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Week ending Sunday, March 25th, 2012
Still really busy...

Phew. I knew being a home-owner was going to be a lot of work but not THIS much work. Hah. It's all good, everything I needed to accomplish has been done so far. The only thing left is the old furniture and the person I had been trying to donate to doesn't seem to want to come get it. I've actually contacted Goodwill but they haven't responded either. I will keep asking around but if I can't find someone in need soon I will have to take the stuff to the dump. What a shame.

The walls of the old house are clean and I did a walk through with the owner. There are just a few minor things to take care of (carpet cleaning, minor wall things, etc) but he did tell me "Thanks for taking care of the place". I guess that's a good pat on the back in addition to the very nice congrats he gave me for the new place as well.

Took a half day off on Friday to let the Pulte Contractors come over and redo some of the tiles in the kitchen that were not installed properly. They did a really good job of fixing that up so they took off. Then I noticed that there's something pushing the roofing down in the guest bathroom so I need to have them come back and check out what that is. I noticed it after they were doing some pounding of the bedrock where they're building more homes so I bet that has something to do with it. The house just hasn't settled in yet. I also picked up some new things for the kitchen as well so things are finally starting to settle down (I just need my new furniture!)

Did some flying after that was done! Got to actually solo away from Leesburg so I went over the practice area and did slow flight, power off stalls, steep turns and turns around a point. Then -- I sort of got lost. Well, not really lost, I had a good idea of where I was but I was further South than I remember being so it took me a second to get my bearings. I would have done some practice landings and take offs but the guy with the same place as me came back with the plane really late so my start was late. I was supposed to solo today (Sunday) but the rain has not let up this weekend so we'll have to try for next week.

Also went to Cornerstone this weekend and I'm really warming up to the place pretty quickly. It's very much like Horizon and the Pastor can be very funny when he wants to but he's got a message to deliver and we owe it to him to pay attention. I do like him though and like I said, God has plans for us all and we're to trust Him -- always. I find the greatest stress in my life always comes when *I* think I am in control and don't give that over to God.

Well, in two weeks we have some MotoGP racing again and then in September some football -- but in between I hope to enjoy the summer. Hope you all had a great weekend and I will talk to you later!


Week ending Sunday, March 18th, 2012
What a very busy week...

So this has been an extremely busy week for me. There are still so many things to get done on the new house and of course it's coming along slowly. Just to let you know what was completed this:

The garage floor coating has set in well. It was finally completely dry and safe to park the CBR on it so I brought it home yesterday (Saturday). Today (Sunday) I went back over to the old house to pick up the trickle charger, my air compressor and a bunch of other things I need in the garage. Next weekend I will go get the tool box, my gas grill and a few other things. Then all that will be left in the garage is the old furniture. Since the person who asked for the furniture has made no effort to come get it (he wants me to drive it to him two hours away which is a four hour drive) I suppose I will give it to Goodwill or post it on Craigslist.

Also on Saturday I decided that I needed to replace my very old and aging wireless router, especially since I wanted to route the network in the house. So I bought a nice new 8GB D-Link wireless router along with a D-Link 8 port router. To do this I had to change out all of the connections in the garage and rewire them with RJ45s to every room in the house (which I did) and then connected my cable modem downstairs to the router. Once everything was done I was able to plug anything into the walls and it works just fine! All it takes it a little pre-work and study!

I also purchased a programmable thermostat. The one that the house came with had one you cannot program so I wanted to make sure that the A/C or Heat wouldn't be on when I wasn't home. The installation was pretty easy and I was done within an hour. I have to study the manual because the controls are a little confusing so I'll read up on that tonight.

This weekend I was supposed to do a dual flight with the instructor on Saturday and then solo to the practice area on Sunday. Can you guess?! The weather was horrible. Not that it was bad temperature wise but simply that it was too hazy/foggy for any VFR pilot (much less a student) to do any flying. I have scheduled another solo flight for Friday so I am hoping by then the weather is fantastic. All I really need to do is practice my maneuvers.

Also this weekend I had a long enough break to go check out "Cornerstone Chapel" which is a Church that is less than a half mile from my house! I had been looking around and trying to find the right kind of Church for me and this one never showed up. It turns out the Pastor (Pastor Hamrick) went to Seminary school with Pastor Botsford and they are a Calvary Chapel based Church so I liked that a lot. The service was great and reminded me a lot of Horizons RSF so it felt good to be "home" in a way.

