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Week ending Sunday, July 27th, 2012
Quiet but very busy week!

So this was a busy week even though it was quiet. Actually got a lot of work done at the office and then this week, after having a CHEATER week with the P90X program (because my nephew was here), got back to work on that. Funny thing is I didn't gain any weight or anything so staying on the right foods helps a lot (even if I do love Soda, haha).

Church was awesome as always and the message was pretty interesting in about the plagues that God sent on Egypt and how scientist have been trying to disprove it and when you read their arguments, you have to laugh out loud and say "Put the pipe down there Mr. PHD Guy!!!" Too funny.

I flew on Saturday morning with a flight from Leesburg to the practice area where I did slow flight, power off stalls and steep turns. Then I went over to Winchester and did a landing and a soft field takeoff. From there I flew back to the practice area and did a couple of rectangular courses and then turns around a point before heading back to Leesburg. Everything went well and no issues with the proper squak code :) I have some video of the takeoff which I might show but its pretty boring unless you're a flyer.

Really that is about it for the week. Not too much to say other than I am going to watch the MotoGP race from Laguna LIVE on MotoGP.com. Going to watch that, clean up and do some laundry then relax for work tomorrow.

Have a great weekend and God Bless you ALL!!!

Week ending Sunday, July 22nd, 2012
Vacation week over, back to work!

Had a great time while my nephew was here this week. Definitely had a lot of fun and he got to do and see things he hasn't done yet. I picked him up at the Dulles Airport at 10:30 am and from there we went straight to a Laser Tag place and played a couple of games. Mental Note: Hard to play against a bunch of little kids on the same team, lol! From there we went to my new place where he changed and we went to my Church. After that we had some dinner and crashed. Sunday we went to Lowes where I picked up a ceiling fan with a light and installed that so he had a fan and and light if he needed it. Was fairly easy to install and works great!

The next day we had to wait for the contractor to show up and fix the tile in the guest bathroom. He didn't even show up after lunch. We had to wait around a couple of hours for that to be completed and then I made a steak dinner. Later that night I took CJ up with me in the "all glass" C-172 and did a night flight from Leesburg to Martinsberg to Winchester and then back to Leesburg. I had CJ take a video with my cell phone which is on my FaceBook page. He actually took several good videos which you have to scroll down to find them.

On Tuesday we drove down to DC so I could show him all the sites. Now I think he will be able to write a book report on that at school (hint hint). Traffic was pretty heavy as to be expected but he did even get to see the White House. How cool is that?! On Wednesday I took him and a couple of friends to King's Dominion which is a really cool amusement park in Southern VA. They have some of the fastest rides I've been on including one of them where if you sit in the back (which we did the second time around) you can partially black out. I like that. One of them even launches you fast like you're being launched off an aircraft carrier. FUN!

On Thursday I took him to the Dulles Air and Space museum which he didn't know was where they had filmed the Transformers movie from. In fact they even had a display there showing the graphics and animation used to make the SR-71 stand up and talk. That was great. He had a lot of questions and really enjoyed seeing the Space Shuttle and marveled at how big it really is in comparison to how big we THINK it is in real life. So that was a lot of fun.

The rest of the week we went out and about in Town and we did go to the Movies and saw the new Spider Man. It's about the same as the first one though they did make "Spidey" a little weaker than I remember. All in all it wasn't a bad movie.

Saturday night I took him to Church again and then this morning I took him to the airport to get on his flight home (he's already home safe). He definitely said he had a good time and I think that was the whole point of coming here. He also went home with my iPad as I gave him to him to use as a LEARNING tool not just to mess around on FaceBook all day and chat with girls. LOL.

Well that is about it. Happy and ready to go back to work tomorrow and get back into my normal routine. Of course I had an entire "cheater" week of no P90X and eating whatever I want (not a good ideally, really!). Now I have to start it back up again. Won't be hard but I know I've probably put on a few extra pounds. I know my stomach and shoulders are not going to like it.

Hope you had a great and blessed week!!!


Week ending Sunday, July 15th, 2012
It's VACATION week with my nephew!

So CJ got here just fine on Saturday other than me dealing with airport/security and all that other crud. The very first thing we did was go to the LASER TAG with my boss and his daughter (same age as CJ) and had a lot of fun. We did sweat a lot in there and it's hard to play against a bunch of very young and small kids because they're hard to see in the dark lol. After that we went to get some dinner and I went and picked up a new small flat screen TB (well 37") for my bedroom and moved the old TV down to his guest room so he could watch TV and neither of us would keep each other up all night, lol.

Today we went and got him a new pair of shoes for school (VANS, go CALI!) and then bought a new ceiling fan with a light so that he had some light down there and a fan if it gets warm. I also took him to Church yesterday as well he liked it a lot so that was good. Tomorrow we have to wait for Pulte to get here to fix the floor in his bathroom then we'll be doing some flying!

