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Week ending Tuesday, March 16th, 2010
My head is aching...

Yes, it's true. That is why you haven't seen anything updated from the web site lately. I've spent the last 3 weeks at UCSD getting healed up from some damage that happened when I fell down on my birthday. Just looked through my clothes and they were wasted. Looks like they also burnt a lot of time on my head, but I think I'll be OK. Everyone who knows me is asking about it, especially at work.

More will come there because I've let my boss know that I want to get back to work ASAP even if I just work from home. But first I need to get back from Florida then go back to the DMV and retest so I can get my license returned (it was taken simply because I was hurt, I had not driven at all that night since we had the LIMO the entire night).

Everything else is OK and more will be updated on this site as I recover better and can talk about the important things. The #1 thing that is important is that God has a plan for me. I have never doubted that from the beginning of time that he has something special planned for me so I am anxious to be in line for God's plans for me :)

That's it for now. I will post more when I get back from Florida. Love you all!

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