, lol! My massage therapist said "Hey, what have you been up to?!" When I told her it was from KART racing I do not think she believed me.

Church was ... OK this weekend. I am unsure about Horizon right now. I really want to talk to Pastor Bob and find out what exactly is the mission of this Church. If we (Horizon) cannot help locals but we can send missionaries all over the world, doesn't that strike you as odd? I mean, with Roy the homeless man I helped, it appears it was all on my shoulders. I get that God has a greater plan for me than my own but I cannot carry it alone all the time. I would think that my Church would reach out when I am showing this this is a legitimate circumstance and that is what we need to do.

As I said before they told me to go to other Churches. Well -- no! I want my Church to help it's local San Diego homeless families. I think we need to get this country strong, take care of it's citizens first and THEN we can help other countries. It's like a bucket. If you take out more than you can fill it with, well -- you basically have a bucket that can never be full. Let's get this country FULL first, then and only then should we reach out to help other countries (teach them to fish, don't FEED them fish!). And even then, only help those who really want our help and stop pushing our country into OTHER countries. Have some respect!

Alright so that is my rant for the week! I haven't heard back from Roy lately so I hope he is doing ok. He has my number and knows how to reach me. MotoGP was OK today (but rather boring for sure now with Marquez destroying the competitors -- yawn! I still have 3 more weeks of vacation and trying to figure out what to do with it. I know I need to get my certs done and such and I will do it. I love my job and who I work for and want to stay here until I retire.

Have a great week and talk to you later!


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