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Week ending Sunday, January 30th, 2015
Short week update!
Not much different this week. Been trying to bust my rear at work with so much I have to do, learning to try and get along with a troublesome coworker (we've all had to do that). I have training to do which is very essential for my job. I have projects I have to get done and there never seems to be enough time in the day.

Church was great today with the fiance and son. Great, actually. We even went shopping, because I needed new work shoes. Already wore the other ones out. They were really expensive but wore out in a year due to the fact I walk on the outside of my feet. Ah well! The new ones are comfy too and look nice, but I hate the fact they are made in China! YUCK!

Everything else is cool. Definitely training is #1, Iowa caucus is tomorrow and I am really, REALLY tired of career politicians. Those who vote for them should expect more of the same. Establishment Politicians doing NOTHING for America and Americans. They simply get richer and richer while our debt goes NUTS and none of them have a plan to fix it. Well, Donald Trump does. And before you vote in a CAREER Politician, take a look at their record. Pro-Amnesty, Pro-Illegals, Pro-NAFTA, Pro-Anything that destroys our country and lines their pockets from donors, special interest and lobbyist. Think hard before you vote, our country is in YOUR hands....


Week ending Sunday, January 17th, 2015
Good week!
Good week getting to spend time with my fiance and the kids. We had a good time at Epcot on Saturday. It was pretty fun. Not as spectacular as I expected but really nice to get a taste of cultures around the world. Very nice! Church was great as well today and it's sad to see our guest Pastor leave. He's REALLY good. I hope he comes back often. Reminds me a lot of Pastor Bob in San Diego.

Everything else is fine. Work is work -- and I getting some extra training in. Trying to stay out of problematic issues and just keep my nose to the grindstone. Especially when you deal with people who do not take their work seriously and sort of just do barely enough to get by every week. What happened to the days when people took pride in their work? Isn't that what we should all be striving for?

Anyway, the 'Pub debate was really good. It's Trump all the way as I am tired of career Politicians! Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend and day off tomorrow. Have a good one!



Week ending Sunday, January 10th, 2015
Easy going week...
So it was my sister's birthday this weekend and my "better" half drove down to see here and spend dinner with my family. We had a really good time. After that they wen to see Star Wars and my sister said the same thing I said (we both hated the same part).

Sunday was Church with my family and breakfast and after that it's laundry and other house chores to do. Work is going fine, I just have a coworker that is "difficult to work with" at best. But I don't let the small things bother me. I just learn to adapt and overcome. The good thing is I have made a lot of connections, probably ticked off a few people and well, that's life. I can please everyone all the time.

I also had some friends ask me if their son could stay at my place and while I wanted to do the right and Christian thing, I don't know that person and I wasn't home most of the day so I really didn't want to let a stranger run amok in my place. Trust is not easy to come by and while I believe my friends are honest and they want my help, I am planning a weekend and both my fiance and I agree, that was not a good idea. I did offer some alternatives but apparently it didn't meet their need. I'm sorry, not sure what else to say. My life has taken a much different turn and I have a family to protect and I will DESTROY anyone that could harm them.

Call me "Pappa Bear" haha. That is about it for the week. Let's get a Conservative Christian into the White House and cleanse this country of LIB-TARDS who wish nothing more than the bend America's foundation to meet their sick and twisted view on life. In the end, God judges us all -- and I do not want to be the one who turns their back to Him and watch this country go down in flames.



Week ending Sunday, January 3rd, 2015
Happy 2016!
Hope you alll had a fantastic New Year. I did. Oh yes, there are work-related issues to deal with but nothing that anyone else has not dealt with. All I know is that God has blessed me immensely, far more than I deserve and I cannot be more grateful for His love and blessings. Every day I feel so underserved!

There's not much more to add this week. Since it was pretty busy and I do not have a lot of time to write an entire journal, I will just let you know that I will update again next week!



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