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Week ending Sunday, May 30th, 2010

What a busy week it was. This was the first week of both my hard workout schedule and on top of that I played in the company softball game and then played a long golf game in Vista on Saturday. Both we're pretty fun but I had to watch myself to not over exert things. You never know when a line drive ball is going to conk you in the same place where you had surgery not even 3 months ago.

Everything else is going really well. Due to all the exertion I was really tired so I did not go to Church on Saturday (rested) but I did watch the service live on the internet so nope, I did not miss it :) haha. It was actually great to listen to a WWII veteran talk about his experience and how God carried him through to safety when it looked like there was no hope.

I think a lot of my life is similar in his experience. I mean, I have literally come close to dying several times (motorcycle riding including) and I know, especially now, that God has always had a plan for me. The biggest hurdle in my life is letting go of things I don't control and letting God's will be done in my life. That is hard, you know? Letting go of things you don't control but the more I have learned to let God's will have His way in my life, the better off I am. A lot better, to be truthful.

I mean there have been a lot of relationships (friends, dating, etc) and I never understood why things work out the way that they do, but now I am starting to understand, quite CLEARLY I might add, that I know that "Greater is HE that is in you than he that is of the world." AMEN to that!

Everything else is going great. I mean, work is definitely keeping me busy. In fact, next month I am headed to Vegas for the technology conference. It sounds fun! We're staying at a really nice hotel and there are a lot of new technologies that our team will be able to implement for our clients so it's a win/win situation for everyone. In fact, I'll be there Monday-Friday so I will have to try and get my workout done as well. There will definitely be some swimming as well.

Tomorrow is a holiday and they didn't show the Utah WSBK races. They are planned to be shown on the Speed Channel tomorrow. In fact, I'll be doing some work tomorrow so I'll do what I have to do and then hopefully I'll get to watch some racing as well. I know I am really looking forward to it.

Well, I hope you all enjoy your extra day off and be sure to stay safe!

Cheers! B.

Week ending Sunday, May 22nd, 2010
Busy Week!

Probably one of my busiest weeks in a while is finally in the books. Glad that it's over because as much as I like being busy, it's good to have a break and be able to relax. And before you ask, no I am not going out, lol. Those days are over and the last time I went out -- well -- that was my birthday. Who would have expected what happened there, but as I have said many times before, God has good plans for me :)

Work was definitely busy because as soon as I got back to my desk from the Short Term Disability period, I had five new projects on my desk. haha. I guess they were as happy to see me as I was to see them. Either way, my plate is full so my days are busy. Even staying late if necessary so we can get these things going. Things are going to change on October first so I'll see how it goes. I really like what I do so I hope things don't change too much.

Saturday was good. No boot camp but instead we got some practice in for the upcoming "Company Softball" season. It starts this coming Thursday and I could easily tell that it'd been a while since I played. I could throw just fine (better than I can remember) but my fielding needs some work. On the good side we have a lot of motivated players so it should be a lot of fun.

Saturday night of course was with Pastor Bob at Horizons. Good message but sometimes -- and I wonder if this from the accident -- that my mind occasionally drifts off. I find myself quite often having to pay attention intently so that I don't miss the message. I didn't see my friend there again this weekend so I hope everything is ok.

Other than that is was a pretty quiet week. I did get to watch the Le Mans MotoGP race this weekend from France. I have to say, I am happy for Nicky because so far he's finished 4th three races in a row. Not so sure about Stoner as he crashed again. Not sure what his deal is. Either way it was a good race and I am hoping that Nicky will be able to put himself on the podiums soon.

Well that is about it for now. Not exciting, I know, but hey EVERY DAY is a good day, ya know? Hope you have a great rest of your week and talk to you later.


Week ending Sunday, May 16th, 2010
Easy Going

So far everything has been going well. Work has definitely kept me busy as well as the full schedule back in the gym. This week I found out that I was selected to go to the HP Technology Convention in Las Vegas next month. That'll be good as I like going to Vegas and seeing the shows. I am not a gambler so that's the best thing to do when you are there.

They actually wanted me to fly there but I have decided to drive since at this point I really don't like flying and Vegas isn't that far away. Besides, it gives me wheels to use. I was hoping to go to the Star Trek Experience but since then I've found out that it's not there anymore. Bummer, that was a great place to hang out and do the "geek" thing, haha.

Church was awesome as always yesterday. I really do like listening to Pastor Bob because he does speak from the Bible and tries to remove himself or any personal standpoints in all of his sermons. He really does try to do as much for others as he can and he's a good example for me as to how to live this life. Thanks again, Pastor B!

Physically I am doing fine. The gym is really kicking my tail that is for sure. As for my head, I am fine as well. I still have occasions where I can't remember a name, place, thing or action and I have to think about it. I am not sure if all of my synapses are all working at 100% at this point. I did finally get a haircut on Saturday after golfing with Jack and his daughter (we had a great time). I thought I would freak most people out but I didn't. They were generally concerned with my well being. The hair stylist that knows me best took one look at me and said "Well for sure, that's new!" (laughing). They took it easy on my head though from time to time I still have either headaches or sharp pains where the Neurologist left his best work (haha).

