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Week ending Sunday, January 27th, 2013
More work, some headaches, regular stuff...

So this week I got a ton of stuff done. Lot of it is reports that has to be done for the new VP of the IT group that I work in. I also have been trying to teach another group how to figure out the problems with their storage so they know that it is not the storage I am working on but some other vendor arrays that are causing the problems. I did get my EMC Certified Professional book to study so I need to work on that but that will come after the next project on my bucket list...

Flying. This week I got to work with my instructor on a practice FAA Examiner scenario. There are a lot of things I have forgotten after not flying as much as normal so there are a lot of things I have to pick up. I also found out we have a new (2009) Cessna 182 in the inventory and got to talk to the owner today. He bought in brand new in 2009 and has sub-leased it to AV-ED. That's pretty cool. He is "retired" at a pretty young age so he flys it a lot and that's good for him and proof that if you work hard and make good decisions with your finances you can do whatever you want in this world (legally!).

The home inspector was supposed to come to the house on Friday so I worked extra hours to make sure I was here but alas, he could not make it because of the snow. The schools had closed early so he had to go pick up his child and him being a single guy I can empathize with him. I don't have kids myself but I know you have to be a parent all the time and kids come first. He is supposed to come out this Friday so I will take the day off and work the hours when I get back so I am don't short change myself.

Church was great as always. Didn't see my new friend there so maybe she just showed up for one service. Sometimes you just have to jell with the Church and the Pastor so I can understand. I do like the new Church though I do find myself occasionally missing Pastor Bob and Horizons. The next time I am in San Diego I will stop by for a service. It will be good to see him again.

Don't think I missed anything else. I did have to use my new snow shovel to clean out my driveway and my front yard area (pics posted on FaceBook). It's been cold here but it's supposed to get warm on Wednesday then slowly, the snow is coming back again (boo!). I really only enjoy show when skiing or boarding. I think that will be about it. Nothing else new to report, just getting my work done and trying to improve myself wherever I can. I hope you have a great rest of your week.


Week ending Sunday, January 20th, 2013
Working my fingers to the bone.

It's a good thing this is a holiday weekend because I definitely need it. Since I got back from Christmas vacation I've been going non-stop every single day. I don't mind though because it makes the days fly by and sometimes I just lose track of time. There are so many projects that have to be completed and a short amount of time to do them so there's always pressure.

Next week the final inspection on my townhome will be completed and like I said last time, there are a LOT of things that need to be done. The same inspector who checked my place out I had referred to my neighbors. They said that their place was in much better construction shape than mine is (which I already knew) so there are a ton of things I want fixed. They will be out here on Friday so I have to take some time off work. Trust me I am going to make sure everything is fixed and where it should be.

There's a lot of other crazy things going on as well so we'll see what time has in store.

This week I found some old friends from way back from my early days post Marine Corps time on FaceBook. So neat to find friends that I have lost touch with in years so its good to reconnect. I hope I can find some more old friends as well. This week I got the car washed, cleaned up the house and did some SAN and Flying study work done. Worked with my flight instructor on flight planning which I needed to do some work on.

Church again was great as always. Didn't see my friend this week but I'm sure they'll be back. God always has a way of tugging at your heart when He thinks you're straying off the path. Lord knows I've fallen off the narrow path several times myself (the last 3 years should prove that).

Ok that is about it for the week. Wish I had more to say but in time I'll post more information about what is going on. Hope you had a great week and stay bundled up. Always cold here!


Week ending Sunday, January 13th, 2013
One year of home ownership coming up.

Well next month will be my first year of owning my own home. It was a smart move on my part after paying rent for most of my life. There are benefits of NOT owning, of course (you could pick up and leave just about anytime you want) but there are a lot of side benefits. Such as, for example, my credit rating shot up -- and it was already up there. Next month I have the builders coming over to do the final inspection but I already hired my own inspector come over yesterday. He found a lot of the same things I already knew about. After his review he sent me the PDF review which I sent to the builder and said "You need to fix this!"

