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Week ending Sunday, May 27th, 2012
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Semper Fi to my fellow Marines, past and present, who have fought in every war this Nation has ever had to face. You will never be forgotten. Often times its quite easy for people who have the freedoms we have here to know how blessed they are by God just to be here and not in a forsaken land where having a house over your head, food and clothes are hard to come by -- if ever. Amen.

This week was OK I guess. It is confusing to me sometimes when people who don't know where I came from question almost every thing I say or do. But, I have a solid background from a 750,000 user Enterprise to a much smaller one. I do understand things are different here but getting them to a point where everything works the way that it should is just going to take some time. I did get a lot of things accomplished and who knows what's coming next. Only God knows, that's for sure :)

So far this weekend I did a ride on the CBR with a friend of mine. We rode from here to DC and back and took the twisty road to get there. Just like some parts of San Diego (Palomar Mountain for example), you're always going to have cars pulling out in front of you so you just need to ride as if they never see you (because quite often they do not!). Today I actually mowed the lawn and while I was going to do a night cross country flight it just wasn't in the cards given how the weather has been. It's ok since it's a holiday weekend I will try and pick that up again next week when there is time.

This was an off week for the P90X program and I am grateful but tomorrow starts the next phase (month two) and I have had a few cheater days, lol. It's ok, not much of any soda, sugary foods and definitely nothing fried! I've already lost almost 10lbs so I know that it has to do with both the workouts and the diet plan I am on. Not really a diet per say it's just what I should not be eating (all things that are bad for you!). Either way it's coming around and I am excited about what the end of Month 3 will be like.

Church was good this weekend though our Pastor was out. We had another guy that Preached and he works the Ministry in DC. He was pretty good and for some reason he reminded me a bit of a famous actor. Nothing bad it was just something that I noticed. Tomorrow I will start P90X month 2 and then I will get the laundry and grocery shopping done. Time is just flying by and I can't believe I've already been here nearly 15 months. I do miss San Diego a lot but hey like I always say "You go where God wants you to go" and I'm ready and listening.

Enjoy the weekend and don't forget to THANK A VET!



Week ending Sunday, May 20th, 2012
Busy, fun and weird.

So much went on this weekend that I stayed very busy but a bit perturbed. Work is fine, just weird getting questioned on things I am told to do. One side saying no, the other saying yes and I'm stuck in the middle. It's really hard to find a balance keeping everyone happy but in the end, all I am trying to do is get the work done -- which I did. I also proved that when I say a plan is going to work, it will because I've already done the homework :) As an Engineer, it's my job to find solutions that work, not that break things. The others that question me -- well ,they just need to do their part and everything will go as planned.

This weekend I actually took a long ride on the CBR. I rode out Andrews Air Force base with friends to attend the Air Show. I've seen the Blue Angels many times so that really wasn't why I was there. Was hoping to see a F-35 but they didn't bring one. But, I did get to see a V-22 in person (which I never have) and got to chat with some current Marines. They're supervised to know I am a former Marine but knew that I know my stuff when it comes to planes. I did get to see the F-22, B2 and of course, the Blue Angels but the F-22 was really awesome to see. My friends keep calling it "Starscream" (From Transformers) but I had to remind them "Starscream is imaginary, the F-22 Raptor is real!" haha).

As for the workouts go, I have not missed a single day of the P90X workouts! I finished week 3 yesterday so next week is the lighter phase before going to phase 3 in a week. I've lost about 8lbs so far and even had to go down a notch on my belt buckle. I have been sticking with the diet plan and I can tell you that I am sweating a lot during these workouts. I also have a lot more energy and look and feel good. I can safely say that you don't really need a gym and that Tony Horton in your face is actually a good thing (even if it gets annoying at times, haha). I've taken photos at the end of every week and although I don't think I'll ever be a cover guy for the product, I can say that it works if you have discipline and work.

Church was great yesterday and our Pastor is actually pretty humorous with his delivery. Maybe you just have to get used to someone different standing at the pulpit. I was thinking of going to Israel with them next year but think I will wait until the year after for that. I definitely want to go and see all the Biblical places. I know it's dangerous to go there but it's important to see it in person.

MotoGP racing was great this weekend so hope you got to watch it. I have to downstairs and mow the law and then I have a short flight today and then a night cross country flight on Tuesday and I should be done with them. I would say I am about 10-20 hours away from completing my Private Pilot's license! Can't wait for that to happen! I definitely feel blessed by God far more than I deserve!!!

Hope you a great rest of your weekend!


Week ending Sunday, May 13th, 2012
Hope your week was great!

