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Week ending Sunday, February 28th, 2016
I totally forgot this was a leap year! LOL. How sad is that given my birthday was last week :) Maybe because I am so focused on Politics lately. Speaking of which I will go ahead and give you my views about the election. A lot of people are being a bit naive and have not done their research on what is going on with Washington.

Let's take Marco Rubio. A JUNIOR Senator from Florida who missed more Senate votes than anyone else in the Senate. EVER! Even more than Obummer I think. Guess who finished second? You guessed it, Ted Cruz. These two JUNIOR Senators with ZERO accomplishments can't do their OWN job and yet they think they are qualified to hold the highest office in the world? Give me a break.

Then you have Kasich and Carson who I like but they don't have enough traction. On the Dumbocrat side, you have a Socialist (Communist) and a Career Liar. Benghazi, Email Server, Clinton Foundation. Not to mention all the donors, lobbyist and special interest that pay her $250k for a bland speech as well as her taking money from Goldman Sachs and other donor who will DEMAND she bring in more illegal immigrants, more H1B visas, etc. What is her accomplishments as secretary of state? NONE!

What an election year. I hope Trump wins. Not because I enjoy his rhetoric. I don't. He's not the most stately candidate, but he does prove that we are sick and tired of voting in Politicians who do absolutely NOTHING! The GOP has both the Senate and the House and yet did not stop any of Obama's executive actions. Amnesty was stopped by the STATES, not by the GOP. On top of that they voted to fund Amnesty and Planned Parenthood. Look, I know they do some good for women, if they stop funding abortions then I say FUND THEM! But as a Conservative Christian, I do not think that other than rape or incest should abortion be allowed. There are plenty of accidental parents NOT accidental children.

Anyway, I am getting over a chest cold though I did get to spend some time with the love of my life today so no matter what happened, it was a great week! Hope you all had a great week and we'll find out what happened to our Pastor soon. DOH!



Week ending Sunday, February 21st, 2016
Great birthday weekend, aside from being SICK! LOL
I had a great week with my family. Well, it was Friday and I went down to Sebring to help my sister out, get my taxes done then worked 1/2 day from there. After that we went to Codys (my favorite place to eat in See-boring). After a great dinner with loved ones I had to drive home and get some work done. Saturday I picked up one of the kids and drove them home, got the car washed, got some chores done then tried to rest. Which I did rest a lot yesterday but STILL tired.

Yes, "its my birthday and I'll cry if I want to!" Well, not really. I am indeed SICK but got to spend time with my love and the kids and watch "Risen". It was OK. Good biblical story and some of it mirrors the Bible but a lot does not. If you are familiar with the text (and yes, I read it a lot) I can easily pick out what is correct and what is not. One thing is for sure, my love loves and me and she definitely spoils me far more than I deserve!

The only other thing I want to say this week is I have been praying constantly for the Freeze family that God reaches out and touches thm. There is no fix, no band-aid that will cure this. And regardless of why she chose to make that decision, all we can do now is support the family. We cannot change the past or the result, but we can lift them up and show them that God's plan for them is greater than their own.

Hope you have a great rest of your Sunday. God bless you all!


Week ending Sunday, February 14th, 2016
Sad news from my Virginia family...
I don't know how to explain this. It's completely baffling how someone can tear down such a beautiful young woman and family member. There's nothing I can do or say tot he family that will ease the pain. Losing a loved one is terrible and the grief sometimes unbearable. No psychologist, no amount of money, no sympathy or love can heal the wounds. They will still be there forever. Like a flesh wound, the bleeding will stop but the pain and scars simply last forever.

Such is the case for the "family" in Virginia, the Freezes. Look, they are not "blood" family but to me, blood isn't what defines a family. Relationships do. I have two class of relationships. Acquaintances and Family. That's how I lump them. If we just talk once a year or every couple of years, not really family. That is more of an acquaintance. Someone you know but not very well. My family on the other side, are people I talk to often, we have a relationship and when that occurs that means FAMILY to me.

That is how I look at Brent and Kim Freeze. They were so good to me when I was working in Virginia and they treated me as part of their family. As sad as I was to leave their company it was the right decision for me. But I still love them and they are family.

Last Wednesday morning they lost their daughter, Payton. How she died is not important. What is important is WHY. And that was bullying from schoolmates. This girl did not deserve the torture she was subjected to at school. She was fun, funny and very smart girl who had the entire rest of her life to do great things. That was cut short by the pressure on her from bullies. I simply cannot fathom what I would do if that was my child -- I have no idea if I could go on either. God has great plans for us all, we need to trust in Him at all times.

While we do not understand what He does, that will become more clear when we meet him at the gates. Until then, we need to rely on our faith in Him, in friends and family to get by this tragedy and do the best we can do. I will be flying to DC Wednesday to make the services. There was no way I could not be there at least in support, let them know I love them and try to be there for them emotionally. That is really all that I can do.

For the few people that read this (look my blog is definitely not prime-time material) I ask you to pray for the FREEZE family. Everyone, pray for the family. For healing, for understanding, that God will comfort them in their time of loss. They have a purpose in life and I pray the same. To give them a reason to try and bring something positive for them out of this dark time. Nothing can replace Payton. She is irreplaceable.

All my love to the Freeze family. We are here for you in whatever we can be.

God bless.


Week ending Sunday, February 7th, 2016
Birthday Month!
Woah? Where has all the time gone? I'm way past mid life now and looking back on all the things I have accomplished, none of which was ever possible without God, I feel so grateful and blessed every single day I wake up. Now, I have not been feeling spectacular and am going to get checked out next week. It's been bugging me for a few weeks now. This happened back in the summer and they said I was fine, but I need to get checked out again to be sure (it was $800.00 out of my pocket too).

I know God has my back on everything. He has blessed me far more than I have ever deserved. In fact, the only thing I deserve is death and eternal fire. But He is a loving and forgiving God and I know that no matter what His plans are for me, they are good. So I pray about my health and especially my Aunt who is facing cancer. So far she is the only one I know of in our family that has ever had it so I can only pray for her as well. She's a good person and He knows that.

I am on call this week and have gotten called four times already this week. It's worth it as they pay me well and I love my job so I can only keep my head to the grindstone and try to do the best job I can do and let God take care of the rest.

Great but short weekend with the family. Tyler's birthday is the 15th so HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TYLER!!! It's also the Superbowl weekend so I am watching that. That is about it for the weekend. Brief but of substance. Hope everyone is doing well and I will check in with you next week!


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