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Week ending Sunday, Dec 18th, 2011
No update next week...
Woah, what a great week this was! So much work was accomplished so I felt like we really made some progress. Unfortunately my boss's boss left to go to a non Government project and I do wish him the best. It's not like he needs my help because he knows his stuff. I know my boss and him got along well and I think they will stay in touch so that's good. It's just a bummer when you lose the top guy where you work and you're not really sure what's going to happen. The main thing is the rest of us are wondering "Is the new person going to clean house and make lots of changes?! Will we have jobs?!" Nobody knows but that's where having your faith in God is so important.

I only got 2 of 3 workout days done this week because I wasn't feeling well on Friday so I just went home and rested. I needed to because on Saturday I was supposed to do my first solo in a 172 but that didn't happen. Not because I wasn't ready (my CFI thinks I am) but the wind had picked up so much during our flight that he said he didn't think it was safe. We did get to fly out to our practice area where we did some slow flight, power off stalls and power on stalls. I do know that I need to work more with my CFI on this so I can get really good at doing them. I bought some flight simulator software and I will do that when we can't fly. Earlier that morning I had to go to the VA DMV and swap my California driver's license for a VA one. I'm hoping I get it before I leave for San Diego on Thursday or I am in trouble (LOL).

Then after the DMV trip and the flying we had our "Entwined Technologies" company party which was fantastic. That's the most fun I've had in a long time. It's a great company to work for and everyone is such good souls, good people that it's hard to not have a good time. We went to the Texas Brazilian BBQ which was great! Then the boss gave us iPads for Christmas and a small bonus (which I was NOT expecting and that was so nice!). I feel that I should take the money and figure out what charity I could support. Maybe a homeless shelter would be the best place but I am also think about Orphanages too. I mean, all kids need love. Adults have every opportunity to succeed here if they want (and have faith in God!) but kids, they need help. I'll talk to my boss tomorrow about it and see if we can figure out which one we can help. I know he's into helping others as well.

Today (Sunday) I went to look at some houses in Leesburg. That's where the airport is that I am taking my flying lessons and it would be a great place to live. It's one of the top cities in America to live in so I hope I can find something that isn't big or over the top (or too expensive) because I am really tired of throwing my $$ away on rent. We looked at four places and they are OK. The last two better than the first but we'll see what happens.

So, you won't be receiving any updates next weekend as my plane for San Diego leaves on Thursday. I will be back the following Monday and back to work on Tuesday so I suppose this is the last blog entry for 2011. I will update it again on January 1st, 2012. I cannot wait to get back to San Diego and so are my friends. We have a great out on the town night on Friday. I am not sure what I am doing on Saturday but I am sure we'll have some fun.

Well I am going to go back and listen to some more J. Vernon Magee messages online. I have gotten connected to KWVE online as well so though I haven't found a good Church for me here, I suppose I can listen online and I get to hear from the Pastors I came to know well in SOCAL. I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend, that you stay the narrow path God has laid before you and that you find no trouble along the way :)




Week ending Sunday, Dec 11th, 2011
Good, good week!
So glad to be home! I really loved the time I spent with my family but it's great to be back in my regular bed and getting much needed sleep. Not only that but I got back into the groove at work and got some much needed things completed. Doesn't usually take me much time remember what I am supposed to be doing (that is why note taking is so important because I don't have the best memory cells nor do I have "instant recall" memory either. Let's just say I don't have much RAM space in my head (though I can always recall things from years and years ago for some reason).

As I said work went went really well. Since I couldn't fly on Saturday (high winds) me and my CFI flew today which was really great. Smoothest air I have flown in a long time. We even got to push the plane to nearly 150kts (of course, down hill) but it didn't bump at all. Only a little bit over the pass and at 1500 feet. Otherwise it was smooth as glass and lots of fun. He said my flying skills are good and if we had more time he wanted me to solo but we ran out of time. He is going to have me solo next weekend which is fine for me. I much prefer the older 172 than the new 162 (which is as thin as a sardine can IMHO).

I did spend a lot of my time on vacation looking for airplanes but after talking to a few owners today I think my best interest in waiting and buying a house first. Of course that depends on this job lasting. I would hate to buy a house here and then the Government end up cutting jobs. I guess I can always rent it out if I have to go somewhere else. And anyone who knows me knows that I miss San Diego extremely and I cannot wait to get back there in a couple weeks and hang out with friends and just roll around in my old stomping grounds.

Saturday since we couldn't fly I went to the dealership and go my oil/filter and air filter changed and while I was there I made a business connection. You never know who you might meet when out and about. I then went to look at tires because Friday AM there was ice on the roads and my truck was slipping around a bit (albeit I was not using 4WD). Me and John talked about getting these new Bridgestones that are really good for snow and ice but I am not sure how well they will do in the summer so maybe I need a winter and summer set of tires. If I do that then I'll just get new wheels too, haha. We'll see.

I did end up going out to Thai last night as well. It's ok but I wish that VA had a really good Sushi place and I'll just park my tail there. Everyone here knows I am a Sushi snob (I won't eat at a sushi buffet!). One thing is for sure, I do not like the cold. I hate it, in fact. Can't play golf when I want to nor can I ride the CBR. It better start snowing soon so I can at least enjoy that part of the winter. Maybe do some skiing.

