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Week ending Sunday, March 27th, 2011
Hmmm, I am fine -- I think.

I don't know what has been going on the last week or so. I wasn't able to sleep at all M/T/W and then T/F/S/S I have woken up like I've been drinking all night. I haven't been drinking and I have been able to sleep but getting out of bed lately is hard. I think I need to eliminate all of the caffeine I have been drinking (too much coffee) and I know I am adjusting to the time change.

I also wonder if I am just not eating healthy or something. I have been forcing myself to drink at least three full 32 ounce bottles of water every day to flush my system out so I imagine that is part of the problem as well. Still haven't been to the gym yet though I will as soon as I start FEELING better. I need to get myself back in shape. When I feel bad like this all I want to do is veg all day on the couch and just nap. Can't figure it out.

The first week of work is in the books and it's going OK so far. They really expect a lot of me and I am looking forward to this challenge. I just want to do a great job and make a good impression on the company and my boss.

Also haven't found a new church yet but that is also on my agenda. Trust me, I feel the distance from God when I cannot go or am in a new place where I don't know the Churches or people here. The good thing is that they have a lot of Christian radio stations here so I can at least listen in a lot.

That's it for now, I need to rest some more. Hoping I feel better tomorrow.



Week ending Sunday, March 20th, 2011
Settled in Ashburn, VA :)

Ok well I am here. Arrived in Ashburn on Tuesday AM after leaving Del Mar, CA on Saturday around 1:30pm. I actually stopped and slept in hotels each night but I would have rather driven straight through. It's ok though, I wasn't in a super hurry to get here. Arrived on the appointed date so all is good.

The drive wasn't too bad but I do have to tell you that there is not much to see on the 40 when you're going through the middle of the Country. Just lots of open land, lots of desert and small towns that populate the route. I did enjoy New Mexico and Tennessee, even though I am certainly not a fan of any of their football teams, haha.

Friday the 11th was my last day with HP on the NMCI contract. It was a bitter departure as I was very much in support of both the Navy and the Marine Corps but now it's just mostly the Navy. I worked most of the week with some time off on Monday to help the movers load their truck with all my stuff. I made sure to pass on as much knowledge as I could before I left the contract. Can you believe it, the CBR came without a scratch on it. The guy who was driving, Sergio, was really good and took good care of the bike and flat screen for me. Props to you, dude!

I ended up giving away a Washer/Dryer to a family that needed it and I also gave away the CR250R because really, I won't be able to ride it here. The laws are getting more and more firm against off-road riding and honestly one bike is enough for me right now. I also gave away a lot of other things -- all told probably around $2,500.00 worth of stuff. I tried to make sure that it went to people who needed it, not who just "wanted" it.

I was going to give away my desk but that didn't happen because the old one basically fell apart so I decided to just toss it out. When I got to VA I made sure I bought an air mattress (which I slept on for 3 days in the empty Town Home until the movers got here on Friday) as well as a small desk. I also picked up a lot of stuff for the bathrooms as there are two in this big Town Home along with the attached, two car garage. Ironically, my truck is TOO BIG to fit in the garage, lol! At least the bike is in the garage as well as all my tools and other things I need to work on. I am going to buy a work bench eventually so I have something to set my other tools on. Right now the air compressor seems to have stopped working. C'est la vie.

The area is really nice. It's VERY clean (a lot like Irvine, to be honest) and there are some really rustic historical buildings. Everything is, well, pretty. There are some photos HERE on Facebook that I took with my phone when I arrived. I've already spent more money than I wanted to in order to make the place presentable when my family arrives in June. We have a plan to go to DC on the weekend and visit the Washington Monument, Smithsonian and the White House so I wanted to make the place as presentable as possible. However, I don't think I will stay here past the first year of the lease as I will be on a house hunt -- provided this new position works out.

I did have lunch with the new boss on Wednesday and he seems like a very easy going guy and we both think a lot alike. He knows that I have leaned a lot from the past four years working on the most intense DoD contract, at least in my opinion and the bonus is that we have a lot less restrictions on what we can or can not do on this new contract (and it's FIVE years!) That's a good sign because with the old job everything had to be so locked down that it made it extremely hard to give the customer the kind of service they wanted. All understandable but it'll be nice to actually do much more work and lot less documentation :)

So far I haven't found a new Church but that is on my list for sure. I bet there are some Calvary Chapel based Churches around here so I'll be looking for one of them soon. I was so excited to see my bible. The movers grabbed it and stuffed it in one of the boxes before I noticed it was gone. I thought they might take it so I wouldn't be upset about that (hey, everyone should be reading God's word!). When my stuff arrived on Friday I was extremely happy to be able to sit down and read God's word, for SURE!

