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Week ending Sunday, December 29th, 2013
The end of an odd, hectic, crazy and sometimes fun year.
Sometimes you're glad year is over -- sometimes you are not. In this case, the year has been drastic. So rather than just talk about the week I'd rather review some of the things that have occurred this year.

1. Nearly finished flying in VA.
I was nearly finished with all of my flying. I had completed some of the pre-final exam flights and was ready to take my final flight exam and flight when #2 happened.

2. Got a call for a job offer to move back to San Diego.
At the end of January I got a call from a friend of mine about a possible job back home in San Diego. Since the Government facility I was working at had a new VP (and he had some weird ideas when it came to technology) and I felt that I didn't want to lose touch with my skill set on EMC storage, I decided to take the job offer. I had to leave my brand new home in VA (now and investment) but this was the right move for me.

3. Found out the job was not what it was supposed to be.
I was supposed to be a Storage Architect but instead this company was so discombobulated, it turned out to be a never evening fire right. Whoever designed their infrastructure had no idea how IT works (sorry, it's just the truth).

4. Contract ends, the job of a lifetime opens.
Knowing this company was going downhill fast (their stock went from $20.00 a share down to $4 a share and eventually de-listed and private) I started looking around. I had always wanted to work at EMC. I have really loved their storage products for years so this was a job I simply could not say no to. Salary wasn't an issue (I took a pay cut to be honest) but this is what I wanted to do. As a benefit, I get to work from home -- from anywhere I want to!).

5. My niece goes missing.
My niece, Alexis, went missing not long after I took the new job. She ran away willingly because she decided she couldn't live with her dad. She's been missing ever since and there's a chance she may be involved in child trafficking. We're not sure yet but whatever situation she is in, she is not relying on family to help her. Just strangers and that in not a good position to be in. All we can do is pray that she is safe and brought home to her mom soon.

6. Met up with friends!
Coming back home to San Diego has been a blessing. I have gotten to hang out with my friends like Jason and Jack and Jane (whom I spent Thanksgiving with) and this year, I reconnected with an old friend and spent Christmas with her family. That was great as I made some new friends as well.

7. New job is a handful.
The new job is great, but very busy and handful. I need to finish with my training to get my certifications complete which I will do in January. There are fires here but not nearly as bad as the other company.

8. Doing God's work.
I've had some opportunities to do the Lord's work this year and I made it clear that I was willing to offer more of my time and resources to help Horizon North County as much as I can to accomplish God's will for us all. There should be more news coming soon on that.

9. Helping my family.
The last couple of years I have helped my family out as much as possible. This year I helped my brother get a new engine in his car and I'll be helping him get a computer to help him manage his finances and give his kids a tool to learn with.

10. Back home with Horizon North County.
Of the many good things about coming back home to San Diego (the weather, the friends, the lifestyle here, etc) is my favorite place to give all to God. I love the Church, love my Pastor and it's a great congregation. I cannot say enough about how much of a positive influence it has been for not only me but everyone who attends. I hope in 2014 I can do more for the Lord by being involved deeply with the Church.

That's a brief review of the year. There are many more things you can read about if you browse over the past 51 blog entries. They go more into detail about each and every week. We call them blogs not diaries because obviously I don't say everything I want to say here where it's publicly accessible. My friends know me. My family knows me and of course, God knows me better than anyone else.

I hope that you are blessed in 2014 as well as you I have been. "If you have as much as much faith as a mustard seed, you can tell that mountain to move and it will..." If you want to make a change, get right with God first. Forgive others who have hurt you and do more to help others. Our time on this planet is short in the grand scheme of things, why not make it your priority for others to see God through your helping hand?

Check in with you after the the New Year. Be safe my friends!


Week ending Sunday, December 22nd, 2013
Slower week -- better week...
So it was much more quiet this week than last week. Things are cooling down and I think a lot of that has to do with it being the Christmas holiday (I don't say "Happy Holiday" because Christmas is about CHRIST!). I'm ok with that because honestly I just needed to detox. Given how much I worked last week it was a welcome relief to actually get some shut-eye in.

That doesn't mean of course that I was totally relaxing. I have a cluster to keep my eyes on. Just waiting to see when/if it blows up. Then it will be hell on earth for sure. Not much I can do about it now but watch and wait. I've done my part that is for sure. Just watch and wait. Patience, is said, is a virtue and Lord knows I've still never competently grasped that concept.

Church was fantastic this weekend. Love listening to Pastor Bob and this week they had an actor that has done something like 3500 "Les Miserables" shows. Fantastic voice, great performance -- just not my cup of tea. I haven't quite gotten to the point where I feel I have become more sophisticated as I should be. There are some parts of me being a "Country" boy as I am that will never go away.

Today I was supposed to drive up to Hollywood for a friend's birthday party but that got canceled as I was halfway there so I had to drive all the way back. No big deal. I bought a nice luxury car and since I don't drive that much working from home it was good to stretch it's legs a bit and go for a ride. Now that I am back home I am going to hit the hay early and watch some old STNG episodes (ok there is still some nerd left in me) and get up for work early tomorrow.