And they better, lol. After the first year if there is anything else wrong with the house you have to have your insurance take care of it. So, that is why its important for me to get them out here ASAP and review what is in the inspection list and get it taken care of. Mainly, I want these stupid nails that are pointed out through the ceiling replaced by screws. The nail pops are making me crazy. They also found a nail pointed through the roof but so far I haven't found any leaks.

Saturday I washed the car because its black and it tends to get really dirty. Much more so than my old Silver Tacoma (which never looked dirty). After that I went to Church at Cornerstone, which I love a lot and really, I do like our Pastor. I actually saw someone sitting there by herself so I sat by her so that she had some company and didn't have to be alone. After that it was back home to watch some movies and get some sleep.

Today, Sunday, I haven't watched any football because I am taking care of some of the things on that inspection list. Mainly I am making sure that caulk and sealant is everywhere so that the house doesn't leak any heat, especially during the really cold periods here in VA. Well, it gets cold but not really as cold as it is just a little farther North. Because of the bad weather today my scheduled flight with my instructor was canceled. We were going to simulate an what an FAA examiner does so we can see where I am at. We'll try next week and if it looks good and my ground tests look good then I will schedule both exams and try to get my license before too long. That'd be great.

Well honestly that is about it this week. I know there are a lot of crazy things going on in the world right now and more than ever, we really need to be praying more. There is no one on Earth that can't fix this Nation's problem. Only through God and His will and purpose for our lives can we get things straight in this country. I won't get into a political thing, but I can say that this country is fed by greed and it's destroying us from the inside out.

That's it. Have a great rest of your weekend and talk to you later!


Week ending Sunday, January 6st, 2013

So it was a good December and an OK start to 2013. I'll update you on what has gone on since the last blog entry. I know a lot of you wondered why the writing stopped but again, I was back in Florida for a week and a half for the Christmas/New Year celebration and it was good to stay with my family.

This time I did not drive up as it was too far and since I already bought the ticket I could not drive the new car down to Florida. Yes, I actually own a car now. The original goal was to give my brother-in-law the Tacoma and then just buy a new car but after talking to my boss it made more sense to trade the truck in since it had a high amount of resale value. So -- and you know this-- I bought a 2012 Lexus IS350. Yes, I bought an end of the year vehicle with no mileage on it because I got 7k off the list price. The car's list value was 47k so take 7k off and then another 12k for my truck trade and I ended up paying 28k for a brand new Lexus. Now you understand why I did that, lol. I've never had a car this nice before and honestly, to say I feel blessed is an understatement.

So I got the car on the 19th so I only had a few days of driving it to work and then had to park it and flew down to Florida. I had a great time with my family, got to hang out with friends and even played some golf. Got to see my nieces that I haven't seen for a while and even played some tag football to stay in shape. Actually my legs are still sore, lol. My sister gave me a full body massage for Christmas. Best thing I've ever had that didn't come wrapped up in a box. So that was really nice. On New Years day I flew back here to VA and got back into the work grind.

Work is going ok. To be honest, if it wasn't for having such a great boss to work for I might have left already. There have been a ton of offers to work for other companies and for more money but honestly, this isn't about money. I make more than what I need and I give to others as much as possible. I help my family, I support a child that isn't mine (donations!) and give wherever I can. I do good things for people because I feel blessed and I think that is the way God would want me to behave. To strive to help others who are having a rough time. There's not much more one can do and when you're single and don't have kids I think that's where a lot of your time should be spent.

So far I've been feeling better and better since that last "episode" in early November. Now I have a cold which is stopping me from getting back into my P90X workout but I plan to start it again when I feel healthy again. I think the key for me to staying alive this long given all the adversity that I have encountered is to stay in shape and work out.

I went back to Church on Saturday. It's always great to get back and this year it was a little different as the first service was a Q&A session. Pretty good as a lot of questions were answered so I am interesting in seeing what's on tap for next week.

I planned to go to DC on Saturday but my friend didn't call back so I ended up doing some shopping and getting my car washed. It's black so it gets dirty pretty fast so I'll have to wash it a lot. The house is clean, chores are done -- now it's time to watch some football!

Have a great rest of your weekend!


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