Definitely a good week by all standards. I actually got so much done this week that I am hoping the boss takes notice. There were some licenses that needed to be installed and then copy data locally from one array to the other one without breaking anything which went pretty darn good. Now we're going to test it early Tuesday AM in production so I have to be at the office by 6am. No big deal, I just hate getting up that early, lol! We'll see how it goes! Other than that, work has just been keeping me busy and though I constantly get calls/emails from recruiters about jobs back home in San Diego, I am here for the long haul.

This weekend I went to Church and it was a great service (on overcoming temptation which we will have to deal with all the time, it's how we handle it that shows whether we're believers of Christ or just going through the motions.) After the service I actually went and got some Sushi down in Ashburn. It was ok. It was by no means San Diego style Sushi -- the best in my opinion, but it was still good. I didn't eat much rice because as you know I've been on that P90X system and well, I want to punch Tony Horton, lol. Not literally, just figuratively but honestly this is the best thing I have done. I've only cheated on the diet a couple times with soda but never more than 12oz in a 24 hour period over two weeks.

Speaking of that workout, my legs are KILLING me. Well so are my arms, shoulders back and stomach as well. I've been really good about drinking a lot of water and I haven't missed a workout. After next week we have a week of cool down period before we hit the next, different session. Looking forward to it and in fact, I need to leave after this to get more stuff that I can eat, haha. Oh and I have definitely been taking whey protein with skim milk. Lowest calories for the protein I need. No fried foods, no red meat, no sugary foods, etc.

This weekend I also did a cross country flight from Leesburg to York, PA. It took us about one and a half hours to get there and come back. We had to watch the restricted flight areas (such as Camp David) as well as other traffic. It was windy in the air but calm on the runway. The only issue was coming back as I was on final from base and twice in a row other airplanes pulled out in front of me so I had to go around. Rude people, let me tell ya. I didn't tell at them but over the radio I reminded them that aircraft on final have priority over people taking off. Patience is a virtue, I guess. I am not in a hurry to cause an accident. In the next few weeks I'll get my final night flights done and do my 100+ mile cross country flight. Should be great.

Ok that is about it for now. There's a WSBK race coming on in an hour and I need to get my chores done. Already fixed a few dents in the walls due to hanging the blinds so the house looks great. Just need to get my throw rugs and then I can have friends over for a BBQ.

Enjoy the rest of your week, may the Lord bless you, be safe and above all -- STAY OUT OF TROUBLE :)


Week ending Sunday, May 6th, 2012
Good, busy, fun and HARD week!

Well it's been an extremely interesting week for me to say the least. Work has been going fine but there's a few issues where I may have to rebuild my home PC as I cannot log in remotely. That means I will lose a lot of applications and that means my ability to update my web site may be delayed as the disks and licenses I used were lost somewhere between OC, SD and VA. Oh well, more money I'll have to toss away.

Then I had to drive to one of the remote sites on Friday because they did not follow the instructions I sent them for removing a Disk Array Enclosure. So, I had to drive up there and fix everything to get the array working again. It is back up and working but I will probably have to drive back up there next week to find out what is going on with the backup power supplies. I do love my job though and I love a challenge!

This was my first week of "Home Gym" with the P90X system. Let me tell you something right now, this is definitely not child's play. If you are serious about working out and getting into shape and are feeling like you're at a plateau at the gym, this is the way the go. That was my problem. I was getting stronger at the gym but not getting in better shape. One reason was the same workouts and the other was not eating right. Well I changed them both up since I started the P90X system and I couldn't be happier. I have all the items I need to work out at home and I am following the strict diet plan. Well, I had one off day but I am still watching what I eat. Lots of water, no sugary or fatty foods, etc. I'll know in another 21 days if this is working or not. I work out six days a week and only take off Sundays (Lord's rest you know!).

Saturday night I went to dinner with a Christian friend of mine so I missed Church but I do think it's a good way of doing God's work and plans for me. I'll be happy to get back to Church next Saturday.

This week I did my first night flight and we took a friend up with us who is also interested in learning how to fly. We stayed in the pattern while I did take offs and landings. I was supposed to work on flight maneuvers today but the weather is really bad (low ceiling) so that isn't going to happen. Regardless, next week we're doing another cross country flight, this time to PA so that will be fun. I'm really excited and looking forward to it. I should start my cross country planning -- now!

There's MotoGP, WSBK and AMA racing all this weekend (what a great weekend!!) so I am going to watch that. Hope you had a great week and stay out of trouble. Oh and I will post the before and after P90X photos when it's time. Talk to you later!



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