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Week ending Sunday, July 25th 2010

Hope your week as good as mine was! It was pretty busy at work like normal but not as busy as it was the last month or so. My project is in the certification process so that's good. With a little breathing room we decided to play some golf on Tuesday. Normally I play well but played kind of bad. Meh, it is what it is. I am rusty and need more work! (LOL).

Then on Thursday we had another softball game. Unfortunately for the other team they didn't have enough players so they had to forfeit. Not bad though as we loaned them a few players so we played anyway. I hit every time I came up to bat and even had a hit down the first base line that should have been an inside the park home run. The guy coaching third told me hold so I had to stay. Either way, it was a good game and we had a lot of practice.

Of course, Monday and Friday I worked out (skipped Wednesday as I was tired it was legs/stomach anyway). Normally I would have done boot camp on Saturday but instead I went to Comic Con. It was actually pretty fun even though there were a lot of "geeks" running around. I got to hang out with C a little bit (she had a ton of friends there too) so that was fine. Honestly, it was a lot of walking around and seeing a few things but overall I probably wouldn't do it again.

That reminds me. One of the negative aspects of hitting my head is that I don't have the same kind of motivation that I used to have. I mean, there are still plenty of things that I like to do but I am not overly zealous for things that I used to do. Don't get me wrong, I still have fun but like, for example, I used to get crazy over cute girls, sports, riding motorcycles and just basically enjoying life. I mean, I still love those things but they don't rule me like they used to. I guess that is a pretty good deal and I can't complain.

I'm still always up for doing things with friends and such, I just don't let it consume me like it used to. For example, MotoGP is coming up here in about 10 minutes so I am ready to enjoy it but if I missed it, it wouldn't be a big deal. The NFL is coming soon too but it doesn't consume me and that's a good thing. It probably bugs some of my friends that I don't seem like I am "pumped" up but I think that's God's way of saying "all things in moderation" :)

Anyway, that's about it. There are more things of course but I'll save that for later. I know that God has great plans for my life and I think, in a way, that is why I have been learning to take life in stride, not let things bother me, not get angry and definitely stay in control. I think that is good advice for anyone.

Have a great rest of your week!


Week ending Sunday, July 18th 2010

So how cool is this? I get a call from my buddy on Wednesday. He's like "So ummm what are you doing tomorrow night?" I replied "Not much, I have a softball game around 4:30pm but that's about it." He said "Well I have two tickets to see TOOL tomorrow night at Cox Arena, do you want to go?" -- "HECK YEAH!".

So on Thursday I worked from home (I get so much more done when working from home then working at the office!), had to take my lunch break to get a dental checkup which, who knew, I would have a cavity. That has to be repaired in a few weeks. I brush like crazy so I don't know what the deal is. Anyway, I finished my dental appointment, got all my conference calls and work stuff done and then I headed over to the softball game.

We played the same team that we lost two the first game of the season. We actually were losing to them 9-0 after the first inning and ended up losing like 14-16. Well this time we had 4 games under our belt so we were ready to play. Anyway, we fought a tightly contested game until one of my coworkers jacked one over the fence when we were down 5-6 and ended up winning the game 7-6 so we're tied for second place. I didn't have any hits but on the plus side, I was excellent with my fielding.

After the game I headed over to my buddies house where we grabbed something to eat, I said high to his family, changed and then we hit the road. Traffic was crazy because there was some other shenanigan going on at the other area of SDSU. They made us park in a weird area of the campus so we ended up having to walk a mile to get to the arena. Anyway, we met up with some other friends and got our space on the FLOOR, about 7-8 rows back from the very front.

Now, I do really like TOOL's music and have known them since the beginning but man, Maynard and the guitar player are as boring as ever live. The drummer and bass player were banging their heads and having a good time but the rest of the band made me nearly fall asleep. Well I shouldn't say that, I mean they sounded every bit as good live as they do on the records. I guess I was hoping to see them more fired up but hey, they're a band. They were really good live and certainly worth the show for sure.

