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Week ending Sunday, July 28th, 2013
Training now, travel over for now :)
Yay! The traveling is over for now. Next quarter I have to travel back to Orlando but for now I am safely home in San Diego and enjoying it. Today I am doing some training so I can catch up to speed on how things are handled on this contract. I'm spending a couple hours to go through the ticketing system to understand how they track things then understand how the internal ticketing system works. That way I have some form to track the work I do -- and in the process, show my value to the customer and my employer. Win/Win for both!

Today I got to play golf with my good friends Jack and Jason. Been a long time since we hung out and swung some clubs together. It showed in my performance today as well as my score was far higher than I normally do. That just means i need to place my 20+ year old clubs and start investing in new clubs. I like playing golf as it's good exercise and I get to chat and shoot the breeze with my friends.

Also got to hang out with a friend for dinner and then Church, which as you know I love my Church. Pastor Bob should be back next week so we're excited about that! I hope the sabbatical has been good for him and he comes back refreshed.

Other than that, it's been status quo. We still have no word on my niece or where she is at. So far everything has come up cold and it's painful for my sister to wonder if she is OK or not. If she could at least send her mom an email or something letter her know she is Ok that'd be sufficient.

Working from home is great and I am doing that in a few minutes (we're taking a break on some training). The best thing about this job is not only working for a great company and team but being able to work from home and work out during my lunch break without having to change :)

That's it for this week. Keep praying for my niece. We need them -- and God Bless you!

Week ending Sunday, July 21st, 2013
Back from long travel!
Today is actually Monday but I am posting this for yesterday as I did not get back from Florida until late last night (midnight) and I am on East Coast time at the moment (lol).

Definitely had a great time with my family. It's always good to go home and visit but I do just like to visit. It's way to hot and humid for me to stay there much longer than a week or two. That said, that humidity is really good for your skin LOL. We did talk a lot about what's going on with my niece. We think we have a pretty good idea of where she went but from there the trail is cold. I definitely hope we can find her safe and sound. At least then my sister can finally get some sleep.

Work definitely kept me busy as I was driving from my sister's house to the client site and back every day (about 130 miles every day). It's ok as sitting in the rental car gives me a chance to think and reflect. I think that is why I love long road trips. I definitely got a "new" experience working with this customer because they are huge and they are a machine. There is still a ton of work I need to do to catch up but I am staying busy. The good thing is I work with a great bunch of talented people who are also good people as well. That always helps. Reminds me of my job back in VA. Good people, great boss, etc. That's what makes me feel comfortable and I tend to work even harder.

So about this whole Trayvon Martin deal. I just want to reiterate what a very well respected African-American Pastor said last week. "You need to look through the eyes of Jesus and stop looking at the color of your skin". If this country is supposed to be of "QUALITY" then why do specific races keep telling us they are of an ethnicity or race?! If you keep telling us what race you are, you are already drawing a line in the sand that YOU do not want to be integrated into society and that you WANT to be segregated from the rest of the population. That is YOUR problem, not ours.

So while I am saddened at the loss of life, this issue should take no greater depth of precedent than other people who have been murdered. Murder is murder, regardless of your race, color, creed or what not. God isn't judging us by race, he is judging us by who we are as people and if we believe in HIM and HE whom He sent to us. That should be the bottom line to anything going on in this country.

I know I tend to get on a soap box but some of the things going on in this country just makes me be embarrassed to be a citizen. "Love thy neighbor" was one of the greatest commandments Jesus passed along. Was anyone listening or did they decide at some point that they knew what was better for them than they did? I just don't know.

Well that's it on the soap box for this week. I have a lot of catch up work and reports to do so I need to get them done (FYI this is being written at lunchtime after my jog haha). Let's keep looking my niece and make sure she is at least safe. We can't control the mind of anyone much less a child, we can only pray they do the right thing.

Looking forward to Church this weekend and good dinner with GREAT friends. Have a fantastic rest of your week.



Week ending Sunday, July 7th, 2013
The good, the bad and the UGLY!
So there are a lot of good things, a few bad things and one really ugly thing going on which I will try to explain in order.

The good things:
Work. It's excellent and all I expected it to be. What we initially talked about (staying with the VMAX array) won't be my primary duty but that is ok as well. There is a plethora of training material available to me though so I can catch up on some areas I haven't worked with in a while and keep my skills up to date. In the meantime I am learning some new equipment (to me) so that will really diversify my background and hopefully make me more valuable to the new company. The best thing about it is that I can work (mostly) from home which is great. That means instead of having to get dressed up every day and going to lunches I have time to fit in a workout or run every day -- provided I feel better. More on that in the last part of this.

The bad (not really that bad) things:
New client, a whole new infrastructure to learn. That's really all not that bad thing. Every client has their own way of doing things. The last company I was working with -- well -- probably the WORST ever, they simply had no documentation for anything and how they tracked their projects were simply not clearly tracked in a structured way (and I am putting that as nicely as I can -- and while I haven't mentioned them, they know who they are. I have purposed left out names just in the rare chance they read this. I wasn't looking to make enemies, they did that on their own by their behavior and lack of business ethics).

Main thing here is my niece is STILL missing. It's been over two weeks now and I know that my sister is hanging on by a thread. We all hope and pray that she is OK but she is a bit naive and that she can easily be swayed by the wrong crowd. We know she was "convinced" to leave home by someone she "met" online and that whoever this person was, they paid for her bus ticket. We know it's a male and we know that he's most likely near the Dallas, TX area. The authorities are very slow to respond because they are treating her like a runaway but I think they have her classified incorrectly. She didn't run away, she was coerced into leaving home and thus we feel she is in a really bad position right now and just needs to get home to family where she is safe.

The bad, but not that bad section:
Travel! I have been traveling a lot for work. Twice up to Seattle and next week (starting from the 13th) I will be in Florida for 8 days. I will stay with my family and make the daily commute up to Orlando from Sebring so I can be with my sister while she is dealing with my missing niece. It will be a good opportunity to be close to her and at least lend her a should to cry on if she needs it. I am learning to keep my opinion of the situation quiet because nothing I can say will make her feel better. I can only make things worse if I am anything but 100% supportive.

Church was great this weekend as always and the stand in Pastor is doing a really great job. We will see Pastor Bob next month so we'll be really, really happy to have him back. Amazed that the Church is still full every weekend even though he isn't there which is a testament to the impact his preaching has done for the community. Come back soon, Pastor Bob.

Everything else is fine. I will be traveling, as I mentioned before, the week of the 13th so there will be a chance there will be two weeks without a blog. You can always find updates on my FB page (sorry, I'm not really into Instagram or the other sites). If you need me, try reaching me via phone or email.

As always -- Have a great weekend.


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