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Week ending Sunday, December 28th 2014
Merry CHRISTmas week!
Not a bad week at all so to speak! Well, when CHRIST is involved it's always a good week! It was a short week at work though I did work remotely the day after Christmas. The day before was a half day but still worked from home, then drive up to Florida later in the day. I actually got some nice gifts from my family which were things I really needed for work. They of course got some pretty decent gifts from me and I am really glad I could help them out.

I did finally get my Florida driver's license stuff done so that was good as well. I really will miss my California license though for sure. It just seems ours are a bit more up to date with security but it is what it is.

I still haven't found a good Church here in Orlando but still looking. In the meantime I am still watching Pastor Bob's services online so I sort of still feel like I am there :) Even when you are not there you still understand the message and feel like you are a part of it. That reminds me, I need to tithe online which I think I will start doing that asap.

Next week is also a short week but I am going to try and get my plates moved over to Florida. I think that'll be a big chunk of change. I still have to move my CBR over as well but I can figure that out when I have more time.

Honestly that is about it. I finished my laundry, watched the Bucs lose the last game of the season and well, that's it for this year. Maybe something better will come along next year, I don't know but I want to go to some games.

I hope you had a very BLESSED CHRISTmas this year, with family and friends and you remember that CHRIST is the reason we have CHRISTmas and not some silly pagan celebration :) See you after the New Year all!!!!

Week ending Sunday, December 21st, 2014
Slower week, getting slower next week!
Alrighty then! It was a lot slower last week even though I was busy the first couple of days trying to get a project done. Ran my first meeting which was good as we got through it fairly quickly without any push back. Always, always a good thing when that happens! I got more access this week and hope to have that all nailed down next week so that when 2015 rolls around I will have everything I need to get work done.

My sister and brother in law were here this weekend and that was good. Took them to Johnnies on Friday night then we went shopping on Saturday night. Watched a movie, good dinner -- great hanging out with the family as always and they are really enjoying their early Christmas present. Let's pray that God continues to bless me despite the sin that sometimes hits at me. He knows I am not perfect and anyone who knows me has known that for years. I do try to do my best and to stay on the narrow path that leads to salvation.

Speaking of that, since I have not found a new Church yet I have been watching Pastor Bob's sermons online. Not quite as good as being there but as close as you can get. My seat misses me but I know that someone else is sitting in it for me and keeping it warm! Definitely miss that spot at Church since I have been sitting there for almost 8 years. Ah well, maybe when I find a new Church I'll have a good seat and a good, Godly Pastor to listen to and commune with.

Other that those things, not much else is going on. Watched the Bucs lost yet another game. Our offensive line is well, OFFENSIVE. They cannot block anyone or anything and we cannot get the run game going. We have a terrible QB in McNown. I know Lovie had faith in him but he isn't nearly the type of QB we need. I'm already frowning thinking about a rookie QB next year. We shall see.

Since this is the last post before CHRISTmas, I am praying that you have a happy, safe and MERRY Christmas this year. Let's not focus on the gifts that we give each other in wrapped packages but look at it for what it is! The gift we all have in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. That is the biggest and best gift mankind has ever received. Let's pray that this nation never forgets God. For if we stray from Him, He will allow the multitude of problems to happen. Stay close to Him and He will stay close to you. Amen and have a great week!

Week ending Sunday, December 14th, 2014
Busy week, not much to add overall, lol
So just a really short update for this week. Things were/are always busy with work and then when I get home it's usually a work out (though none this weekend), then dinner, then catch up on email/bills/cleaning then off to bed for the next day. I never seem to have enough time. I wish we all had more time during the day don't we?

Work is coming along though I am still behind with access (I really need that to get into areas I need to get in to) so that puts me behind but at least I have a couple of strong projects to work on. That makes me happy as anytime I am learning new technology it helps keep me up to date on the changing landscape called Information Technology.

Since I haven't found a Church yet, I have been watching Pastor Bob's sermons on the inter-webs (lol). Always great to hear them in full even if I cannot be there in person. I think I wait to find the right church when all of God's plans become more clear to me. I did some "bike" shopping this week (the non-engine kind) and I think I know which one I want but I am not going to buy until a few days AFTER Christmas when the prices are sure to drop a little bit.

Honestly -- that is it. I watched the Bucs lose again today. I am 100% sure they are trying to get a top pick in the draft. I know I have another 3 months before MotoGP starts up again. I think WSBK will start first again. Either way, always some good racing for sure. I think ole' Melandri is back in MotoGP. That means more crying, lol!!!

I hope you had a great, blessed week and well, you won't hear much next weekend as the family is coming up to do some shopping!!!


Week ending Sunday, December 7th, 2014
Pearl Harbor day. Remember our Veterans!
As well remember the events on December 7th, 1941, make sure you thank a Veteran for their service. As a former US Marine I personally understand the sacrifices these men and women made during World War II to keep our frseedoms alive and to stop satan (AKA: Adolf Hitler) from turning the world into nothing by tyranny and villainy. My grandmother came to the US from Austria, fleeing the violence of the Nazi regime. My Mother and Aunt were both born there. Had my grandmother (RIP) not fled, I may never have existed.

Of course we all know that God's plans are greater for us than our own so I am personally grateful that God watched over our family. There are many people who lost loved ones during the great second war and my thoughts and prayers go out to every single one of you. It's easy for the American society today to shrug off those sacrifices and forget that freedom is NOT free. Someone had to die for you and I am enjoy the great country we live in. That said, we still have much work to do to help strengthen this country and expand the freedoms we enjoy other countries. So, I just wanted you to think about that over the next few weeks before you have your Christmas dinner.

Good things at work so. I finally got my laptop and my credentials so I have started getting some work done. However, there are other credentials I need so I have to wait for them before I can truly be productive at work. It's going OK so far but again it's too early to say much. I am grateful for the opportunity and I intended to make sure that my employer sees the value I provide. Just gotta work harder and smarter :)

This was a good weekend as well as I was back in Sebring spending time with family. We went "Christmas Tree" hunting at Highlands Hammock State Park. They let you pay $20.00 to go to the park and pick your own "Sand Pine" tree, which we did. My sister posted a picture of the tree on her facebook page. It actually looks nicer than I thought it would. After that we went to the "local" winery there in Sebring (can you believe they have one?) where I bought a bottle for me and one for my sister. It was actually better than I expected.

After that we hit Cody's again. I really like that place as the food is great! After that I headed back here when I am doing today's chores and watching the Buccaneer game. Since it's not over yet I cannot post the score but it's close so far (10-17). My sister really loves the 4Runner I bought her and I know she is grateful. Even my brother in law has thanked me. I appreciate the kind words. All of this was done because God has blessed me beyond belief which provides me the means to help my family as well.

Just a few things left to do: Get a FL driver's license and move all my tags over to FL as well. Yikes, I am so far behind already!

I guess that is about it. I hope you enjoy your "memorial" type weekend and that God may continue to bless you. Cheers!


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