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BLOGS FOR May 2011


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Week ending Sunday, May 29th, 2011
Long Weekend (And much needed)

So this is a long weekend and one that I needed (already!). I mean, I've been working hard to get things the way my boss wants them. He's been working really hard as well to get these plans in place and now we're starting to see some of the changes already taking place. I hope next week I get to dive into the VMAX which is something I have really been looking forward to. It'll definitely bring things to the level of where he wants them to be. I've already installed a lot of the required software and other applications and I can see all of the SAN except for the VMAX --which doesn't have it's BIN file yet.

I've also been busting my tail at the gym and I've actually gained back some of the muscle mass that I lost after the last work I had on my dome. It's all good. I don't have to wear hats, I can take my shirt off and not be embarrassed (not much of a problem in the past, there's just not any fat lol) so all in all everything is coming back to where it was before everything happened in Feb 2010.

This morning I fired up the CBR and rode it from here in Ashburn all the way to West Virginia. I actually got a tad lost so I grabbed something to eat and met some nice people who told me about the "scenic" route back home. It ended up being a bit like the "Tail of the Dragon" in North Carolina. That is kind of like Palomar but not up or down a mountain. Just undulating hills that were fun and some tight corners. Don't worry I didn't speed and I didn't do anything crazy. The last thing I need is to crack my head on the concrete again. The next time that happens I am absolutely sure I will get up again.

There is some great racing this weekend which I am looking forward to watching (WSBK and AMA I think) and then MotoGP next weekend. I watched the Lighting lose Game 7 to the Penguins so oh well, no hockey finals for me. And if the NFL doesn't get their act together I won't be watching football either. Ah well, that's the way the ball rolls sometimes.

Well I think that's about it. It's been nice and hot in VA and I am still trying to get adjusted. Don't think for a minute that I am not a little home sick but you go where God takes you. That also reminds me, I am still looking for a great Church and have sent notes to my former Pastors. Hopefully they'll have some time to lend me a hand.

Hope you all enjoy the long weekend and -- like me -- be sure to stay out of TROUBLE!

Cheers! B.


Week ending Sunday, May 22nd, 2011
Headache galore.

Not much to say this week. Work was busy as always and we got a lot accomplished. I've had a headache most of this weekend so I really don't have much to say. I've been vegging all weekend other than Saturday when my new bedroom furniture got here. Unforunately the chest of drawers was dented so they have to bring me another one. You can see the pics on Facebook as I just want to get to bed.

Other than that, everything is going OK. I'm still trying to get adjusted, still working out, been meeting a few new people here and there and basically staying out of trouble :)

I still haven't found a new Church yet but I have been studying the word every day (I get two daily "devotionals" and also read the bible at night) which I really need to keep me connected to God's word.

Well that is it for now. Have a great weekend and I'm going to bed.



Week ending Sunday, May 15th, 2011
Lots accomplished!

Well it's definitely been one of the busier weeks so far here in VA. I managed to get a lot done at work considering there was so much to do. Several times this week I came in at 6am. We have to wait because we're contractors we can't get inside the building that isn't 6am-8pm. After that we need an escort but that's fine. Either way we get what we need completed in the allotted time so it's all good.

I just received a notice that my new bedroom furniture is ready and they will be delivering it next Saturday. Can't wait to finally have a nice bedroom set. The stuff I have now has been with me most of my life. I figured with a new change of scenery and a new place to live that it was suiting to have a decent set of furniture :) I know one thing is for sure, this new bed is a lot more comfortable so hopefully I will sleep better.

So far I haven't found a new Church but that's not for lack of effort on my part. Since I left Horizons RSF I have been looking for another Church that is at least similar but so far no good. I will keep looking and see what I can find. Either way, whatever God's plan for me, it'll happen. He's been so good to me I really have nothing to complain about.

Also this week I found out that the motorcycle insurance I bought in California isn't valid in VA since the carrier is not licensed in VA. I finally, after much searching, found "Dairyland Insurance" which I know a lot of people have good things to say about them. They are licensed in VA and I got the same insurance save for the extra $15.00 a month for "Uninsured Motorist" coverage. It's required here in VA but not in CA. Go figure.

So far I haven't been told that I need to get my plates switched over to VA and I am not going to do that until I *have* to do it. I had just paid for my new CA plates last January so I don't want to get "double whammied" in VA as well. Eventually they will tell me I have to switch them over and when I do that, I'll have to get BOTH my vehicles inspected annually (something else you don't have to do in CA!). That's just a lot of tax money I have to spend but I figured as much.

