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Week ending Sunday, June 27th 2010
Oh Well :)

Soooo, no Vegas for me this week. I was actually looking forward to going because there was a lot of opportunity for me to learn some new technology and products from our parent company. I wasn't planning on getting into any hanky panky, just learning and then having dinner. There's a lot of really good places in Vegas to eat or catch a show.

Otherwise work is going OK. I've got a project that I am working on that is taking just about all of my time. I've been working on a document and that's really going to be a big, but hopefully not, message doc. One good thing about getting different projects is that you really get to grasp more of what goes into Storage and then you can apply the new things you learn to a more or less complex design.

My really cool neighbors moved away this weekend. They helped me out when I went to go Florida and stay with my family. They watched my truck and mail for me so that was way cool. I guess they bought a place up in La Costa. It's about the same size as the place they rented down here it's just that now they own it. Well congrats to them and we'll miss them being around.

Workouts are going really well. I've started pushing the weight close to where I was before the accident happened. I haven't gone back to training yet because I am trying to figure out what to do with my finances. It's more important right now for me to pay off the balance of my bills and then just start saving. Since I wasn't able to buy a place I liked I may just create a nice egg nest to go traveling in Europe, which I really want to do.

Church was awesome this weekend as always. We had a pretty cool Pastor come in and speak. He's from Calvary in Germany so we got a neat perspective of things from his side. Didn't see my friends from work so maybe they were off this week.

We did have a softball game on Tuesday. That was fun. I mean, we won by 1 point again, and we should be winning by greater margins, but overall it's fun. That team was pretty easy going. Some of those teams will argue calls. I just try and tell them "Hey, let's have fun" and leave it at that.

Well I think that's about it. Have some things to take care of and I'm starting to get hungry so I'll make something to eat. Have a great rest of your week everyone!!!


Week ending Sunday, June 20th 2010
Interesting Week

Hmmm this was a different week, no doubt. Work is really, really busy. Probably more busy than I can ever remember. There are a lot of projects that are most likely behind schedule so I have been working lots of OT and putting in time over the weekends as well to get things going. Finally, Saturday, I was able to get some things working so it looks like we're making some progress.

On the bad side, I was supposed to go to Vegas all this week for a Technology Conference but that has been nixed because I really need to be in the office pushing the solutions through so we can meet goals. It's not that bad, really. As much as I would like to go, Vegas is more trouble than it's worth sometimes so missing it isn't a big deal. Losing out of learning though, that's the bummer about all of this. Nevertheless, when you need to get things done at work, you stay, you work the OT, you get the project done and most of the time you get to keep your job :)

We did get to play softball this week but it was really kind of rough. It's a league where there are some rule bending going on and I totally understand that. I don't really mind so much because we're out there to have fun. But when people start arguing about calls and stuff it makes me not-so-happy to be playing. I try as often as I can to be more of a mediator but sometimes people are just waaaaay into the game, lol. I mean, it isn't the kind of game where there are fights but the sort of bickering that goes on that we can all do without, right? On the plus side, I am catching fly balls and line drives OK and I've been protecting my head so I'm good there.

Yesterday I spent some time hanging out with friends at the beach. I bumped into some people I haven't seen in a while so when they saw my head they were kind of freaked out. Mind you, my head is fine but the scar and missing hair on top makes people take a second look. There were a lot of genuine concern from friends and that's always good to hear. I have more friends than I imagined so it's really great when we can get together and hang out. And yes, even sometimes I get to pass the Gospel on and talk about God. I don't hammer people, I just tell my side of things -- like how God has kept me alive in spite all of the crazy things that have happened to me. It's really good to be able to talk to people and have them show an interest.

Of course I am tired from the workouts, sports and the Saturday BOOT CAMPS, lol. It's all worth it in the end so I have no complaints. Got to watch MotoGP. Things are looking better but I want to see Nicky place higher than 4th every race. I mean, I know the guy is trying his hardest but when he loses on the last lap to Spies for 3rd place that has GOT to hurt. He'll do better though, I am sure.

That's it for the week. Hope you have a fantastic week yourself!!!


Week ending Sunday, June 6th 2010
I'm BEAT! (Again!)

Another tiring week is in the books. I don't think I was as prepared for getting back into my regular workout schedule as I thought I would. This week especially I pressed back into most of my normal workout. That included pushing harder on the elliptical to near my prime schedule. Every day this week I hit the gym as hard as I could within the 1 hour time span that I have during lunch.

On Thursday we had our second company softball game. We played a team that beat another company team last week 40-6. The game actually went pretty well and we had two females there so we were not down one player on the field. So let me explain something that is "not so funny." We were winning 14-12 in the last inning with the other team up to bat. My friend is playing first base when the other team's player hit the ground ball right to him.