The Town Home is starting to look more livable. Since I threw so much stuff away there are a lot of things that also need to be replaced. The new desk I have is much smaller than the old one and that will go downstairs in the work area. I'll buy a larger desk, a new bed and bedroom furniture and move the old stuff into the spare room in time for my family when they get here. That way they don't have to sleep on an air mattress like I did (no thanks, haha). When I buy a house I will buy new living room furniture as well as a dining room table that I like.

There is MotoGP racing today but I had to buy the MotoGP package this year because DirecTV won't be able to install my dish until this coming Saturday. Everything is here and ready for them to start but given the rules of the Town Home community we have to wait for the Board of Governors to approve the installation on the roof as that is the ONLY place it can go!

Also the weather hasn't been too bad. It was really cold when I got here but it's been warming up. It was even 74 degrees yesterday so no need for the heater. Oh and if I didn't tell you this is a THREE story Town Home. First floor is the garage and office space, second floor is the kitchen, dining room and living room and the third floor are the two bedrooms, my bathroom, guest bathroom and the washer dryer. When I think about it, it's not really that bad but I want to buy a DETACHED home with a yard that I can mow. You know, with a riding tractor with headphones so I can listen to music while I cut the grass -- LOL!!

Everyone in CA has been really supportive and they were wondering if I would miss California and the answer is no. I will DEFINITELY miss all the great friends that I have there and I'll make new ones here as well. Home, Sebring Florida, is only a 12 hour drive away and my relatives in Boston are about 7 hours away so I don't even have to fly if I don't want to :) The neighbors are really quiet and I have been introducing myself to them when I see them. I can tell that VA isn't too much different than California. I mean, people have their goals in mind and they don't really interact too much. The main difference being that people drive here a lot nicer than in CA and well, I can't white line with my bike anymore. I can deal with that though.

Woops, this blog was longer than I expected it to be. I guess I had a lot of reflection going on (I certainly had a lot of that as well on the drive here). I'm sure I could fill the page up and bore you to death so rather than do that I'll close it here. Thanks for reading, yes I miss you all in California and you're always welcome to visit me whenever you want. I have a spare room ready for you and yes, my BBQ grill is here too :)

Have a great weekend and be SURE to watch the MotoGP race in a few hours on Speed TV!!!!!



Week ending Sunday, March 7th, 2011
March is here, but San Diego -- I'm OUT!

Well this is my last week in San Diego and my last week at HP. It's been a fantastic four years and I have some great highs and great lows but overall I have really enjoyed my time here. Honestly, I've been in California for 25 years now and it's time for me to go. I came where when I was 17, was stationed in O.C. at El Toro in the Marines and I just stayed.

During the time I have been here I have had some great relationships and some really, REALLY bad ones. I finally came to grips with God and accepting Jesus in my life. You know, the Holy Spirit will eventually take hold of you when you are ready. Some people will claim they "made" you a Christian but people don't do that, the Holy Spirit does. People lead you to the cross, Jesus takes you through to the other side. Amen to that.

I have missed Church a lot lately but that is due to me having to pack up the condo and get ready to move. I have actually thrown a lot of stuff out already. Some things that really meant a lot to me in the past no longer hold any bearing so they had to go. Sometimes we tend to hold on to things we shouldn't and even at my age it has taken a long time for me to get to that point. But the lessons I have learned here will follow me for the rest of my life.

I've been doing OK but a little tentative since the "Grand Mal" Seizure last weekend. I've had sore shoulders, sore thighs, sore back, headaches a sick stomach and a sore tongue as well to follow all of that up. The Doctors are not exactly sure why it happened but they do know that I still have a lot of healing to do with my brain for this to go away. I have to stay on the medication and will eventually get a notice from California DMV saying my license is suspending but the Doctor said for me to fill out the notice, send it to him and as long as I stay on the meds, he'll sign it. That's good.

I will definitely miss the great weather and so many things you can do in California but I won't really "miss" it. What I will miss are the lifelong friendships that I have made. To me it's like one big family that I have to walk away from and as sad as that is, they will still be reachable via Facebook, Email and my cell phone (which is coming with me, I am not changing my number, lol). I do look forward to the beautiful area in Northern Virginia that I am moving to and the four seasons that come with it.

In addition I am going to be working on a new contract in operations which is something that will present a challenge but something I am really, really looking forward to. I've already started making friends and the place I am moving into is larger, in a nice area and even has an ATTACHED two car garage so I can park both my truck and my motorcycle together and keep them out of the weather. I am leaving this coming Friday the 11th so I anticipate I will be there by the 15th. Just need to hang out on Monday to load everything up into the mover's truck and toss the rest of the things I no longer associate with :)

With that said, this will be the last blog entry until I get settled in, set everything up and can relax before I start work. I think I will start sometime after the 15th but more likely around the 21st or something. We'll see how it goes. I am also really looking forward to the cross country drive. I have always loved those long drive and I'll be headed straight across the I-40. Plenty of places to see and many places to stop and rest my tired and wounded brain. I look forward to checking in again with you all when I get to my NEW home :)

Have a great rest of your week and talk to you later!


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