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Week ending January 28th, 2007
Busy week this week! I had to go back and do the drug screen again because apparently the person who took the sample didn't sign it so when it got to the lab they rejected it. This time I went to a place in Costa Mesa during lunch time since it was closer to my office. I had a nice ride there until it started raining. Haha, I had forgotten how fun it was to ride in the rain -- and get soaked. Anyway, I got that completed and passed the drug test and the company background. I am still waiting on the Government security clearance to clear. If you've never completed a US Government security test let's just say you better have a good memory. I even had to list close friends I have known for at least 7 years who know where I live. Good thing I have life-long friends, lol.

For the first time in a while I added some music to my site. However this time it's not me doing cover tunes but music from my friend Jeff Northam. He's amazingly talented with a piano. The three samples I added are all tunes he wrote and played himself. I like to listen to them when I want to relax and chill out. It's really good to listen to at work, mixed in-between Christian radio. I wish I could play the piano. That was a goal of mine but due to injuring my right middle finger I doubt I will be able to now. I guess since I haven't tried yet I will never know. Reading the sheet music is the hardest thing for me. I understand the keys, notes, chords, etc but the sheet music may as well be written in Japanese.

Saturday night I went to dinner and the movies with a friend. On her suggestion we saw "Babel." If you're looking for a review here it is: "Save your cash and go see another movie." Yes, Brad Pitt was in it but it was just a little too demented for me. The plot was fine, I understood what was going on but the way it was presented was 100% negative. I looked at the faces of the people coming out after and everyone looked depressed. That's all you really need to know about a movie, whether if was good or not, are the faces of the people coming out.

I'm already in Joshua in the bible right now. I wish I had more time to read before I go to bed but this job change, move and all the other ancillary stuff has kept me uber busy. I haven't even had time to poke around with the bikes or finish the work on the CR250 so I can ride it. Well, I can ride it now it's just not 100% where I want it. I rode it a few months ago and had a great time but still it wasn't pulling hard enough for me. The compression is fine I just think I have to replace the EIC. Anyway, that's it for this week. If I have any new news regarding the job/move, etc I will post it on the site as soon as I know. Have a great week!

Week ending January 21st, 2007
This weekend I decided against racing WSMC. Checked the temps and the forecast for winds and decided this is one of those weekends I should probably skip after talking to KK. He said those temps and winds just wreak havoc there. Since I am not trying to turn pro it was best for me sit out. I'll try WSMC again in February -- my birthday weekend -- how cool is that?

As it turned out that worked fine as I got to bring a friend to Church with me. She had never been to Saddleback and was very impressed. Not with the music, not with the layout or anything else. She was impressed with the message and Pastor Doug Fields. That was a pleasant surprise to me. Most people I invite to Church are more impressed with the campus and facilities and few really pay attention to the message. I was very happy that she appreciated the message more than anything. Doug is such a great speaker. He keeps us rolling with his funny one-liners but his message is always poignant.

As for the job front, all the paperwork for backgrounds has been completed so now all I have to do is wait for the green light so I can give my notice and start earnestly looking for a new place. I spent a little time searching this weekend and realized I'll be able to afford to buy a place for almost what I am paying right now for rent. I had been waiting to buy for several reasons but I figure I am going to settle down where I am headed and buying makes sense. There no time like the present! Besides, I've already got a ton of ideas for what I am going to do with the garage space.

Week ending January 14th, 2007
Well, so far so good! Last Friday I filled out my application, received my offer letter (which I signed, BTW!) and took my drug test. Odd, most drug test require a urine sample. This one required me to give not just a hair or two, but some rather large locks. I understand hair gives a better idea if you are a drug user or not but still -- I felt like asking the guy to trim a little bit more and save me the $30.00 I normally pay for a haircut -- HAHA!

