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Week ending December 17th, 2006
Bit of a slow week this week. Helped a friend redo his brakes (rebuilt the calipers, replaced the rotors, pads, etc) over the weekend and now he finally has some good braking abilty which should help him for his racing. I didn't end up going to WSMC Saturday practice due to the wet weather. We'll see how next month pans out as I have plans to finish my racing school and take the ARC as well.

Some "exciting" things are in the works right now which could take my life on a completely different path and quite possibly moving out of OC! Cross your fingers!

Week ending December 10th, 2006
This past Monday was my first participation in Saddleback's "Career" Ministry. If ever there was a place where I felt I could contribute and give something back, that was definitely the ideal situation. My career is employment and though I enjoy motorcycles more than anything, my experience and knowledge is such that I feel I can give more back to those seeking employment.

Some of the things we worked on with the attendees were job interviewing skills, resume writing skills and what I love the most; helping people figure out what their passion is and turning it into a career. I always advise people "Don't do what pays the bills (if you can) do what you love, what your hobby is and turn that into a career." If you can transform a hobby into a career then for the rest of your life you are doing something you love and it isn't a job. It's a full time hobby. And the best part of that is you are getting paid to do it!

I'll be involved in this Ministry every Monday (except this Monday due to a scheduling conflict) from 7pm to 9pm in room 404 on Saddleback's campus. If you are seeking employment from a Christian perspective, you are more than welcome to join us. See you there!

The ultimate compilation this week was the end of my Repsol Bandit Project. Almost two years in the making, it's finally complete and turned out about like I thought it would. I'm going to let it fly and see if the rings seat on their own. I still need to line the lowers with heat shielding but other than that, it's done. I'll see you around at Beach Burger or maybe Backwoods.

Over the last couple of months I keep having this recurring dream that I am back in the Marines and faced to make a decision to stay in or get out (just as I did when I was in active service). The funny thing is I can't figure out why I am dreaming this or what it's supposed to mean. Any takers?!

See you next week :)

Week ending December 3rd, 2006
Not much happening this week. Just about finished up with the CR250. I still do not have the Bandit lowers back from Oscar but that may be a moot point. The Bandit is puffing blue smoke even off idle. It could mean the valve seals are bad, I have a bad ring or the cylinder bore was not done correctly. Given the low compression numbers I am thinking it's all of the above.

I am going to wait it out a bit and see if the problem persists. If it does then I will tear the top end down and check the bore against the pistons. If that checks out, I'll just replace the rings, hone, replace the valve seals (and check the valves themselves) and try it again.

I will be headed to Grange this coming Sunday for some Motard and Dirt Bike action. Should be a lot of fun doing both on the same day!

Christmas is coming so I plan on getting my tree and lights up soon. Still have to finish picking up gifts for family and friends as well (I know, I procrastinate sometimes...)

I'm also thinking about getting a place of my own soon. While I like where I live, the real estate market is starting to turn around a bit and I can always use more garage space. Especially if I get the bike lift I've been eyeing lately.

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