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Week ending Friday, June 30th, 2013
On the road and where is Lexie?
Well this isn't good. My niece is still missing and has been so for the last 9 days. Nobody knows where she is and to be honest, law enforcement hasn't been very good about this. You would think any missing 16 year old would mean that they would subpoena the Bus drivers that took here to where she was going. Maybe one of them would have recognized her and said where she was dropped off and if they saw who picked her up. Who let's a 16 year old on a bus without a parent or ID with them, I don't know. Either way I have been praying for my niece to at least contact her mom and let her know she is OK. At least she could sleep this. I hope nothing bad has happened to her, dear Lord!

On my way again back to Seattle then next week to Orlando for a full week. Not sure how I am going to fit the training in but I guess I will try to do that when I am in the hotel. I haven't even had a chance to get back to working out. I know the travel will slow down once everything settles down and my role is more defined (Isilon/DataDomain/VMAX but right now I think DataDomain and Isilon are primary as we have a lot of VMAX expertise). Last week was OK in Seattle but I hope the weather clears up and the trains are more quiet. Can't seem to get any sleep over there.

Church was great yesterday as it was a worship service of music which I liked a lot. I really miss Pastor Bob but had a chance to ask Pastor Roger to pray for my sister and my niece and that we can get this fixed as soon as possible.

To all of my friends, please say a prayer for my sister Lisa and her daughter and that she is found, safe and sound. This is so hard on my sister and it's really tearing her down hard emotionally. There is nothing I can say to her to make her feel better. The only thing I can do is comfort her and pray for her and this situation. No one deserves this but especially a parent. I know that kid has some issues but hopefully she is smart enough to realize that the people who love her the most are trying to save her from making a huge mistake. Everyone things running away from home is the best idea but as history has shown us, it's normally a huge mistake.

Lex, you really do need to contact your mom. All she wants to know is that you are OK. If you decide you don't want to be with your family, I get it. But leaving everyone in the dark, running away from the people who love you and protect you, well that isn't the best idea ever.

That's about it for this week. I should be back on Weds and then I will be gone for another week or two so I may not have any July blog updates for a while. You can always check facebook for any updates on the current situation and if you want to get in contact me or if you have leads that will help us find my niece that'd be great.

God bless.


Week ending Friday, June 23rd, 2013
First week at the new gig!
And yep, I am very happy about it. All last week was spent training and I need to go into the office tomorrow as I got my laptop and everything I need (except a monitor) to work from home and then of course, work on the road. Looking forward to it, believe it or not. From this perspective I get my hands on new technology and get to see different environment's implementation so that is good. Either way I am happy where I am and am working for a really good company.

Everything else is ok. It hasn't been too busy. I've been studying and also taking some time to relax. I am actually starting to feel better (even though I am sneezing a lot, haha). Eventually I want to get back to working out and since right now I am working from home there is nothing stopping me from taking a 1/2 hour run during lunch breaks.

Other than that it was a very uneventful week. I did go by the office to turn in some paperwork and I filled out most (if not all) if the forms that need to be filled. Church was awesome this weekend as always.

On a heavy note, my Niece has run away and hasn't checked in with the family since Thursday morning. I'm trying to help my sister as much as I can but the Police won't report her as missing (even though she ran away with someone she met online -- this is not going to turn out well if the Police do not get involved). I don't know what to say other than I am praying for my sister and her child. I don't know what is going on in that kids head. We all wanted to run away from home at some point as kids -- but most of us were smart enough to realize even though our parents were strict, they loved us dearly.

My niece hasn't figured that out and I pray she is OK. That's really all I can do. I hope she is safe and sound and that no harm comes to her. And if that is true, then I hope when she does come home she realizes the hardship she has put on her family. We don't know if she alive...or not. Like I said, we can only pray.

So if you don't mind me asking, please pray for my sister and her niece and that they find her safe and sound.

God bless.


Week ending Friday, June 16th, 2013
Just a relaxing week :)
So...I had a great time relaxing most of the week. Stayed at home and of course stayed out of trouble. Tomorrow starts my first day with the new company and I am really thankful for that. As you are well aware if you have been reading along, that was a disaster from the first day I showed up to work. Thankfully God took hold of my plans and the mess I walked into and got me straight out of there.

It's hard being a Christian when you are surrounded by non-believers. I mean, I was a Marine back in the day and I've never heard so much swearing in the office. Over what?! Typical daily work tasks. Nothing to get upset about and making me wish we had a bleep sensor available LOL! It was probably the most toxic environment I've ever been in and so glad to be away.

Since I've been off that time has been spent relaxing and trying to get healthy again. I don't think I have a cold but probably something left over from that seizure back in November. The rest has been good for me but at some point I need to get back into my workout routine and get back in shape. Well, that's not fair. I am not in bad shape, I just don't have the stamina I am used to from being lethargic and resting a lot. It'll change soon.

Otherwise Church was really good this weekend and the Pastor did something nice for all the dads like they did last month for Mother's Day. Definitely enjoyed sitting there and listening to how old some of these men were (in their 90s) and still had their wits about them. It was really nice to see and I hope that if I do live to the ripe old age these men are at that I have my mind healthy along the ride with with me!

Other than that, I think that is about it. Watched the MotoGP race today and was disappointed in my boy Hayden. SPOILER! He crashed out!

That's it for the week. I will tell you more next week about how the first 40 hours at the new job goes. I expect GREAT things! :)

Week ending Friday, June 9th, 2013
A Glorious week after the dust has settled...
You know, God is always good for you and His plans for you are not always in align with what you want or expect. In this case, I knew that the job had I had moved here for was an utter disaster. Heck, even the company that offered the job and the consulting company knew that as well. They don't even have a replacement for me (and good luck finding someone). But without badgering them, as they have to face that reality every day at work, I can talk about the good things.