Now all I have to do is fill out some background information and I am all set. I have to start looking to either rent or buy where I am headed. I haven't decided yet what I want to do. I need to scout the area as I am not really that familiar with it and I am not sure where the best places to live are. I do know that I don't want a super long commute.

I am really excited about these upcoming changes in my life. God has the reins and I am just sitting in the passenger seat. Obviously this was part of His plan all along for me. I am sad in a way to see my investment and relationship with my own business end but at the same time, I was really bored and felt un-challenged. This new opportunity provides me some in-depth training in technology and it's something I have been interested in for a long time.

I am a bit sad to leave OC and this area. I've lived here a long time and know the area well. Some of my closest friends are here. I have some great neighbors that I will miss. They really are more like my friends. They bring me food all the time and are always asking me how I am doing and what is new in my life. I've only lived here a few years but still, it feels like home. You know what they say, the only thing constant in life is change.

But like I said before, this is God's plan for me. Obviously staying here was never part of His long term plan for my life. Moving to a new area, making new friends and the upcoming challenges this new career is going to afford will keep me plenty busy and excited. I haven't been this excited about a change since I left the Marines -- and I was plenty happy about that decision.

Stay tuned, more to come on this saga...

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all my family and friends and I hope you had a great holiday. My Christmas was pretty good! I also wanted to take this opportunity reflect on 2006 - both good and bad.

Well let's see, 2006 started off as the first year I have been without my mom. It's weird because I still have the urge to call her sometimes then I remember "Oh yeah, I can't do that anymore." The good that has come of this is I have become closer to God and my family whom I talk to quite often. My mom really accomplished her greatest goal in life through her death - bringing us all closer together. (God bless you, mom and rest in peace).

I attended a lot of track days this year on the RR cumulating in my first WSMC Novice race in June. Of course, I started the first class session on too hot a hot pace using worn Power Race tires and by lap 8 I had tucked the front end in turn 4b and destroyed my new paint job, a rear set and a brake lever. No problem. Between classes I got the bike fixed with help from friends, put new tires on and ended up finishing and passing the school. The very next day I raced my first race starting 26th and ending up 14th (only three laps due to a red flag). I didn't accomplish my goal of winning or placing but I did learn what to expect and that I will have to work a lot harder if I want to win. It was a humbling experience for me without a doubt.

In July I was taking racing lessons from Kenny Kopecky only to crash on the very first lap and break my collar bone and destroy my bodywork, brakes and rearset in addition to my gloves and my leathers. I got a nice ride to Antelope Valley Hospital and woke up hours later in pain. Concussions are bad, mmmmmmk? Thankfully I have good friends who came and got me from the Hospital and took me home. The RR is back together and I am going to start racing again in January and try for the rookie of the year honors. In the 600cc class that's a tough challenge but I am ready and very excited. I've always lived my life "shooting for stars" and taking on the biggest challenges I could find and learning to face my greatest fears. If I am not willing to take chances on what I believe in, truly believe in, what good am I as a person?

I've also grown a lot spiritually which for me has been the single most important aspect of my life that has changed this year. It's amazing what reflecting on your life and it's purpose on this planet can do to change your perspective and rearrange priorities. What used to be important in my life has now taken a back seat to doing what glorifies God and His purpose for me. I am His humble servant. I've learned to put myself out there in service of others and give my testimony not by my words, but by my actions -- which say more than words ever could.

I've had some real bad luck this year in both business and my personal life. But each time I fall I have learned to pick myself up, dust myself off and keep trying. That's just life and you learn to roll with the punches. What does not kill me can only make me stronger. Most importantly I've learned who my real friends are. Many people come and go throughout our lives but our true friends, the ones who love us for who we really are (warts and all) will always be there. 2006 has opened my eyes to who my real friends are and how important they are in my life. My 2006 could be summed up as the year of God, Family and Friends.

To all of you who have been there for me, to all of you who's lives we have touched in return, to my family who means the world to me....THANK YOU and have a wonderful Christmas Holiday and a prosperous 2007!

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