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Week ending Sunday, June 29th, 2014
I'm fine...
By that I mean, I feel "sick" but don't feel terrible. Not like I have a cold or anything. I have been dealing with lymph nodes in my neck that have been going bonkers. In all fairness, they have been doing that regularly since I was about 19. I think it has something to do with picking up depleted uranium rounds when I was in the Marine Corps. Those are rounds shot by F-18s and Harriers on the target range. We went there to pick up the target and I think I should not have picked up one of those rounds. I have always had lymph node problems and "not as much energy" as I used to have when I was younger.

Maybe I am just getting old. Maybe. I don't feel old -- nor do I look old. LOL!

To be safe I did get a checkup from the Doctor on Monday and blood tests which came back negative. She thinks I am fine (I'm fine, you're fine, we're all fine!) and she said just come back if it gets worse. So that is where I have been all week. Tired, resting but still getting my work done.

Speaking of work, I had my monthly review with my boss and she understands why I didn't have the "free time" to get my cert done before end of June. I should have some time this last month on this contract then I will pick up where I left off and try and get it completed before the end of July. Let's hope I don't constantly get interrupted at work any more. They found another guy to help the guy that had been pining me all day long so hopefully that dies down completely.

Church was awesome (as always) on Saturday night. Pastor Bob always has a good message. When he is up there speaking I can see him look over at me 5-10 times during the sermon. I sometimes just want to yell out "What do you want to ask me, Pastor!" lol. I imagine when we have some time we'll talk because I know he got my email.

Everything else is A-OK. I need to get out of the house so I got myself a ticket to Cineapolis tonight to watch Transformers. I heard it's OK from some, great from others and horrible from more. So we'll see how it ends up. I am getting a late night show and eat a late dinner there. Greatest theatre ever!

Hope you had a great week and talk to you later!


Week ending Sunday, June 22nd, 2014
I'm not a "Fubol" fan, but I'm supporting TEAM USA!!!
If you know me (and if you're reading this, odds are you know me pretty well), I am not a big fan of soccer. In all fairness, watching that game and golf bores me to tears. Funny thing is I will play both if the opportunity arises but I cannot watch it on TV. I'll just fall asleep. Not kidding. I know a there are many soccer-moms (and dads) out there and I applaud that you support your children in the games (I've been a few games for my family as well). However in this case, it's "TEAM USA" and I will support my country on the world stage. I mean we call it the "Superbowl" but that's only relevant to the US, not other countries.

I watched the game against Ghana and didn't see what the hype was about. However, I did learn that Ghana has beaten the US in the last couple World Cup games so I was excited to watch the game and see the team win. Now we have to face Portugal in a few hours and I am not sure how that will turn out either. If we win, we'll go on to the next round. If not, we may not make it through. It's interesting to watch the spectacle that is "Futbol" but -- it still doesn't excite me the way NFL games do :)

Work this week was OK. Just watching the fort until the assignment is up at the end of July. I'm going to talk to my boss on Tuesday so we can find out which avenue I am going into. Do I stay with Isilon or do I go into "Cloud" storage? I think the way technology is going getting "into the cloud" is the right direction to go. Plus, SRM will be easy for me since I've had many years of working out ECC (SRM is the new ECC). Either way in the end, it truly is whatever the company needs me to do -- and I'll be happy doing either simply because I love what I do and I love my job.

Church was great this weekend as always. I know it's hard for Pastor Bob to talk about homosexuality and I know that many people think that as Christians, we're against everything. We're not. We are following God's word on what He says is acceptable or not. Some say it's "how they were made" and to some degree I can understand that. However, I do think just like drugs or alcohol or even sexual addictions, those things can be fought off with God on your side. If your troubles are laid at the feet of Jesus, He is good to help you through it. I know this is hard for even some of you to read but know that I love everyone, no matter what your preference is. I am far, far from perfect (again, there was only One who was perfect) and have a lot to work on myself.

I suppose I am "waxing copasetic" so to speak and few, if any, really care about my opinion. That said, I follow what the Lord says to my best ability. Even when I falter, He is there to pick me up.

