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Week ending Sunday, January 25th, 2015
Yep, same ol', same ol' except with another vent twist, lol!
This week was very atypical. Even though it was a Martin Luther King Holiday on Monday, I was working in the office. The client has that day off, our work does not. Anyway, I did have to go to the office on Monday but it was quiet and that gave me time to get some work off my plate.

Everything else the rest the week was OK. Very a-typical type of stuff. Architect, design, engineer IT things. That is what I love to do and what I think God designed me to do. In the interim -- meaning between work, P90X3 and other things I have to do, I pay attention to the news. Let me just say to you, the state of this country is in a decline the likes we have never seen. President Obummer has managed to alienate the US from all of our allies, he has been bumping elbows with Iran, Cuba and the rest of the Middle East. In the meantime our WW2 allies are standing there saying "Eh, Americanos! What are you doing?!"

I'll tell you what we're doing. Obummer is throwing out "baby" with the bath water. Since he has been President, ISIS has formed, we've had more terrorism in this country than we've ever had since 9-11, he has let out of ton of Gitmo terrorist (all of whom will come back to commit terrorism on our soil), he has buddied up the Castro (communist) country. I mean, it's as if our President looked at all the GOOD we have done as a nation and said "Ah to hell with it, I can screw this up in about 15 seconds!" And you know what? HE HAS!

I could sit here as if I am a commentator on Fox network and go through each and every Oh-blunder he has committed. Has nothing to do with race, it has everything to do with his stance AGAINST America, Americans and our Constitution while thumbing his nose at the nations who stood by us during 9-11 and the wars we have had to fight for freedom. Then we have DOLTS like Seth Rogan, Michael Moore and many other LIB-TARDS who bash our Military. If it were not our Military, you'd be speaking Russian or some other foreign luggage you INGRATES!

I could go on for years about this but as a former US Marine, I can only say that I have served my country -- neither of those dolts have. They just need to shut up and embrace the freedoms we provide to them that allow them to put their foot in mouth publicly with no repercussions. I am sure my relatives who also have served are rolling over in their graves.

That is about it for this week. I've not caught up with Pastor Bob's sermons so I need to do that. I've gotten a bunch of chores done but I have others on the list. I still have to write up some stuff from a meeting (notes need to be updated) then I have other planning to do. I love my job :) Have a great week and talk to you soon!


Week ending Sunday, January 18th, 2015
Typical CRAZY week for me!
So it's a very typical work week for me. Crazy stuff going on, lots of projects and not really sure what the long term outcome will be, at least for me. I'm a contractor so you know in that position someone can say "Well we don't need that position anymore" and blam, you're gone. The good side of that is it keeps me on my toes and working hard. I've always worked hard but in this case, I have to be especially sensitive as well.

In fact I had lunch with my boss this week and was asked if I planned on buying a house. You know me, I always answer honestly -- bluntly in fact. That always gets me in trouble, lol. In this case I said "I don't know because you never know how long a job is going to last....with me being on contact..." That is a truthful answer being on contract, as I said, your job can go away anytime. What I hope they didn't think is that I had no intention of staying. In fact, I did move cross country to be here so I plan to be here. I just don't know what THEIR plans are for me. Cannot count on that all the time. All I can do is the best job that I can.

I still haven't found a church here yet but to be honest I haven't had much time either. I do watch, as often as possible, Pastor Bob's services online so it's the next closest thing. It's your faith in God that keeps you going and keeping that relationship up.

Anyway, that is about it. I kept it short this week on purpose, lol. Been extremely busy and well, my life is boring compared to most everyone else's. Have a good one and talk to you next week!


Week ending Sunday, January 11th, 2015
Work, Fun -- Happy birthday to my sister!!!
Well that was a good week! LOL. I was able to spend some time with family this weekend. Given the fact this was a monumental birthday for my sister I was glad to be able to spend the time with her. She's grateful for me being in a good position to be able to help her and I am grateful to God for blessing me far more than I deserve so I can extend His blessings to family.

I was going to go into a whole "About France" thing but I know no one is going to listen. Not even France. Their own, beautiful country and culture is being ripped apart by muslims. And what are they doing about it? NOTHING! Read: "NO GO" zones in France and what they are and you'll understand what I am talking about. Say Goodbye to France, it's being turned into a muslim country right before our eyes and the West and Europe turn their eyes away. That is what happened in WW2. I'm telling you, WW3 is upon us and SATAN is winning to this point.

Everything else is going OK. I just got my P90X3 videos so I will get to work on them starting Monday. Even got the pull up bar! YAY! I have a plan to be back to 100% top shape again. It was being in great shape and God's grace that kept me alive last time. If I want to be able to handle the next thing that comes along, I need to be in good shape.

No new Church yet, though I am looking. No football to watch since the Bucs are out of things. I am just working as hard as I can to build a good rapport with my boss, get the projects done and NOT SCREW UP :) That is all I can ask for. Great job, great folks to work for. Busy for sure, lots of work to do but I cannot complain.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Going to have a glass of wine and relax the rest of this Sunday -- God's day! Have a good one!!!


Week ending Sunday, January 4th, 2015
End of a well-needed break!
You would think that only being on the job for less than 2 months I wouldn't need a break, but I did. It has been so hectic since I relocated from San Diego. Honestly, I really need a vacation but do not have any vacation time. Since the "whirlwind" effect of getting from home to Florida, I have run around non-stop. I have been able to spend more time with family which is great! My sister is not happy that I don't want to crash at her place but with so many people and me being a light sleeper, the only way I am going to get a good night's sleep is at my place.

I did do some work around the house this weekend. Two of the main jobs was fixing the lights in the garage and in the small court yard that is really supposed to be a back yard. I need to mow the place so I guess next weekend I will pick up a cheep "reel" mower so I can get the small front and rear yard mowed. I am sure if I don't mow it soon I am going to get on the HOA's naughty list. Really, I mean the yard is so small I could get a rabbit to do the work for me, lol!.

I have been watching Pastor Bob's sermon's online -- pretty sure I have said that more than once on the blogs. I really need to make a concerted effort to find a new church but since I am not staying in this place forever, I really need to wait until I land wherever God puts me and then I can find a Church. At least for now I still have Horizon and Pastor Bob. As God says, I am with you always and I know that He is there and I try to do my best to keep myself in line with His objectives for me.

Those of you who know me know that I do NOT par-tay at all anymore. So glad to extradited that from my life. So for New Years I stayed home and make calls to my friends and just relaxed. It is always a smart move to stay off the roads during the Holidays as revelars abound after drinking and yes, they drive.

That is honestly about it for this week. It's a New Year and I am 100% sure that God's plans for me, for you and for this Country are good as long as we stay right in line with His plans and purpose. If you pull away from God, He will pull away from us and that is never a good place to be in.

I wish you all a Happy and BLESSED New Year and that no matter what happens, you lean on God for everything.



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