Well, my friend ran to the base he was supposed to run to, the inside 1st base. The other play was supposed to run to the outside 1st base to make sure there wasn't a collision at first base. Well -- that didn't happen. They both collided in what I can best describe as an "Old Western TRAIN CRASH!" Both guys hit HARD and fell right to the ground. Both of them were dazed and bloodied and both had to go to the hospital and get stitches. They'll be fine but it reminded me to be careful myself. I really can't afford to bash my already broken head in an outdoor, FUN activity.

I was already sore on Friday but went ahead with my normal workout at lunchtime. Then on Saturday I attended my trainer's workout. Needless to say, the week had really worn me down because I was lagging. Hard. My whole body was sore but I pushed as hard as I could. I even had to do the piggy back run 100 yards with a 230lb guy on my back. It wasn't easy but I did it and did so running as fast as I could (given the weight on my back, lol!).

After the workout I rested at home and then headed to the Saturday night service at Horizon. Pastor Bob was not there today but we had a really neat Pastor that flew in from New Jersey to give the serve ice. It was really good and reflective on a lot of things from God's perspective that we all need to take into account. I did get to talk to Willy who was surprised at my situation, reminded me that God cares about us and he even took pics to send to Pastor Bob. I guess they wanted to see that up front, LOL! No, those pics aren't online, haha.

After that I came home and then decided I was going to watch a movie. I had never seen X-Men "Wolverine" which was actually better than I thought it would be. Really enjoyed the movie. After that I hit the sack and got a good rest. Mind you, my legs are still as tired as could be. So today (Sunday) I actually did some work that I told my boss I would indeed take care of over the weekend. As I write this, I am trying to get some chores done and then I am going to relax, watch some TV and hit the sack early tonight.

No Motorcycle racing this weekend but that is ok. I am just enjoying the weekend and reflecting on how great it is to be alive given all that I have gone through over the past 4 months. I know that God has great plans for me and I me being as patient as I can be for that to become clear. On the plus side, the dent in my head is starting to disappear!!!! That's a good thing. Now all I need is the scar tissue to go away and I'll be back to normal.

That's it for now. Have a great rest of your weekend!


Week ending Sunday, June 6th 2010
Hope you had a great week!

Well I had a pretty good week as most everything had been spent relaxing. I didn't really do much and have spent most of my time relaxing at home. I didn't play golf and Charles didn't have a boot camp on Saturday. We did have Monday off as a holiday so I caught up with some chores and such. Work was pretty busy but I had to take some time off on Wednesday.

"Why?" you say? Well I had to take a driving test. No, not a paper test but one of those test where someone has to sit in YOUR passenger seat and make you drive around the local DMV area. And sheesh, I think I got the most retentive test person ever. She was docking me for the most silly things ever. Like for example, she docked me several points for not being far enough to the right to make a right hand turn. Ummmm excuse me, lady. I drive a TRUCK that does not make tight turns like a small car. If I put the truck where you want it, to make the turn I will clip the curb!

She ended up docking for 12 out of 15 allowable points. That means I passed by a hair on my chin! I am frankly surprised I passed given that she was docking me for the most ridiculous reasons. I am a safe driver and I don't tailgate people (which was obvious to her). I think some people just need to make a statement that they deserve to have that job, haha.

One other thing I wanted to mention was that this DMV was ridiculous. I mean, for years I used to update my DMV info at the Orange County offices where I lived for many years. But none of those ever had people waiting in line outside and AROUND the building, lol! That was just crazy, especially on a Wednesday, of all things. Not sure if people are just hard up to get a license or what! LOL

I did hit the gym pretty hard this week and on the plus side, all of the weight that I lost when I was in the hospital is back! Physically I feel fine. In fact, even the depression in my skull, the one that I think was left by the surgeon, is starting to slowly shrink. To be honest, I figured that it would be that large forever but so far it appears to be going away. Now if I could just get my hair to grow back I'd be a lot happier. I was told that the reason my hair isn't growing back quickly is due to all of the scar tissue. I don't think the scar tissue will go away but it will get smaller. And I am getting a hair here and there but they are not growing as fast as the rest so it's gonna take time. I'm learning to be patient and keep my A.D.D. in check :)

Everything else is going great. Church was awesome this weekend. One of my friends from work was there so we sat together. For some reason I think God's plans for me are starting to become more clear because I am paying more attention. I definitely believe that God has greater plans for me and I've made it a point to stop worrying about having control of my life and have been leaving it where it should be, in HIS hands! :) That's made all the difference in the world. Now if I could just get clear direction from Him as to what He needs from me that'd be great!

I am sitting here watching both the the MotoGP and AMA races. I just have to say that Nicky needs to learn to settle down. He crashed this weekend and I saw him once again blow a turn. I think he's just way too amped and needs to treat these races like a practice. I mean, that worked for me and allowed me to settle down and run the race like I knew how to do it.

Well that is about it this week. Hope you have a great rest of your Sunday and don't forget to sign the guest book!

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