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Week ending Sunday, March 27th, 2016
BIG WEEK for me and my love!
So you all know the engagement was official back in November but it was solidified yesterday when she picked out a ring that she liked. You know me, I go BIG or go home and she got a really nice ring! I wanted her and I to go together and pick it out. The last thing you want to do is buy an engagement ring and she not like it. Needless to say she really likes it.

I'm actually OFF call now, finally! So today we got most everything set up for the wedding. Notified the Church, notified family, got time off work secured, booked our flight to the UK (yes!) and we'll finish up all the other details. To say that God has blessed us far more than we deserve to be would be an understatement. I cannot say how blessed I feel and I am sure she does too.

As to those who want to come to the wedding the bad news is, this will be a very small wedding. I am not big on pomp and circumstance and most of you are already married and have been through that stuff. There will be no wedding party, we're not asking for gifts or anything (I do appreciate the offer though) and what not. This is a union between her, myself and God and that is the most important thing ever. We may have a house party when we get back from our vacation and of course you'll be invited. There's places to park out here in Winder-weird :)

Everything else is fine. Working on more training and trying to adjust my sleep schedule since it was off set by having so many midnight to 8am upgrades. They were easy enough though and since it's NetApp I am getting more experience. I used to manage NetApp when I was at NMCI so this is nothing new but the technology has changed a bit.

Easter Service was really good today at Church and then after got to spend time with my love and her family. She made a really nice meal too (she can cook!). It was great to hang out with them and her dad was really glad we got the ring thing taken care of. Can't wait to start our new lives together and get old together. Retirement sounds good too :) LOL.

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter. He has RISEN and we should never forget the sacrifices He made to make us right with God.

Have a great weekend!


Week ending Sunday, March 20th, 2016
Blah, jam packed week!
Its almost 11pm and I am tired. Was on a Sev1 call most of today and I had to call in the troops to help me. That was after a 4:30am Sev3 call which isn't necessary. I am so glad that being on call is only every 6 weeks but my sleep cycle is being demolished and I get migraine headaches when I cannot sleep. Blah. No complaints though (really) because I have a great job and I feel blessed to have one. Many US Citizens are about of work (around 20%, it's a lie that only 5% are).

You know what my jobs were at 12-18 years old. I mowed lawns for retirees. $5.00 a lawn no matter how big the lawn was. Guess who is doing those jobs now? Illegal aliens. They work at fast food restaurants (something I did as well). So when you see the unemployment levels at record lows, its a complete lie. That is what the DC establishment tells you.

Are these people focused on God. Is there any doubt as to why this country has tossed God aside and wonder why we have deep trials? When you toss God away, He tosses you away as well. Don't complain about your trials if you don't have God as the head of your life and family.

Anyway, I am going to try and get some sleep. No Politics this week as we already know the Dems and GOP are in the same bed together figuring out how to hose the American public over during another election cycle. We vote these rtards in, they reward us by doing nothing but demolishing this country.

Great date week with my love as well. I love you and miss you always!

Have a great week all!

Week ending Sunday, March 13th, 2016
Another really busy week!
Aside from all the Political stuff going on it was an overall but VERY busy week. I had an upgrade to do this weekend that sucked up most if not all of my weekend. I have the same thing going on next weekend as well. That should take even longer. I think I will ask the boss for some time off since I have to get my Florida motorcycle plates. I really need to do that but don't have time during the work week.

As for the Political stuff, it is SO FUNNY to watch what the news media reports and what the candidates say. For instance, I leave the TV on in the background (can't see it, can only hear it) and I hear this "self proclaimed pundit" say "Trump is against immigration!" NOT TRUE! He, like all Americans LOVE immigration. LEGAL immigration. IN fact, we welcome it. What we do NOT want is ILLEGAL immigration and that is what Trump is talking about. These news idiots push their OWN political agenda instead of just reporting the facts.

Someone else said "Less than 10% of Muslims are Jihadist". NOT TRUE! It's roughly about 25% of 1.2 million people. That means about 300 MILLION followers of the false cult of Islam are TERRORIST. The news media won't report it correctly but Bridgett Gabriel does HERE. However, the "pundits" will never report the facts. Only put their OWN spin on facts to get their OWN agenda out there to the media. No wonder why Trump hates the media. They cannot state facts, only their own agenda.

Honestly that is about it for the week. I have so much to get done and frankly I am tired as heck. Hope you had a great week and are blessed by the Lord!


Week ending Sunday, March 6th, 2016
Good week!
Well I can say it was a pretty good week. Got to spend time with my love and the kids, had our date night. She loves me and tells me often. I love that :) She is all in, I am all in and I know God has our back. Cannot wait until our lives will be shared and grow old together. As long as God is for us, who can be against us?

Everything else is good. Work is busy as always and I am getting more responsibilities so I am really happy about that. It shows they have faith in me and they know I work hard. At this point I would be happy if they kept me on contract until I retire :) That'd be nice. But I can go full time if they ask me to. Hopefully when we get a new President in some of the CORRECT changes will be made.

You've heard me complain about the "establishment" that accomplishes nothing and let's the liberals run all over this country. We have ISIS, Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers, KKK -- all the hate in this country because liberals seems to think a lot like socialist. That we cannot stand on our own two feet so we must have Uncle Sam take care of us. I am sure that was NOT ON THE RADAR of our founding fathers. In fact, quite the opposite. Less big Government, more small, local Government.

And that makes sense with such a big Country. But we'll see what happens when the elections are over. Do we get another "career" Politician or an outsider who has a much bigger picture of what is WRONG with America? And while I do not agree with Trump's flip flops or some of his rhetoric, its a lot better than falling back on the same old GOP who takes our money and does NOTHING to help Americans. Only big business.

Well that is my rant for the week. I hope you all had a great week as well. Praise God that He looks after us every single day.


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