I've been saying that God always has plans for you (far better than you have for yourself) and this is proving to be true. I didn't want to move to VA, but God sent me. My Church, Friend and everything I knew was in San Diego. However, God did have a great plan for me. A great new job, new friends (without losing touch with my SD friends) a new home and best of all a new Church that felt was home for me. God's direction He has sent me has been good (and we shouldn't expect less!).

Well that is about it for now. I plan on getting these other projects in the house done while I get my tail back to the gym. I'm still waiting on the new furniture to get here but soon it will be the way I would like it to be. I hope you all had a great week and I will see you next weekend! AMA Racing started this weekend so I have something on TV to look forward to!


Week ending Sunday, March 11th, 2012
Good news, terrible news...

It's been a very busy week trying to settle into my own place. I'll give you some updates in a minute but I wanted to post about something very sad to all of us from Sebring.

Last Friday, March 9th, 2012, Jensy Frey passed away. I had known Jensy most of my childhood from at least 3rd grade until I graduated. Jensy was such a fun and loveable person who always had a smile on her face. I did not even know that she had a personal medical issue -- in fact hardly any of us knew. The news was broken on FaceBook and I was just shocked. She passed away and none of us knew she was in a serious state. We would have liked the opportunity to pray for her but I can also understand this is a private issue and her family dealt with it the way they wanted to. All I can say is that Jensy will be sorely missed but that Heaven has another Angel to watch over us all. Rest in peace, Jensy.

On a lighter side I have missed the gym for the last 2 weeks as I have been moving everything over to my new place. The guest "master" room is set up downstairs (with DirecTV and a TV!) as well as my main guestroom on the third floor. I also set up my office room and have all of my musical gear in my "music" room. It hasn't been set up yet as I need to get a true "office" desk at home instead of this small one I have now (which I'll use for the musical equipment). Once my office is setup correctly then I will setup the music room.

Ordered some living room and dining room furniture (and I grinded the dealer on it since the last time I got really hosed on the bedroom furniture) which will be here sometime in the next 2-7 weeks! I know it's a long time but I know that I got some popular furniture and that it is definitely not "single dude" furniture. Very classy and makes my new home a true home! I'll be excited when it gets here. In the meantime I moved over everything from the other house so all that is left is the garage stuff. The reason for that delay is this morning I epoxy'd the garage floor. So far it looks ok but it's going to take some time (at least 3 days) for the epoxy to harden. When it's ready I will bring the rest of the garage stuff over.

Comcast was here Friday night so they got my internet all setup so at least now if I need to I can work from home. Saturday DirecTV was here and they setup all the connections in the house. I can pretty much run a TV in every room, including the kitchen as well and watch any show from either of the two DVRs. That'll be pretty cool. I cleaned up the old house as well so now all I really need to do is get the marks off the walls and clean out the garage which I will do this weekend and then I'll be completely out of the old house. I had to move the CBR to a friends garage as my neighbors were gawking at the bike and I felt like it was just a matter of time before it was stolen. Better to be safe than sorry.

After I epoxy'd the garage I had to rush across the street to Leesburg Airport to do a dual flight with a new instructor. We basically did pattern work as he had to check out my flying skills which he said were pretty good. Next weekend we'll do some flight maneuvers and then Sunday I'll make a solo flight out to the practice area to work on my flight maneuvers solo. That'll be good! Then we're going to work on some of the cross country stuff. I'm about halfway to my pilot's license so now I just need to hunker down and study the books. I hope to be able to fly myself to Sebring this November for Thanksgiving, provided I can find someone or a school that will rent a plane for at least a week :)

That is about it for now. While there is some good personal news, the loss of Jensy has hit me pretty hard. I hate to lose to people we love. Mom, Kristen and Nana hit hard but this one hurts as well. Sometimes I wish God would have taken me first so that I don't have to bear the pain of losing people I love for the rest of my life. I know that's a very selfish viewpoint -- and that no matter what trial God puts us through, He will always bring us through. It's just something that is really hard to deal with.

I hope you had a great rest if your weekend. After I've had some time to sit in at Cornerstone Chapel I will let you know my thoughts. I am hoping this is the right Church for me.

Take care!


Week ending Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Sorry for the short update but I got the house keys on Monday afternoon and I have been doing nothing but preparing and MOVING my stuff to the new house. My friends from work came over today to help me move the bedroom furniture and that's all in place so right now I am trying to bring over all the bits and pieces. I did buy a new living room and dining room set so all of my old "Bachelor Pad" furniture is going to someone who needs it. Not sure when that is going to happen.

Otherwise work is fine, life in fine and I am -- as I always say -- blessed far more than I deserve. Hope you're having a great weekend yourself and try not to blow as much money as I've already poured into this house. Much more to come next weekend!

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