This has been some great and much needed time off. It'd been over a year since I've had any real sort of vacation so I have taken it easy since a week ago Thursday. I have a lot of contact in the Storage industry so I started making calls and word got out fast that I was ready to find a Company that was better managed and organized -- and I have done so! I'm expecting an offer tomorrow from a place I have been wanting to work for some time. It's been a blessing because the fear and panic that sets in when you know something isn't right (even from the beginning) the Lord watches over you.

Case in point: Bad job, knowing I am miserable, God says "Ok, I have a different plan for you that was not the one you imagined" and thus, 3 days after the debacle that was the last job, He ends up putting me where I needed to be all along. Maybe the move out here, the cost incurred (that the past employer felt they shouldn't shoulder anything) was the reminder that I needed that while I had good intentions, it wasn't the plan He wanted me to be on.

Now that I am where I need to be, I have another full week of vacation! So I plan to rest, relax and I will deal with having no income (again) for at least 2-4 weeks (which means now I still have no savings but have enough to scrape by). The salary wasn't what I was looking for but there are bonuses that will make up for the lost revenue. Besides, what I do for a career isn't about money, it's because I love what I do and I look at it as a full time hobby. And to me, people will always excel when they do what they love.

As for everything else, I am feeling fine. Still have lymph node issues but slowly they are starting to get better. I think whatever is bothering me, my body is taking care of it on it's own. I did go to the doctor but they said "Your results say OK" so I have to believe them. I'll be fine and even if I am not, where I am going, eventually, is a much better place than Earth.

Church was excellent this weekend as we had a Pastor come visit that I haven't heard before. He was young but the message was great and he reminded be a lot of Pastor Bob. There is no MotoGP racing this weekend but there is some WSBK that I will be watching. All I know is I am very blessed, thankful and happy. Happy to be out of there, happy to be where I want to be and happy that God never fails.

Have a great weekend!


Week ending Friday, May 31s, 2013
As if we didn't see this coming...
If you don't already know, the "contract" I have been working on since I left VA was unceremoniously ended on Friday. It's not as if hadn't expected it at all. Given the circumstances, and knowing they would end it or I would, well -- they beat me to the punch. Good for them and honestly, I don't care if they read my blog or not. They saved me the hardship of having to tell them what they already knew which was I was NOT happy there.

I could be bitter or angry, but I'm not. I'm actually relieved. God knows I wanted out of that bad environment as soon as possible and had been keeping my options open (and they are open right now!). I've had some calls and lots of emails out already so the pipeline, so to speak, was already filling up. Who do I blame for this fiasco?! Do I blame the recruiting company? Not really, they're trying to make a buck. I'm smart enough to know that and I tend to ignore it. Do I blame the company I worked at? Not really. They were in bad shape before I got there and have been for some time. Their environment is not (and never was) stable and others have already left. I'm betting more will be leaving. Even their CEO was fired and their VP resigned, is that not a sign?!

So who I blame?! Myself!!!!!!

Yes, you heard that right. Had I done my homework (ie: looked at their stock price, which has been on a downward spiral over the last year from $20+ a share down to $4 or so and fluctuating. I think it might be at $6 but that's not a true indicator of how well or bad they are doing), I might have know this was a disaster for ME waiting to happen. I should have asked more questions, poked around, looked at the company reviews from employees online (yes, you can do that now). I would have clearly learned I was making a BIG mistake.

This is the first time when I prayed over something and I wasn't sure. Now I know that if God isn't responding, that is not a yes. That's a "keep praying harder" answer. I walked away from a great company, a fantastic boss, a new home and some sense of security to a RAGING, MESSED UP INFERNO. Really, had I known they were THIS bad, THIS discombobulated, I would have stayed home in VA. Hindsight is 20/20 they say. I hope my old boss forgives me and somehow finds a way to bring me back to VA.

As my good friend Jeff used to say "Brian, it is what it is..." Amen to that.

So now what? Well as I said the feelers are out. Not sure how long finding the RIGHT position will take but I haven't ruled out moving to another state. Honestly I wish I could reverse time back to early February and just stay where I was at. I think I got complacent and didn't realize how truly blessed I was until I saw everything crash in the stupidity of my own selfishness.

So I've learned what NOT to do next time. I've learned that when my boss is giving me good advice, he isn't being selfish, he's trying to help (He told me this would happen, and sure enough, it did!) I've learned if you don't pray hard enough or God doesn't give you a clear indication of what to do, stay put, be silent and pray more.

One thing I do know is God's plans for me a greater than my own. He'll take care of me, He always has. This is a reminder to lean not on my own understanding, but His.

I won't bad mouth anyone. I could, but what's the point? I am not the judge of other people. I've been given a trial, something to deal with and I'll get through this. I could have died when I had that accident that cracked my skull, but He pulled me through. He put my boss in the right position when I had the seizure, could have died then too.

Bottom line is, I didn't want to work there and in the end, they didn't want me there either. That's fine. We just disagree and that's not uncommon. Besides, I have never been able to put square pegs in round holes and someday, they'll realize that too. My standpoint in life is focused on what God would ask me to do and that didn't fit in very well with their environment. Hopefully, wherever I end up, I will be in a good position to be successful for the company and that I lean much more on God and put myself behind His word.

Normally I post this on Sunday but while I am responding to potential job offers and thinking about where God wants me to go, I decided to write the blog out early. I'll be at Church Saturday night as always and I'll be doing what He wants me to do in order to get things back into place, where they should be.

Thanks for listening. Thanks to my family and friends who, regardless of how far and hard I fall, they always pick me up. And I thank God every day that I wake up, open my eyes and see each new day as an opportunity to do God's work.

Have a great weekend.


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