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Week ending Sunday, July 27th, 2014
This is the last Week on this Contract!!
Not sure if I should be happy or sad. There was a lot to learn about this particular customer that I have been working with. They are huge for sure and they have made it clear they are not happy about how the contract situation worked out but as my friend used to tell me "It is what it is..." Amen to that. After this I may end up doing some traveling for another customer. Not exactly the best area I would want to work in but I got where my employer wants me to go.

I've also learned a lot about myself this week -- and about others. Nobody likes opinions, we know that. Everyone has their own opinions about how the world is being run (see last week's blog for more info on that). Whether you are right or wrong (or think you are right) -- nobody else cares. No one is ever going to see eye to eye and that is what makes humanity in general a lot different than animals. You never see two horses have a discussion about what part of the pasture they're going to use. They just do it by nature.

Maybe that is why I push potential love interests away. I don't think I am by any means the next Stephen Hawking but I believe I have a good head on my shoulders. I say nothing with malice or malicious intent. I just see this world and everything in it black and white. There are no shades of gray to me. It either IS or it IS NOT. You either DO or you DO NOT. Make you yes mean YES and your no mean NO. You either HAVE cancer or you DO NOT. I do not see how there can be so many "shades of gray" in God's plan for us and this life.

As I stated earlier last week, you know how I feel about God's word. Much of the Old Testament is hard to 100% validate, but we know for sure that the Jews did flee Egypt. Even the Egyptians documented it. We know a lot of the New Testament can be validated because even documents from other dynasties make mention of Jesus. I cannot find any validation in the koran and until someone shows me factual data proving what I said last week, I'm sticking the facts I know.

Sometimes I wish I had finished my Bachelor's Degree so I could run for President. I know I'd get assassinated just like JFK but everything I would do would be in the interest of protecting America, our Citizens and our Constitution. I don't believe that any of our Politicians care about America or Americans. All they seem to care about is where their next "fundraiser" is going to be and how much "$$$$" it brings in for them. You can serve God or money, but you can not serve both. No truer words were ever spoken.

Everything else is fine. No Church this weekend as I went to my friend's Annual BBQ which was really nice and fun. I have more studying to do for the test I am taking Tuesday and, God willing, I pass it (hah, I better!) then I can figure out if I will be able to take some vacation and go somewhere. Not back home this year for more than one reason. Love you all though, regardless :)

Ok that is it. Not going to bash anyone this week but myself. Sometimes you have to occasionally perform a self-evaluation and look at where you are, where you want to be and what you hope to accomplish.

Have a fantastic week and God Bless! :)


Week ending Sunday, July 20th, 2014
Is it the end of the world as we know? Do you feel "fine"???? (R.E.M.)
So, not only is it the influx of illegal invaders (they are NOT undocumented immigrants which is what the left would love you to believe) but now we have Israel in yet another tit-for-tat issue with Gaza and the muslims. I have (had) friends who are muslim but when I see them posting about Gaza and berating Israel for protecting itself from the constant rocket attacks all I can do is shake my head in disgust.

That brings me to today's "beard of knowledge" statement. Israel is God's holy land. Not mohammed's (who was not anything like Jesus and we know, factually, that mohammed took a lot of his creating of the muslim religion straight from the Old and New Testament (The ONE and ONLY true God). The link I provided shows some interesting, factual data compiled on the muslim (false) faith and Jewish/Christian doctrine. I invite you to read the evidence and make your own judgment based on the evidence presented.

So Israel is being bombarded (daily it seems) with rocket fire from Gaza. What do to, what to do? When the terrorist do not wear military uniforms and use women and children as human shields, that should tell you all you really need to know about what the followers of the muslim (not using a capital here on purpose) faith believe. Kill anyone you want, kill HOWEVER you want to because you know, muhammad told you to do it. Let's not think about WHY we're doing it! Let's not think about peace and prosperity for all man-kind. Let's just kill.

Enough of that!

As for the United States and the ILLEGAL INVASION, the more I gather news and information, the more the picture becomes clear as to what is going on. The "left" wants to make the US into a "socialist" country. The illegals simply want to take over the US (because as we know, they are doing such a fantastic job of making countries south of border a WONDERFUL place to live (SIC)). I find it hard to believe that by taking over the US that the illegals feel they can do a better job of running the greatest country on earth better than how they are running their own countries. And we know La Raza (The Race) is still pushing their bigoted agenda across this nation. If you are not Hispanic, to them, you are simply "inferior". Hmmm, wonder how they came to that conclusion and, based on how their countries are being run now, I have to say I think they miiiiiight just need a pair of new glasses.