This week we're going to go to DC, hit an amusement park and probably do some horseback riding and then after that chill for a while. That's about all that I can add in right now as it's busy as we just finished a great home cooked dinner (yes I cooked and it was good) and I'm teaching CJ how to play the drums. Hope you had a fantastic week and I will check in with you next week when he flies back home.


Week ending Sunday, July 8th, 2012
Lots of work, lots of play!

Definitely got a lot of work done this week but we also had the 4th of July off for the Holiday though it was extremely, extremely hot! Still I accomplished everything that needed to get done this week so I am happy. Just a few more upgrades to go and I can move on to the next project. We have a new leader coming in soon so I hope I get the opportunity to meet this person and see what their philosophy on technology is.

This weekend I got to do some flying as we did "diversion tactics". Basically what would you do if you were flying somewhere on your own and the weather deteriorated to the point you couldn't land at your intended destination? You need to make sure you have enough fuel to divert to another airport. In this case we diverted to our usual hangout airport (Winchester) after we had initially flown most of the way to Cumberland airport. Actually I had about another 10 miles to go and I could have landed. We did some soft field takeoffs and landings which was really fun and then I had to get back home.

Church was great this weekend as we had Lu Wing as the guest speaker. He's from the San Diego (Murietta, CA) area and knows Pastor Botsford pretty well. It was nice to talk to another native California and inevitably they ask me "How did you end up in Virginia?!" and my answer is always the same. "I go wherever God tells me to go, even if it is not San Diego". And that is a true fact, I kid you not. Trust me, I love San Diego and wouldn't mind moving back but there is a plan with God for me here and I accepted it the day I packed all my stuff and moved out here.

As I always say I've been blessed far more than I deserve and that still rings true. Even through the "trial" I went through in 2010 with the accident and the three weeks in the hospital, physical therapy work and then out of work for 10 weeks I believe God has put me in a much better environment for me to do His will and his purpose for me.

Ok, ok, I will get off the Preacher podium and say that yes, had a good week but there's still a lot of evil in this world. Never fails when I read the news what is going on in this world. Stay close to God and He will stay close to you.

That's about it for this week. I did watch the MotoGP race this morning but it was boring. Longing for some AMA or WSBK races where the bikes are far more competitive and it isn't all about Honda vs Yamaha and who makes the best technology. Poor Hayden is probably going to be out of MotoGP next year. Makes me a sad panda.

My nephew will be out next weekend and I'll be on vacation so there will be uber tons of fun going on!

Hope you had a great week and talk to you later!

Week ending Sunday, July 1st, 2012
All work and no play this week.

Well this week was definitely a change of pace from the normal work/P90X/Fly, etc. Normally this week I would have flown once or twice but due to all the extra work that I am trying to get done at the office -- and because I can't do it during normal business hours -- I have to remote into my desktop to do the work. This was nothing very difficult it was just during odd hours (7-10pm at night) including this weekend where I got a few other things done.

It was strange too because this storm blew in and it felt like a Hurricane. It wasn't that bad to me but apparently the winds were so strong that a couple of power units in/ex-ploded so we lost power in the middle of one of my upgrades so I had to try it again a half hour later when power was restored. About the only thing that had service at that point was my Droid (and even that thing loses data connections quite often).

I did have a chance to watch some MotoGP on Saturday morning since in the Netherlands they do no racing on Sundays. It was a good race to watch but I can tell you that Nicky Hayden probably won't be with Ducati next year. Ducati have already offered a contract to Crutchlow and Nicky's signing waiver ended yesterday so I imagine he'll either try to hook up with a Satellite team or he'll end up in WSBK. That wouldn't be bad if he won a title there because then he would be the only rider to win an AMA, WSBK and MotoGP title in his career. I think it'd be a good move for him and then I can stop watching the boring, boring, boring races. WSBK and AMA are far more entertaining at least from my perspective.

Church was great on Saturday evening as always. The longer I hear my Pastor talk the more used to him I become and then it becomes more like home. Yes, I still miss Horizon's in RSF and of course I still miss San Diego but I am pretty well adjusted. At least I am used to the roads, people etc and I can ride my CBR -- though I have to sit in traffic and cannot lane split -- it's still all good. Pretty soon I'll get some DOT race tires and be able to maybe find a place I can drag some knee or hit the track.

I'm roughly about 10-15 hours until I get my Pilot's license so definitely looking forward to that. Can't believe it's almost been a year already. Think I started the ground school last August and didn't get into a plane until I think October so it's been about 10 months. Still have to finish the ground school test so that's what I've been working on.

That's about it for the week. Have a great 4th of July and please remember that we celebrate our Independence -- it's not just a random Holiday. A lot of good men and women died, and they were on God's side, to give us these freedoms. Let's remember everything they gave up for us!


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