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Week ending Sunday, March 30th, 2014
Still quiet, which is a good thing....
Got a little so-so news this week. They are working on the contract I'm on right now and they are trying to extend it out until the end of August. That's good and bad. We shall see how it goes. I am not opposed to whatever the plan man be. My new boss and I talked about it and she knows I am the "good trooper" and do what I am asked to do. I feel if you are blessed with a good job, you owe it to your employer to fulfill the role they ask you to take, as long as it is ethical (and it is).

So I am keeping my nose to the grindstone, getting my work done and of course going to finish my certs. I keep saying I am going to do that but alas, I haven't had a chance to do that. Since I have a lot of vacation to take I might as well do some home training and get that done, maybe travel to Europe as I have been thinking about it and maybe actually going shopping. I have looked over my clothes and they are so 1999-ish. It's about time I got with the times, you know what I mean?

Church was fantastic as always this weekend. Pastor Bob used a really nice way of getting our attention in that he needs volunteers for the Easter Services so I signed up for all four weeks in April, provided of course that I am not on call or that I have some emergency at work. We'll also see how that goes but that's one way I feel I can give back to God. I also haven't been able to find that homeless guy. I hope he got the help he needed since I have no earthly way to find him.

No MotoGP this weekend and I am really scared to say that the Gator basketball team is in the final four. I know now that I have said it, I have jinxed it. Bah, that always happens. Oh well, it's not something I would pray over, but I do hope they win it out!!!

That's it for this weekend. Short and sweet. Hope you had a fantastic weekend and talk to you later!


Week ending Sunday, March 23rd, 2014
All quiet on the home front.
So it's been a really quiet week after a couple of busy weeks. Very glad for that. Not really much to talk about other than I took Friday off to relax, hung out with friends on Saturday (after Church of course) and watched MotoGP racing.

I really spent a lot of the week just relaxing and re-charging. Did some house cleaning and shopping and today (Sunday) I watched the first MotoGP of the year and it was a really great race.

As for Church, Pastor Bob always lays out God's word straight from the Bible with no mishmash of us "peasant" human spin on things. That's just how I like it.

Other than that, my family is fine -- friends are fine -- work is ok. I just really feel like keeping it short this week.

Have a great rest of your weekend!


Week ending Sunday, March 16th, 2014
Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go...wait I work from home...
That is the only joy of working from home -- and punishment as well. I was calculating the hours I work in a week and it's usually right around 60 hours a week. That's not so bad considering that I don't have to get up, shower/shave/dress and sit in bumper to bumper traffic all day. In this case, I actually CAN go run and get my exercise in and do the things I need to do while working so it's a wash either way.

This week I am doing some cluster upgrades which is good but it's Sat/Sun/Monday and very late at night. I am not even sure how I get up as early as I do when I don't get to bed until like 2am. I just know I have to get the job done and if I don't sleep I can make up for it later. It's a good thing today is not a run/exercise/lift day or I don't think I'd have the energy. I really need a nap right now.

Church was awesome on Saturday night. I know I say that a lot but I actually mean it. Pastor Bob's message was pretty entertaining to say the least and he got a few laughs as well. His sense of humor is evolving but the message is still the same.

I went looking for this homeless guy I met on Monday. He has a family and they live by the river in a tent somewhere. He has a wife and three kids and he doesn't want a hand out, he wants a hand UP and that's what I would like to do. I've already contacted my church and I know he has some kind of group helping him but he doesn't have a phone number (and obviously no address) so I will pray that it's God's will for me to find them and help them get into a reasonable place. I know this has to be a struggle for the kids as well. Breaks my heart to see a family go through this and our CIVIL SOCIETY turns their nose at him.

Where is the compassion that we had when this country was founded? What are the people with wealth in abundance? You can't take that with you when you die. If God has blessed you to be rich, should you not listen to Jesus' words? "To much is given, much is expected". Do you serve God or money? Which is it? What about the people who have been struggling through this economy? What about Americans that are out of work because an illegal is here doing the work for far less and under the table?

I don't want to get started on the whole illegal immigration debate. I'm sorry. You are not an "undocumented immigrant" -- you ARE an ILLEGAL ALIEN. You are here illegally, that doesn't make you an immigrant. It makes you a law breaker. And it's these people who, God bless them -- I understand they need help too -- but why are we thumbing our noses at people in our own backyard and taking care of other countries problems? Let's get this country STRONG again and Americans working. Only then will be have an abundance to help others.

I know I didn't want to go off on a tirade but I am really sick and tired of Americans being kicked to the curb and the taxes from hard working Americans are spent on people who are here illegally and abuse our laws!