I haven't been to the new Church here since I got back but I do need to go again. I really want to focus on my faith in God and in Jesus. To some degree that has waned recently with life getting busy and me trying to stay on track when really, I want to know what God has planned for me? When I was in the hospital, died and saw my mom standing there with Jesus I was thinking "Hey, this is a great opportunity to tell me what your plans are for me" but I got ripped back to Earth so fast I never had a chance to ask Him. I am sure when He is ready to tell me, He will. It's my job to be humble, to be patient and to wait on the Lord.

Hope you all have a fantastic week!




Week ending Sunday, Dec 4th, 2011
Wow! What a great vacation! I am so glad that I got to spend a lot of time with my family. To surmise the trip:

Note: All pics from the vacation are on my FB profile. I will try to bring them here when I have more time.

Left VA after work on Friday (got to leave at noon since I had already worked extra hours during the week and weekend. Hit the road and made it to St. Mary's, GA around 11pm. The reason it took so long was due to a one hour delay on the I-95 due to road work. Seriously, it was an epic "LA" type traffic jam. The good part was that I could listen to my Sat. radio the whole way there so I never had to change stations.

So Friday night I chatted with Pops and Lorraine then the next day we walked over to the beach, had breakfast and then went over to the Naval station as well and took some photos of us with a Naval Submarine. We also walked over the to Airport which is REALLY close to Pop's house. I also had a chance to go over to the music store and chat with him and the owner. Around noon I hit the road and made it to Sebring around 4pm.

That week I was able to help my sister with the Thanksgiving preparations, hang out with the family and some friends I haven't seen in forever. I even bumped into a few people I hadn't seen in years while I was at the (mini) Mall and eating lunch. Sebring is such as small town that it isn't hard to bump into someone you know no matter where you go.

The night before Thanksgiving I took some friends out to dinner and that was a lot of fun. We went bowling as well as I haven't bowled in years. I think I bowled like a 154 so not too bad. Thanksgiving was awesome as Dad showed up and we got to hang out some more. The next day I took my nephew golfing and he didn't do too bad.

Saturday I took the Family to Tampa where we got to see the home we lived in when our family moved to Florida when I was very, very young. I went to first and second grade there at B.C. Graham elementary and my sister saw the Catholic school she went to. After that we went to the Lowery Park Zoo and had a great time with. Then I told them "Let's go to One Buccaneer Place so I can see the home of the Bucs" which, of course, was closed on a Saturday! Can't believe that. So we ended up going to the beach and having a really nice dinner before driving back.

The next week I played a lot of golf. Couple of games with my best bud Robert cannon. Also took my Niece up to Orlando where we went to D&Bs and had a lot of fun as well. We also went out to dinner again later that week with another one of her friends that I've known forever. I also got to hang out with a friend from H.S. so we had dinner and watched a movie. It was really fun to reconnect and talk. Been forever and glad to know that friends can and often do last a lifetime.

I did do some driving around Sebring to see my old stomping grounds so that was fun as well. The first house we lived in burned down years ago but I saw the house my mom owned before she sold it and passed away in 2005. The house sure looks a lot different. Last Wednesday night there was a group of four 18 year old kids who robbed a bunch of unlocked cars, garages and even stole someone's car stereo on my sister's street. Yep, they got into my bro-in-laws car and stole some of his stuff. They hit about 11 houses on Weds and then hit houses on the lake and go CAUGHT! Most of the items were recovered but a lot of it was not. I'm impressed with the Sebring Police in how fast they caught them.

Saturday at 7am I left Sebring and drove back to St. Mary's so I could hang out with Pop for a little while. We went to grab some lunch and then I hit the road again back to VA. I arrived here at 10:30pm which isn't too bad considering it was 980 miles and my truck tripped 2900 miles for the total trip. Now I have to get the oil and filter changed, replace the tires and then get the plates swapped over to Virginia.

While I was on vacation I did some research and found a couple of airplanes that I am interested in. Now all I need to do is see if I can work out a deal with a finance company so I can get the plane over here to KJYO, get some airport space, get the insurance and then finish my private pilot's license. Once all that is complete I will start making flights everywhere I can, including flying down to Key West and do some snorkeling over the summer. That will be a hoot!

I think that is it for now. I have laundry to do, a game to watch, some KART racing to do and then I am headed back to work in the morning. As much fun as I had it's good to be back in my own place :) Again, it was a really good vacation and great to spend time with my family and reconnect with old friends.

God says He has good plans for you and He has proven that to me time and time again. I have been blessed far more than I personally believe that I deserve and I pray my faith continues to grow so that I walk the walk he has in store for me and that I do not deviate from his plans.

In three weeks I'll be flying to San Diego to see my "true" stomping grounds. I really miss it but like I always say, you go where God leads you, not where you feel comfy and content. Being in VA has definitely been an adjustment but I love my job and what I do and feel that maybe God brought me here so that I will live the life He has always had in store for me.

Have a great week!


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