Honestly that is about it for the week. I have my regular chores to do, the house is clean, etc. I need to change the oil in the CBR and wash the car but that can wait another week. I haven't even ridden the CBR for a few months. Waiting on another Holiday where I can ride with very few (if any) riders up there and you know me, I don't like to drag knee when "Officers of the Law" are around. Not good for my insurance rates and I don't want my girlfriend (that is my CBR you know) impounded. Haha. I hope you have a great rest of your week and don't let my opinions bother you. I don't hate (such a strong word) anyone or anything. I just want this world to live in harmony. Dang -- that sounds like and old Coca Cola commercial.


Week ending Sunday, June 15th, 2014
Short travel!
Finally I had a "short" travel week. I just had to drive North to Irvine to meet up with my boss and my boss's boss to provide a presentation on "Cloud Storage". The interesting part about that meeting is I was offered an opportunity to switch off what I am doing now and get more involved with Cloud Storage which, believe or not I am definitely interested. I think the way that technology is going that is going to be the end result of all storage. I.T. will no longer be looked via the physical hardware it will be more of JBODs, SSDs and software. At least that's the way I see technology going. I know Amazon has cloud storage as well as Google. So other companies are going that way and we really need to be on top of it.

We had a nice dinner in Irvine after the presentation, stayed in the hotel that night because the next morning we had another meeting. That's where we talked about what direction I want to go in. Honestly it isn't about what I want to do (because I love technology) it's more about what the company needs. So I will talk to my boss about that tomorrow and figure out where to go from there. Either way, I work for the best company in the world (IMHO) and am really happy with how well they have taken care of me. I know they are glad I am not afraid to work an 80 hour week if I have to in order to get things done.

Church, as always, was fantastic this weekend. I can see Pastor Bob looking over at me several times during the service. I wonder if he is thinking "Oh yeah that is the guy that has been asking me questions about what this Church is doing". Yes, that is me. As I said before I think need to fill our pot full first (the US) to overflow before we have enough to give to others (countries). It's not that I do not want to help but when I see US citizens struggling while I see this country overrun by foreigners who have no allegiance to this country (they simply want to make this country a carbon copy of where they left. Sort of like buying a new home and then just decorating it the way you want. We built this country, you really have to right to come squat on our soil, tell us how to run our country and suck our social services dry. All this is done with no regard for US Citizens who have lost their jobs to outsourcing or foreigners here on VISAs.) I'm dumbfounded on a regular basis on why we snug our noses at our own citizens while we pander to those who break our laws on a daily basis.

And, try doing that in another other country -- some of them simply shoot you -- and you'll find that our immigration laws are LAX at best! Sorry, another rant but if this keeps up I am asking my employer if they can send to work in Australia. LOL.

MotoGP racing was great this weekend. If you didn't watch it I assure you, it was one of the best races to date. I also saw a special on Discovery where a guy that lost the same fingertip I lost, doing the same thing I did (flying model airplanes) had it replaced. Basically they grew him another one. So, I did send the Doctor my information. I would love to see if he is interested in performing the same work for me. Hoping I can be a test subject, lol. Because if I have to pay for it it's going to be more expensive than I can afford.

Anyway -- enough about the babbling. That is it for the week. I hope the Lord has blessed you immensely. I am still praying for my Aunt and my Brother-In-Law that everything works out. We do not understand God's plans -- nor are we supposed to know them -- until the day comes when he greets us at the gate. All I know is that I trust Him completely. Lord knows I am far, far, far more blessed than I deserve.


Week ending Sunday, June 8th, 2014
Work, work, work...
So tomorrow I have to head up to the Irvine office and give a presentation to my boss and my boss' boss :) Such fun! I know what they want in that presentation so I have created what I think I need to do (in my own words). Then I am staying the night for another regional meeting before driving back down to San Diego. I am supposed to pick up the big boss tomorrow on the way there. Should be an interesting conversation for sure.

I also have to get my certification done which, after that is done on Tuesday I will have a few weeks to study before I take the test. I want to get that done and off the books so I get my bonus and can make back a small portion of the money I have spent helping people who refuse to help themselves. I know that God's plan for me is to help others but I also think He wants me not to feed them fish, but teach them to fish. I have tried that many times and I know that when people are refusing to learn, grow and reach their goals that sometimes you just have to pull away and leave them to their own devices.