Saturday I went to hang out with a friend and that was fun. On Sunday (today) I got to watch the French GP race. That was pretty good. I also watched some of the Lightning/Bruins game last night (GO LIGHTNING!) which was also pretty awesome to watch. I really hope they win since the Magic was disappointing in the playoffs this year. Not sure if we're even going to have the NFL this year so I've been catching the occasional AFL league games (GO STORM!).

Well I suppose that is it for now. Not a lot to talk about but it's always good to be cathartic and ramble on -- for our entertainment -- even if it can be a bit boring at times. Hope you are all doing well and talk to you later!


Man, what a fun but busy weekend! All next week I have to go in early (6am) because some o

Week ending Sunday, May 8th, 2011
Fun Week!

Man, what a fun but busy weekend! All next week I have to go in early (6am) because some of the work we have to do will interrupt operations so we have to do it at a time that operations personnel are not using the system. That's ok because they won't let me work too many OT hours so I can leave around 3pm and head to the gym.

Speaking of which, been busting my tail at the new Gold's gym. It's really, really nice there and I like the equipment a lot as well. Arms, legs, chest, stomach, shoulders and back are all sore which means yes, I worked pretty hard. After my workout on Friday I even had time to get a haircut too. Desperately needed it as well.

Yesterday (Saturday) I decided to go to the Air and Space Museum and LOVED it. I didn't know they had the F-35 there. I've been drooling over that thing and watching it intensely as it progresses. I know there are a lot of problems but with new technology that is bound to happen. They had the USMC version (F-35B) which also had the engine and lift fan outside as well.

I also got to see a SR-71 and a Enterprise as well which was awesome. My friend Sam from work came and brought his son. They also had a Cessna 150 which they let people sit in and I showed him what all the instruments do and how they work. He didn't know that I had taken fight lessons and was certified on Cessna 150s, 172s and the Citabria as well :) Been a while since I've flown but I remember it like it was yesterday.

After that I stopped by the local Ferrari and Lamborghini dealerships. No, not to buy a car but to LOOK at the cars that I see so often on "Top Gear". LOL. It was great to see them in person and admire them but it's not like a) I can afford one and b) That I even want one. It was just a fun place to stop by and see some amazing art and technology.

Still haven't found a good Church yet but I have been looking and praying a lot about it. We'll see what happens. I know there's a Church somewhere that I can call home. It was easy for some reason in California but here I can't understand why it's so hard (laugh).

A couple of things: I am really glad that we finally got the Terrorist (he's not a man of "faith", he is a murderer) Bin Laden. It took us far to long to track this guy down and slow down the mastermind of the person responsible for the 9/11 attacks. But, I don't think terrorism is going away. For every Bin Laden that is removed, there is another one to take his place. Let's all pray that we finally put a stop to this sort of "radical" behavior.

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there and also to my mom. While she isn't on this planet anymore, I do know where she is and that she is finally free of the pain and burdens of this life. I know I'll see her again (as I did last year!) soon and I can't wait. Love you mom!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Week ending Sunday, May 1st, 2011
Quiet Week

Well this has been a quiet week, which is good. I rode the CBR last weekend which I enjoyed but this weekend was colder and overcast. It's better to ride when it's warm out so I can get the tires hot. Was going to check out the Mountains of West Virginia but given the weather I just vegged.

Still haven't fund a Church yet. I want to go the one I think I like but honestly I would rather go on Saturday nights and so far, I can't find any Churches like that around here, but I will keep looking. I've been here about 6 weeks now so I am still making the adjustment. Since the weather has been bad and I'm sort of away from the Metro area it's really just me staying in the house. Not depressed or anything it's just really making a full time adjustment.

So there isn't much to talk about on this week's blog. I am sure as the adjustment happens and I go out and meet some new people it'll be fine. I mean, I'm making friends with people at work but I'm not a "party" guy -- my faith in God keeps me well grounded.

Still hitting the gym hard though do to the suggestions from friends, family and others who work out I have changed to doing weights first, cardio later. More biking than running because running is hard on my knees and I don't want to need surgery on them some day. Besides, when I ride the bike in the "Theatre" room of Gold's I don't even realize I've already done 20-30 minutes of an earnest work out :)

Hope everyone is doing well. Be sure to watch the MotoGP race. I've been watching it on the MotoGP web site because there are no commercials. I can't stand that I miss a lot of the race due to the Speed channel having to run so many of them. If you want to sign up you can do it HERE.

Enjoy the rest of your week and stay out of trouble.

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