Other than that, everything is going well. I have been vegging more at the house than ever. Though I have many friends that I am thankful for I have really been just trying to relax and get back into my normal schedule. I have really been thinking about how I can contribute to society. I really want to do something that would help and benefit others but so far I haven't been able to put my finger on it. I did get asked to join a band and I have been thinking about it, I just don't want to go down any dark paths of the past if you know what I mean. At least if I do, I'll just be singing and playing a few songs on guitar.

Well that is about it. I have been watching the WSBK races. How boring is the AMA right now? I am not even interested in watching. If you get a chance, check out the Magic vs the Celtics today. All I have to say is GO MAGIC.

Have a great rest of your week!


Week ending Sunday, May 9th, 2010

First Week Back

Well my first week back to work (and LIFE, I might add) is finally in the books and I could not be happier. I was welcomed by everyone at work which was really nice. As soon as I saw my team lead, he immediately gave me like five projects to work on so needless to say, I have a lot of stuff to do. :)

Actually all my projects that I did have were given to other engineers while I was out. Kind of bummed because I had some projects that I wanted to finish. It's good though because it gives the newer engineers more stuff to work on and it shows that I can be flexible (Hehe).

After I got settled in I sat down with our VP and explained what happened. He was surprised that I got back to work so quickly. The USCD medical staff told my company that I would be out at least six to twelve months. I basically said that I had a really good doctor who had God watching over and helping him along the way. So everyone was happy to see me and I felt welcomed back to my spot. Had a lot of fun getting back into things too. I really do like my job!

Most of the week was spent in meetings (and meetings and meetings haha). We did have our division President have a town hall so afterwards I got to introduce myself. When we talked I said "I know you saw that I am wearing a hat but I wanted to explain that I have it on for a reason" and he said "No need to explain, I am well informed on why that is..." (smiling at me) LOL. So he was informed that I don't exactly have the spiked hair and stuff that I used to do.

That reminds me, my hair really isn't growing back in most of the places where the surgery was performed. I need to actually get a haircut because some of it is just getting too long. I also have gray hair on the right side and none on the left. GO FIGURE! LOL I was told that maybe it might be a good idea to work on fixing my hair and I might do that but at this point, if people are offended by the way I look I don't really care. You know me, I am past the point of worrying about other people's thoughts or trying to impress them. And remember this: "Never make anyone a priority in your life who only sees you as an option." AMEN!

I've also been hitting the gym and trying to get back into that normal schedule but it's been hard. I know that I lost a lot of weight but didn't realize how much strength I had lost until Monday when I tried hitting the benches, lol. My trainer says that it will just take a month or two to get back to where I was before all this started. We also did a "bootcamp" workout yesterday and all I can say is that I am completely sore -- but that's a good thing! :)

Church was great as always and today is Mother's Day so Happy Mother's Day to my sister, my mom, my family and all of my friends. I think I'll hit the movies tonight and see Iron Man 2 since the house is clean and I'm watching WSBK. Have a great rest of your day and a fantastic week!!!!


Week ending Sunday, May 2nd, 2010
Back in the groove!

Finally! The torture of having "no life" due to being hurt badly in February is over. I start work tomorrow (Monday) and I am really happy about that. It's been about nine weeks that I have been out so getting back into the saddle will help me feel normal again. I know there is a lot of work to be done and we have some big meetings and the boss coming in so we need to be prepared. I know that I am ready to hit the grindstone, that is for sure.

I did spend a day up in Orange County helping C. out with the new condo that she bought. Overall we got a lot done including a lot of electrical work. We replaced all the outside lights, removed the Chandelier, installed a TV wall mount and mounted up the flat screen TV. We also replaced the door lock as well so she has new house keys. We had pizza for lunch and veggie grill for dinner. It was nice to hang out and meet her new dog too so that was fun! I know that I felt like I worked so I felt good.

The next day I worked out with Charles. Man do I realize how bad of shape that I am in! We did a lot of low weight, hard cardio stuff so I that is how I know how bad of shape I am in. It's not that I feel bad (my head hurts a lot as it's still recovering), it's just that I am not used to working out like this. Being in the hospital for three weeks and basically being told "Do not work, work hard or work out" really came home. Either way it was good to get back into the groove and I will be prepared to start working out on a regular schedule next week.

The other good thing about working is I don't have to worry about not being paid while I was on Short Term Disability (hate that verbiage). It took me a lot of bantering between three different companies to finally get them to admit they made a mistake and they would fix everything next week. I sure hope they do. My savings is dwindling to nothing and I have bills to pay.

Other than that, I took it easy this weekend. Church was awesome as it always is and I love sitting there listening to Pastor Bob read from the word. It's not what "he" thinks but what "HE" says, ya know? That is really what you want to get out of worship. It was also good to see my co-worker friend there. He said that they are really looking forward to seeing me at work on Monday and you know what? I feel the same way.

Hope you all had a great weekend and watched some MotoGP racing (I did of course). I am just happy to be back to normal (save for my head, haha). I am very thankful for all your prayers and support!



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