One thing is for sure, I didn't get home until 1am so needless to say I was dog tired at work on Friday (so I missed the gym). On Saturday I did the boot camp as normal (still busting my tail) and then headed over to a friends for a BBQ. That lasted most of the day and evening so I missed Church. I really hate missing Church! (grr).

Anyway, it was a really good week. It was a really good week as far as hanging out with friends, getting work done and still hitting the gym (LOL). I hope you guys all had a great week and enjoy the rest of your weekend. I am going to watch the AMA races later tonight. I did watch the MotoGP races today so I wont' spoil it for you.

Talk to you all later!!!

Week ending Sunday, July 11th 2010

Not a bad week, really! I did go to the Fair last Monday and that was pretty good. I did see that the Del Mar Fair is a lot and I mean a LOT bigger than the same kind of Fair that we had back in Sebring. It was neat to see all the animals. It really is cool to see the kind of animals that I raised at the Fair. We rode some really neat and "dizzying" rides, lol. They definitely don't see safe but none-the-less they were still FUN!

This week at work I got my major project completed on time and delivered it to be certified as directed. That means the group that does the certifications has exactly two weeks to get it completed and I am absolutely positive that I'll have to work with them directly to help them move the project along. That's not too bad since I know the solution and I know that I can help them.

I only worked out this week on Wednesday. That was the first time in a month that I think I worked my legs/stomach out (typical for Wednesday). Not bad, really, because my legs need the work. Usually I skip Wednesday since I play softball either on Tues/Weds/Thurs but this week we did not have a game. I skipped Friday to finish that solution and then did boot camp on Saturday.

Speaking of Boot Camp that went really well. My strength is getting back to my "pre-accident" levels. In fact, I was able to run full speed for the 100yd dashes. It was really funny because one of the girls at Boot Camp looks exactly like a girl I used to date in High School. Anyway, it was a good workout and I was really beat.

Church as always was great. I didn't see my friend there so I sat by myself in a corner. I mean there wasn't anyone near me. It seemed that Pastor Bob kept looking my way. Maybe he wanted to make sure that I was paying attention? LOL. Either way it was really good as always and I did get to chat briefly with Pastor Roger. He was the Pastor that came when I was in hospital and prayed over me. I was so appreciative of his support and he said "You are walking proof that God has plans for us all". Amen to that.

Well that is about it this week. I am going to watch some WSBK races and then hit the BBQ!!! Can't wait to eat. Have a great week you all!!!


Week ending Sunday, July 4th 2010
Happy 4th of July!

Well I was planning on heading to the Fair today but I am tired and not feeling great. On top of that, the friends that were going to go can't go today so I'll try again for tomorrow (since it will be the last day of the Fair anyway). It should be fun and will remind me of the "Fair" days back in Sebring where I grew up.

Everything else is going well. Work has kept me really busy and there are a lot of things going on so we'll see. We know a lot of changes are coming and a few people have moved on to new challenges in life. Either way, I am going to keep my nose to the grindstone and continue to do the best I can.

My head is better but still no hair where I was hoping it would grow. There is a good chance it won't. In that case, I suppose I will have a nice scar and something girls dig - hahah. Ok, that's funny and probably not true but so be it. I still look the same though my memory from time to time will fail. I really have a hard time remembering certain things I used to know. I think in time that will come back as well.

Church was awesome on Saturday, as always. Pastor Bob was short but he had a really cool interview with a Former US Marine who was a pilot during WWII. I always love hearing those stories of the brave men who fought for us all. Many forget, but I never will. I also watch every story on the Military Channel whenever I can.

Got to watch the MotoGP race this weekend. Nicky is regressing instead of progressing. I wonder what will happen to him next year. I can't recall if it's 2011 or 2012 when they go back to the 990 machines which is where he really excelled. I think the 800s are made for the 250 riders instead of the people used to riding big bikes. Either way it should be interested.

Well that is it for now. Going to head out to dinner with a friend and will relax tomorrow -- unless I do end up going to the Fair. Have a great weekend!!!

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