Ok well I didn't want to do that but I did anyway. I am compassionate, I just want to see this country be a model for other countries. You can't do that by breaking your own rules and over-extending yourself. In the process, America itself is lost in the process. That's already happening now and this country is going straight down the tubes. With no strong America, what happens to the world? Tyranny, sin, murders, rapes, invasions, slavery, child slavery and sex trade, homosexuality in abundance.

Oh wait...that's already happening right now....


Week ending Sunday, March 9th, 2014
San Jose, San Francisco -- it was a good week.
So this week I was up in San Jose and San Francisco for work. It was supposed to be a team-building event (and it was) but we also had a lot to talk about. There has been a change in our current contract and it appears that we'll be moving off this contract either the end of April or, if things change, the end of August. Either way I'll be off this contract and on to another.

It's OK and I'm fine with that. When I was in San Jose our new was there and she and I got to talk about where I am headed with my career and what I want to do. Ideally I want to stay here in SOCAL (and she knows that) and that I do like working from home. I actually work harder and longer when I work from home because I don't have to get up, drive and then drive back so the time wasted traveling back and forth is spent actually working. So we'll see where that goes.

We spent some time in the San Jose office and then spent a day in San Francisco. Normally I post photos here but I've been keeping all new photos on FaceBook as it's easier to manage and easier to keep more private lol. There was definitely a lot to do downtown and had a great time with our team. It's going to stink when we all have to go to different contracts. I'm sure we'll all stay in touch.

The flying part is the thing I can do without. Plus, now is the time where I have to hunker down and get my certificates completed. My boss did tell me that she wanted me to put 100% effort into that so I will be working on that this week. I also may end up back in Seattle again which I am OK with. It will give me an opportunity to learn more in depth on Isilon and then from there, I may end up somewhere else. We'll see.

Church was great as always this weekend. Pastor Bob was on fire and I love it when he is energetic and focused. I also got to watch the WSBK races this weekend which was great! Great races for sure and who knows what will go on with MotoGP. It's looking like a farce right now (as bad as AMA was).

That's honestly about it for this week. Gotta get my chores done and as the weather warms up I am going to push myself with my exercise. I want to get that body I've been dreaming about. Well, that also requires me to eat a little better. I'm in great shape but I want to be in that "Hey you could be a male model" kind of shape! Haha. We can always dream. Have a blessed weekend!


Week ending Sunday, March 2nd, 2014
On the road again, this time for work!
Well it's time to travel for work again and this time, it's not really that far. It's just "up the road" to San Jose but it will be for a week of "team building" -- and we need it. There are some severe changes on the contract I am working on which really, we have no idea where that is going to lead. I don't want to give any details other than the fact that I'll be on the contract for the next three months, then it's over as far as I am aware.

We're hoping that is not the case, but it appears on the surface that is where things are headed. We would like to think the client will reconsider their position but the more I learned the more I understood they really didn't want to make that decision either. They got forced to make that decision. It's not good for the customer or for us (and my teammates) but it is what it is. Whenever I get embedded into a contract I make a lot of friends and it becomes like family to me so when things like this happens it's a lot like a divorce and you have to say goodbye to people you care about a lot. Maybe I am a sentimental fool or something. It's business to some but to me, it is indeed like family.

At least while I am up in San Jose I can check the area out (only been there once or twice) and I will knock out some of my training. I won't have much else to do so that's plenty of "study time in a hotel room" which is what I did a couple times in Wyoming when the customer's network went down. I won't have a rental car with me so I won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

So we'll see where things go. I definitely need to finish my certificates and keep things going as planned. Let's see what my boss has in store for me as well. He's a good guy and he cares about his people so I trust that he'll be looking out for us.

Everything else is status quo. Nothing has changed here. Just waiting for my tax return to come back so I can pay off what is left on my credit cards and put the rest away to save for a trip to Europe. Just waiting for my new passport to get here. I am thinking I will go to the UK but that may change. I might go where there is a MotoGP race I can attend. It's been 10 years since I have been overseas so it is about time.

Home is fine, family is fine, friends are fine (as far as they have been telling me) and I am glad to be back home in San Diego and getting back to Church. Love it as always and love listening to Pastor Bob talk.

Honestly that is about it for this week. Next weekend we have some MotoGP starting up which will be great. That always holds me over until the NFL season starts. Speaking of which I put a "Tampa Bay Buccaneers" license plate on my car. Can't wait to get all the laughs from the Charger fans here in San Diego LOL!

Have a great rest of your weekend and talk to you soon!


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