This weekend is some WSBK which I am looking forward to. I also need to get some laundry done and other chores completed as well as tuning up that presentation and such. Church was awesome this weekend. You wouldn't believe what the sermon was on but trust me, if you are a man it was a little unsettling, to say the least, haha.

As summer approaches I am thinking it's time to dust off the CBR, get the oil and filter changed, check the tire pressure and make a few runs on the bike. I love riding it but the weather and work has kept me on two wheels.

That is it. Short and sweet. Have a great weekend!


Week ending Sunday, June 1st, 2014
The grateful and the ungrateful..
Have you ever wondered if the good deeds you are doing to help others go not only unnoticed but even blown over? In this case I have helped someone close to me who is having hard times (let's face it, they have had "hard times" their entire life). In this case I not only paid for a car for them (which I found out had a blown engine) but paid for the motor to be repaired. Then just this last week I found out this person "pawned" the car for furniture to get into some Government Assisted housing. Ok, I understand that but why not call me and ask me for help with the furniture. Things you don't pawn: Anything you need to survive. That includes you mode of transportation to work, your phone, food, clothing, etc. Things that are needed on a day to day basis.

On top of that, this "person" couldn't pay their own phone bill. So after paying $3000.00 to fix the car and another $1000.00 to get the car out of pawn I paid for a phone with a 2GB data plan. The point of the phone is so that this person doesn't have to pay the phone bill, so they can take calls from school for the kids, take calls for job interviews, etc. You know what this person said to me? "I need more than 2GB of data!!!" No "Thank you" no "I appreciate you helping me out. Nope. They have the audacity to complain that the phone they do not have to pay for doesn't have enough data to meet their needs.

Then when I check in with this person, because I laid down some ground rules for my assistance I get a "I'm busy right now, stop bro-mancing me!" Really?! I just spent over $4000.00 so you have transportation AND I paid for you to have a phone and you think I am "bugging" you? This person has no problem "bugging me" while I am at work complaining about the peril they brought upon themselves but now when I want to know that they are using gifts from God to make a positive impact on their life I am "bothering" them. There is nothing more in this life that is more unrewarding than helping the most UNGRATEFUL people on the planet. I think at this point I will just stop helping this person because if anyone had helped me the way I have helped them I would be the most grateful person on this planet.

In fact, people that were there for me when I was injured almost 5 years ago, I thank them as much as possible. I go out of my way to do things for them to show them how thankful I am. I would never, ever "bite the hand that feeds me" for crying out loud. I am just disappointed in the way people who are lazy, who do not want to get a job, who do not hold themselves accountable for their own actions are so ungrateful when people go out of their way to help them. I could have used that money to go to Europe this year (which was my plan) but that isn't going to happen. I could use that money to put that in my retirement.

You know what? We we all stand before our Maker, He is going to ask us "What did you do for those who have helped you?" and they will have no answer. They will have to hold themselves accountable not to me, but to He is on High. I will tell you something. I never, EVER want to be in front of the Lord and be embarrassed with my own behavior. I am grateful that God has a plan for me and I have never taken it for granted. I have worked really hard to help others but when I run into situations like this the only thing I can say is "What are you going to say to God when he asks you the same questions? What will be your answer for your behavior?" Woe be unto you.

On top of that, my Aunt has been diagnosed with liver cancer and my bother in law has skin cancer. Please pray for them both. They are good people and they take care of their families. This is God's way of getting our attention that this is a short life on earth. How are you going to spend it? I am going to make the most of the blessings God has given me to help others. But I will use more scrutiny on who I help and how much help I will offer. You either take advantage of that help and get yourself straightened out or you can wallow in the mire on your own. I will not keep "feeding people fish" that refuse to learn how to fish on their own.

That is it for this week. I have to finish training and I have a presentation to complete this week for a meeting on the 9th so I am already behind. Pray for me that I get through this and pray for others who are far more dire circumstances than I am in. I thank the Lord every day for the blessings I have received and have tried not to be bitter but to be honest, I am angry person today...


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