If you want to hear the "doodle" I did this weekend, just to see if I still remembered how to play it, here you go. Email me if you know what song it is :)

I hope you have a fantastic CHRISTmas and that God bring's you the blessings you deserve. Keep Him #1 in your life and all that He has planned for you will come.



Week ending Sunday, December 15th, 2013
Talk about looooong hours...
This was probably the most have worked in a week. By my count right now, 82 hours for the week including a 23 hour work day on Tuesday. That's the thing about being in IT. When things go South really quick then you have to stay with it until it's fixed. And that is what I have been working on all week. We had a cluster problem that needed to get fixed. It's up and working now but there are some other issues that need to be fixed.

So I worked Monday through Sunday. In fact, I am working now while I watch a cluster get it's firmware upgraded. So I have to be patient and wait for that to finish. Once that is done then I can sleep but have to get up early again. Since the account I am attached to is in Florida they are up 3 hours ahead of me, lol. That means my day usually starts at 6am. But I love what I do, love who I work for and enjoy my job so I cannot ask for more.

This week I took care of my brother for Christmas so he is happy (fixed his car) and I had to spend another $1000.00 to fix the front door (again). This time I had to kick it in myself -- didn't know I had the strength to do that, lol! Door broke, locked myself out, was going to be late for a work meeting. Ah well, so much for the bonus this year!! But it's all good, money was spent helping others and that's what I like to do.

I didn't make it to Church at all this week so I am already missing it but I keep my Bible study every night and my daily devotionals so I am always trying to stay in God's word. I learn something new and important every time I read -- even if it's the same chapters I have read time and time again. God speaks to us differently and sometimes He says "Read that again, Brian. You missed something important!" How glorious is the Lord?! Amen to that.

Well that is it for this week's blog. I have to get back to work. Hope you had a great week and talk to you later.


Week ending Sunday, December 8th, 2013
Quiet as a mouse...
Yes I have been extremely quiet this week and I am not going to type much in this week's blog. The reason is because I have been studying for two exams that I am taking this week and next week (one exam each Tuesday). Work is going...OK for now. There's a lot of things I want to say about that but keep in mind, new company, new job, new equipment, new processes for a new customer. Everything is new and at times I feel very overwhelmed. Good thing at least is I have a boss that I believe in and trust. I mean, he hasn't given a reason not to doubt him.

Church was fantastic this weekend and always great to sit and listen to Pastor Bob. Funny thing is, I think he knows where I always sit because he does look over at me quite often. Sometimes I just want to wait after the service and catch up with him but he's usually busy meeting those who have needs and I do not want to take his time away from serving those in need to just catch up with me.

I didn't help out my family this year with an "early" Christmas gift. This time it was my brother and I helped him get his car fixed. I'm tapped out this Christmas so if you do not get a card or you do not receive a gift, I hope you understand. I tend to look at Christmas as an opportunity to serve those in need and my family does. I still help others as much as I can. Truly that is what the Lord should have be do and I am in no position to argue with Him. I have been blessed far more than I deserve.

That's really about it. Not much else to talk about. Hope you had a fantastic week and hope to catch up with you later!


Week ending Sunday, December 1st, 2013
Sunday Blitz!
Ok well a rough week at work and that's calling it as lightly as I can. It's not as if I don't understand the technology, I actually do. In fact, I am scheduled to take two of my exams in a few weeks to get my certifications complete. That is how far I have come along. Learning the processes here, especially for as big as a client that I work for, is the tough part. It's actually more difficult that the Government because at least with the Government the standards are written, documented and easy to find. Not saying the customer doesn't (they do) just hard to find. Also their terminology is a lot different so that is just taking a while to grasp. If you think about it, new job, new company, new client, new storage I hadn't worked on before. Needless to say there is a larger than normal learning curve, but I am sticking with it. Love my job, love my company, love the storage. I will get there. I am determined!!!!

Thanksgiving was FANTASTIC! Once again I got to hang out with the Springers who are my "West Coast" family so to speak. Have been friends with them forever and the fact they have taken me in as one of their own family members has been fantastic. I could not ask for better friends and family members, ever! They are just that great to me and I am so glad to know them. We even played this new game that is like monopoly but you own power companies. I did not win, Derek did because he's played that game before and had the inside edge, lol!

Also helping out my family member. You know I have a little brother who is going through tough times so I am doing what I can to help him out. What I want him to understand is simply this: "Say what you mean, mean what you say". I'm not worried that I am helping him out financially a little bit. He is my little brother, I just hope that he takes the lessons and advice I am giving him and taking it to heart. If he wants to get out of the rut he is in, he needs to take control of his life. That is where being a big brother comes in. I give him advice -- usually the same -- and keep hammering it in until he truly understands the concept. I am sure he will get it. Let's just hope that he understands we have to make adjustments to accommodate and that he needs to realize just how far we have to extend ourselves to help him. I do love my family even if sometimes we can frustrate each other.

Buccaneers lost today, bummer. Florida lost to FSU. Bummer. No MotoGP racing and this is my ON CALL weekend so I have been home unable to really go out and do anything. That's ok, like I said, I love my job and my boss and love where I live. We'll see how everything pans out. Everything is new to me so I hope they have both the patience and faith in me and trust me, there will be rewards for everyone involved.

Hope you had a great weekend and talk to you later!


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