We shall see how our Government reacts, but it is plainly clear that our Politicians and Businesses are in it ONLY for the almighty dollar. They do not seem to care about what actually happens to this country as long as their bank account is phat. Let's see, when this country goes down the tubes their money will not be worth the paper it's printed on. Food for thought there. And I am deeply disturbed that US taxpayers have to fund the legal defense for illegals. They obviously broke the law to get into this country. What is their possible excuse? "I fear for my life?" Sure, ANYONE can say that but how do we validate any information provided by a law breaker? Since we cannot get background checks or validate their information we have to take them for their word? Hmmm I wonder how far that would take a US citizen in a court of law. Answer? Not far at all. JAIL TIME!

We sent 40-50 of the invaders back by plane (US tax money paid it) and now the Guatemala President is saying "How are these people going to pay back the loans these people took out to pay the Coyotes to take them to America?!" Uuuuuhhhh, how is that OUR problem? If I pay someone to break the law for me and they fail to do it, it's OUR problem??? You have to deal with it. Why does the US always have to shoulder the financial responsibility for people who have no regard for our laws!? It's preposterous! If you are a US citizen and tried that, you'd be fine/jailed. End of story!

Now before you start thinking I am a biased, heartless person -- I AM NOT! What I do see is that we're not teaching these people how to fish. We're feeding them fish with social benefits. It makes a LOT of sense for the US to pull out of these wars, shore up our borders, pay the debt down, take care of Americans and THEN, THEN go help these countries get healthy again so their own citizens won't have to flee to the USA. They do not WANT to be here. Example. I talked to a waitress at a restaurant last night. She is Brazilian. Do you know what she said to me? "I don't like the US. I want to go home and live in Brasil but it's such a corrupted place, I have to come here because this is the only way I can be safe and make a living!"

There you go folks. THAT is the root of the problem and that is why we CANNOT continue to be the welfare system for the world. Help these countries fix their problems and they will have no reason to break our laws. It is THAT simple! The corruption south of our border is why illegals flood our country and, in the process (as they break our laws and suck down social services) they will end up turning this country into the same corrupt country they left. Let's HELP THEM FIX their country. Let's do that! It makes more logical sense than fighting wars we have no business being in and we can actually make a difference for these countries that they so desperately need!

Ok that is my venting for the week. I have studying to do, more work to do and I have family issues to mentor/take care of. Do not judge me without reading all the evidence and looking at the big picture. There is far more going on in this world that most people are aware of. It's time we start making an impact and fixing the problems our Government cannot/will not fix on their own.

And yes, as a Christian I know we're supposed to "love thy neighbor". I do, I just do not think feeding people fish is the right way to do it. How are these people ever going to be successful and prosper if we just feed them fish? Fixing their country, their Government and making their country a safe place to be is the right idea. It gives them a leg up to be successful and prosper instead of coming here and taking jobs at sub-par wages just to send their money back home. That doesn't fix the problem -- that isn't even a band-aid.....


Week ending Sunday, July 13th, 2014
Not venting this week, LOL!!!
It appears Americans are starting to wake up to the fact this country is being "invaded" and we simply do not have the resources to care for them. I have been watching the political debates online at night and reading the stories when I can. What they are saying is these people are going to be shipped back home but I am not sure how many. It costs them (as it turns out) around $3,000.00 in US funds to pay for a coyote to take them through Mexico. That on the Southern Mexican border, they actually post signs as to where they can find the coyotes to take them North. Oh yeah, Mexico is one of our biggest problems to immigration right now. Not just their people, but the other people they HELP bring into the USA.

Whatever happens, something needs to change quickly. That's all that I am going to say about the problems with the influx if law breakers.

My friends ask me "Why aren't you married or looking for someone?" Ok here's the true answer. I am NEVER bored alone nor do I "need" someone to be complete. Complimenting each other, yes but not "need". I also don't like seeing the problem that relationships bring. I am well-set in my ways and am not going to change much, if any (lol) for anyone. Already been through that whole process and, thank the Lord, I did not go insane in the membrane. If you cannot make yourself happy and alone, having someone else isn't going to make you happy either. Learn to be happy with who you are and then the right person will beat your door down.

So since I am not married or have kids the next question always is "Why don't have you have any pets?" We had pets when I was a kid and I didn't like the result when they got older or sick (they died). I become attached to pets very easily and that is why I do not go to shelters or pet stores. I'll want to take them all home (I can't) and I am sad that many of the animals at the shelter will be terminated. Too much to deal with. Handling my mother passing away suddenly and without warning was extremely tough. It's also why when I make friends, they are more like family to me than just friends. I don't have acquaintances. You are either my lifelong friend or just someone from the past whom we knew each other. Anyway, those two paragraphs explain why I am not married, have no kids nor any pets. Besides, with my current job I have to travel occasionally and well, it makes it difficult to find people who will love my "family" as much as I do. Make sense?

