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Week ending Sunday, July 26th, 2015
Updates, vacation, etc!
Back from my vacation! It was so good to go home to San Diego and hang out with my friends. There was a lot of hanging out, lots of fine dining, hanging out at the beach, etc. I even managed to get some time to play golf (using borrowed clubs, shot an 87 which isn't bad all things considered!). Even rented a Camaro Convertable which allowed me some time to just cruise down PCH and enjoy the sites!

From a health perspective, I got a call from the hospital a few days before I left and they said "You are fine, just a little high on cholesterol which even I was surprised. Must be too much steak eating, lol. Guess I have to cut that down and I will be getting back to my workout starting tomorrow after work.

Got to meet my Pastor in San Diego so that was good! (Well, one of them lol). There's some racing I want to watch today if I can find some time between all the chores I have to do and catching up with work stuff. But, it is good to be home even if it's the East Coast home and not the West Coast home, lol!

Hope you all had a great week and I will check in with you next Sunday! May you be blessed in every thing you do!


Week ending Sunday, July 12th, 2015
Not feeling well....
So I have no idea what it going on with my body right now. I have had an irritation and a slight pain in my left side for about a month. Last Thursday I went to the doctor's office where they took blood and then on Friday I had a CT scan. What caused the doctor to ask for a CT scan was he was "sound testing" my right and left abdomen and noticed (as did I) a different sound between them. He looked me straight in the eye and said "You need a CT scan". Oooook. That's never good.

So I got the CT scan done on Friday and checked my blood test results yesterday. Slightly higher than normal cholesterol results. Pretty normal for me as I have no been exercising as much as I should be. Everything else came back completely normal. Now, if this issue on my side is just IBS then I am fine. If it's more than that, and I hope it's not the "Big C" word then I definitely have something to worry about. Getting my cholesterol under control is easy. Exercise more than I have and stop eating steaks! Easy to do. But the internal issues, that bothers me a lot.

I have no idea what God's plan is for me. Wouldn't it be odd for me to nearly die four years ago only to have that happen to me. I've prayed about it, but honestly that is in God's control. When He calls your name you have to be ready at any time. He even said, two will be working in the fields, one will go, one will stay. We shall see what His plans are for me but there's nothing I can do about it.

When I look back upon my life, I've accomplished far more than I had ever imagined as a child. Even as a young adult, I had the work ethic but just did not know where I would end up going in life. I thought I'd be married and have kids but that was not the path meant for me (at least to this point). Now that I am coming up on 50 (yes, 50!) and knowing when my mom passed away, I would be surprised if I ever made it to retirement age. There's so many times when I should have died that only by the grace of God I have lived. So now all I can do is wait for the results and see what the Doctor says. If it's not my time then I know He still has more things for me to accomplish.

Not much else to say this week. I've been paying attention too much to Politics, News and such -- at least I got to watch the MotoGP race this weekend. I cannot understand why Hayden took that ride. He stood a better chance in WSBK to win races but since he won that Championship it seems as though he has rested on his laurels ever since.

I hope and PRAY you all had a good week. If you have some time, I would appreciate some prayers on my behalf. I pray for everyone I know and people I do not every day. I'll keep praying for you all. And if it's my time, I will go and speak to Him on your behalf! Of that, I promise!

Week ending Sunday, July 5th, 2015
Happy Independence Day (aka: 4th of July)
Well one of the better weeks, except for not feeling as well as I normally do. But otherwise, work is fine (I gotta slow down though, I have ADD so badly sometimes it's hard to focus. At least listening to music helps as I won't get distracted. Had a good weekend but a VERY busy one. Got to hang out with my friend (yay!) and got some work done along with a lot of chores and such. In fact, I am doing laundry after grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, etc.

So I've been in a lot of Political debates lately and it has me wondering if Free Speech is a thing of the past? I mean, our Forefathers fought hard to keep the squelching of free speech from happening. I mean, look -- I don't agree with HOW Donald Trump posed his statements about ILLEGAL immigration. but he was right on all points. Mexico and South America are not sending their best. In fact, those countries are encouraging both their "decent" people and their law breakers to come to America, ILLEGALLY. Why? Because the economies of THOSE countries depend on their citizens working in America and sending that money back home.

Look, this isn't rocket science. Mexico, South America -- heck even Puerto Rico are good examples of badly run countries. Socialism is not the answer. Socialism is feeding men a fish for a day. The Republican party follows the Conservative perspective, the one God said all along. "If you do not reap, you shall not sow!" And that's what we're saying. If you want a career, a successful life, you shouldn't be dependent upon Government and Social Welfare. You must work hard and educate yourself.

The Democratic party thrives on bringing more and more welfare dependent illegals. These are uneducated people who do not speak English. They are not in America because they love this Country. On the contrary, you have racist groups like "La Raza" (translated: THE RACE) who want America to be overrun by people from socialist run countries. This doesn't work nor HAS worked in the history of civilization. You cannot punish those who work hard to take care of those who will NOT work.

We have plenty of charities that will help people TRULY in need. If you do not want to work, I say "don't eat!" At some point you'll get the message that you cannot rest on the laurels of other people's hard work. So, if you vote for Socialism, if you want people who refuse to work to take a lot of your money, then vote Democrat. If you want our borders closed, if you want people to immigrate LEGALLY here who WANT to be Americans, then vote Republican. If you vote for Clinton, you think being a liar, taking handouts from special interest groups that favor them NOT YOU, then go ahead and -- to be frank -- STUPID! We've had enough of this!

Look, I REFUSE to vote for a "Career" Politician. I felt this way about Ross Perot. He knew how to run a business and that America needs to be run like a business. We're 18 TIRLLION dollars in debt and simply taxing people more isn't going to fix the problem. What WILL fix the problem is if we vote in a candidate that isn't affixed to a party but understands how to run a successful business. A conservative like Trump!

God bless this country and I personally thank each and every service member who has fought for this country. I have been there with you in arms, brothers and sisters. Now, let's stand up for America and close our borders and stop the influx of these illegal invaders!

That's my rant for the week! God bless everyone!


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