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Week ending Sunday, Feb 2nd, 2014
Most of the month of Feb is lost!
Great! I had a corruption issue and most of the month of Feb 2014 is lost so I will try to recap everything here.

Work was going OK and we had some small hiccups with one of the clusters we were looking over.

I flew to Florida (Sebring) for my Birthday. All the recap of what I did that month is pretty much lost and I don't have a backup copy of it (stupid me) so I can't tell you exactly what happened other than:

1. Golf with Robert.
2. Hanging out with friends.
3. Eating out a lot, especially with family.
4. My sister made a great cake for me.
5. Party at the old Watering Hole with friends.

Honestly, that was one of the best birthday parties ever because I didn't knock my head around lol.

That's it. I can't even recap what happened last week because it was all pretty much a blur with work stuff going on. Stupid me, the IT guy who didn't have a backup copy of this month. It's short and sweet and that's the best way to be.

Note to self: Backup your stuff better lol.


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