Church was awesome on Saturday as always. Sometimes I find my mind drifting from the message and have to remind myself why I am there. I don't do it intentionally -- I do have A.D.D. even at this age. My mind needs to be stimulated. It's a good thing Pastor Bob does a good job of that :)

Well I need to get back to studying for my exam. Already watched the MotoGP race and I still have the WSBK races coming soon. NFL Pre-Season is around the corner and I cannot wait for that. However, I am not too happy wit the "Mario Bros" looking numbers on the Buccaneers jerseys. I really need to have a talk with the Glazers. A uniform change is a lot less important to this team than putting a good product on the field.

Have a great weekend and talk to you next week!


Week ending Sunday, July 6th, 2014
Time to vent a little bit about a very sore subject...
I realize I am probably going to lose a lot of friends for my standpoint on illegal immigration, but you know what? I don't care. This country is extremely important to me. We have laws, we have borders. Both of them need to be respected. I completely understand (more than you realize) the plight that a lot of illegals face back home trying to get into the US. I truly do. However, this country is already 17 TRILLION (yes that is correct) dollars in DEBT! We cannot afford the basic services that US citizens need. Now we have a huge influx of unskilled/uneducated workers who, as soon as they get here will apply for and receive services that are designed only for US citizens. And the funny thing is, the illegals will receive support sooner than US Citizens. We have War Veterans who are still waiting for help.

I have a few ideas on how we can fix this problem.
1. Get out of the Middle East. It is an unnecessary war costing the US taxpayers far more than we can afford. Have I mentioned how many lives have been lost?
2. Stop giving money to foreign countries. You know, some of these terrorist countries are only friends with America for what's in it for them (money). Like Pakistan for example. Hiding ole Bin Laden for years in their country while we were pouring millions and MILLIONS of dollars in aid to that country. STUPID!
3. Bring the troops home. We have a national defense issue going on and why not have our troops stationed on the borders? It's a better use of their time than being shot at by Islamist in foreign countries we have no business being in who already HATE Americans.
4. Ping all the leaders of the countries these people are fleeing and ask them what we can do to help STOP the influx of illegals. That is a better investment in our tax dollars than wasting it in the Middle East.
5. Cut any money to Mexico. Since Mexico is responsible for transporting the illegals through their country to the USA, we need to break off our relationship with Mexico. Heck, they just SHOT at some of our border guards the other day (That's a fine thank you!). This also means we need to close the border check points so that nobody can come in to the USA or go to Mexico until Mexico starts getting their act together.
6. Once we make it known to their home countries and to Mexico, from this point forward, anyone who enters this country is immediately deported and we send the bill (costs) to their home country (and to Mexico for the coyotes).

I know it sounds mean however, look at it this way. When your country is already 17 TRILLION dollars in debt, it cannot even support it's own citizens AND we have no way to screen who is flowing over the border, this creates a really bad situation for America. I am more apt to believe that redirecting this country from fighting a war we do not want/need and spending money on countries that hate us (Pakistan, Iraq, Mexico and a lot of countries in South America) and focusing on providing help to countries these people are fleeing from, that is the better avenue. We simply do not have an open check book with a bottomless supply of funds. We don't as Americans and neither does our Government.

Lastly, I still do not understand why Central and South America cannot get their act together. I think some of them are OK but there are 3-4 specific countries these illegals are coming into the USA from and that is where we need to start. Why not make their home a great place to live. Teach these countries how to prosper and be successful and so will be their citizens!

Ok enough venting on that! Friday the 4th I took the girlfriend out for ride to the beach. It was definitely warm out there and I wanted to stop by and have a burger on the beach but it was just too crowded. I will try to find a better day to make it out there. Saturday night Church was great however, I got sick to my stomach last night so I have been sick today :( Ah well it happens. I am headed into the office tomorrow to print out some training material. I want to bang out another certification before the end of July. I still have NO idea what my next assignment will be. All I do know is I got an increase on my bonus (yay!) which starts June 1st so that's great!

Have a great, blessed weekend and before you think I am a bigot (I am not, La Raza are bigots! They call themselves "The Race". Funny, isn't that the same thing Hitler screamed right before he started WW2?). I welcome anyone who immigrates legally to this country -- with open arms. Be an American. Put your foreign flags away, waive the red/white and blue and integrate yourself into American culture. Go to any country out there, that is what they expect you to do, why shouldn't we?



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