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Week ending Sunday, August 30th, 2015
Two new prospects, both I LIKE!
So a couple bits of pieces of news, lol. Number one I have learned that when you are working with vendors, double check their work because I am finding they miss every small detail of every single upgrade. If I go to you to do the upgrade, you should know what you're doing and what steps are needed to do it correctly. Now I have to go my boss tomorrow and explain to him why the upgrade wasn't completed on Saturday and start all over again. What a PAIN!

Ok on the house deal. I thought I had a house and was ready to put a down payment down but the stupid builder forgot to add the PMI in so the total mortgage ended up being far more than I expected it to be. JERKS! So I took my offer away and found two other houses I like that are far more affordable, much bigger and in NICER areas :) SO DEAL WITH THAT! HAHA. So I have a two offers on two very big houses in Winter Garden and I cannot wait to close on one or the other.

Also, one of my co-workers left so I have applied for a full time job with "Da Mouse". Granted my salary would drop significantly but at least I would be full time. Don't ask me about free tickets, I will take you off my friends list for that, HAHA (jk). I don't go in the park anyway but I am thinking about EPCOT since that has changed so much. I hope I get the job because I want to stay "settled down" in Florida and I know that people here need me (and I need them)! I may hate the weather but you go where God tells you to go and you don't talk back!

Anyway, that is a short update for this week. It's been busy and fun. I just want to get back to work, do a good job, find a nice home and get things DONE! GOD'S WAY!

Have a great week!


Week ending Sunday, August 23rd, 2015
Time is running OUT!
OK well -- I am about to be out of this town home in the next two months and have been striving diligently to find a new place. I want to buy for sure if that is even possible in Florida. Every place they have shown me (custom/new homes) are 280k base. When you add in the options you need (lighting, floors, roof, etc) they end up being 400-450k homes. NO THANK YOU! I am sorry, Florida is a great state but there are no homes worth that much IMHO.

That's no knock on this state by any means. That is just the law of real estate works in general. If you remember, we had a real estate implosion in 2007-2011 and I can see that happening now -- especially here. The outer Orlando area is popping up homes everywhere -- and many of them are selling or sold. The funny thing is, some of these houses are approaching California prices. Given the cost of living here and the salaries, I am not sure how anyone is going to be able to afford a home here.

That brings me to today's point. I have been looking at houses left and right and dong the same today. I did talk to my boss the other day and he said he could work out a deal to work remote 1-2 days a week. That may work and allow me to move a bit farther out just to cut down on the commuting time. The thing I hate most about working isn't my job, it's the travel time wasted getting to and from work. As my 7th grade teacher taught me "Every second of your life that passes you by is time you can never get back". Pretty profound when you think about it.

The good thing is I have God to depend on. Some laugh or scoff that off at me but honestly, having been to the other side I know what awaits us all. It's best we get right with God ASAP or you'll not like what awaits you. I have 100% faith in God that no matter what happens, He has my best interest in me. And that's a far better option than me trying to run things solo as if I can do better than Him. NO WAY!

Everything else is ok. As I always say, work keeps me busy and now I've been tabbed to play on the Mouse's softball team so looking forward to that. Should be pretty fun! And yes my special friend, if you are reading this -- I MISS YOU TOO!!! Can't wait to see you sometime next week. Maybe you can make it to the softball game and see me fall flat on my face haha!

Have a great week and a blessed week at that!



Week ending Sunday, August 16th, 2015
On Call! BOO!!! (But it pays the bills)
So I have (yet again) been on call all this week. Not as bad as it has been but I still get calls at odd times. I have to turn my phone on which means other "alerts" come in. Makes me want to toss my phone against the wall lol. Can't do that though as that pays the bills.

On the work front, I still do not have a 100% answer on if we can work remote or not. I know my boss said "MAYBE" a few days but that's not enough. If I were to live more than 30 minutes away I'll just come in. I DESPISE spending my time driving when I could be working. But that is life and I always go above and beyond whatever my employer asks me to do.

Church-wise, I really do need to find a church but I really really have to get my personal life situated. I have to find an "affordable" house which is my #1 priority (after God of course) and I have to figure out what is going on with work. I know this is being posted late but it's been a very very busy day.

That is really about it for the week. I know it's short but in life, when you are super buy and on call, that is how the ball rolls. Hope you had a great weekend and check in with ya next week!



Week ending Sunday, August 9th, 2015
Before I say anything: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! May you (still) rest in peace!

That is the best self-assessment I can give of me. I know a lot of people just don't get me, why I behave the way I do or want to perhaps correlate the way my brain works to some psychological disorder that happened when I was a child. I would disagree vehemently with that because the Marine Corps put my head on straight and I a fantastic mother that taught me "You are not 1/2 a person if you have access to 1/2 of your parents".

Not having a father was never a major issue for me. I knew my mom loved me and that is all I ever needed in my life. The Marine Corps was my father for more than just a few reasons and it helped mold me in to how to be a man and how to take care your family and your friends. And on top of that, my FATHER is God. Even Jesus said "If it were not so, my Father would have said so..." or something along those lines. Anyway, the whole point behind this is people who know me know that it takes me a long time to change but once I am fully vested I am all in.

I've always been that way and will continue to be that way the rest of my life. I place others before myself but I also like, value and cherish my personal time as well. When you give a lot -- sometimes you just have to recharge. I'll get there on HIS time, not even my own time. That's all I can really say about that.

Still looking at houses and in fact, looked a few more today. I'm just not sure where I will end up as that depends on when the "announcement" comes out on Thursday. All I know is I am getting my job done, I am working extra time (nights/weekends) and I think I have shown them that I am of value to the company. Once we get that sorted out then I will know where I need to buy a house. And time is running out as I have to be out of this place at the end of October :(

Well to those who know me, I love you all. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU! I am far from perfect, but I was made in His image and He will work magic in me. Trust me on that -- well, trust HIM!!! :)


Week ending Sunday, August 2nd, 2015
Already the "dog days" of summer!
Yes! One more month or two of HOT weather and then BLAM! Golf course prices will double, lol! But that is Florida for ya. Things are starting to slow down a bit since I got back from my FANTASTIC vacation home to San Diego. Man do I miss that place :) I really had a good time and it was so fun to hang out with all my friends. That said, I have friends and family here too.

Not sure if I mentioned this already but the work culture is going to change a bit and I am excited about that because there is a CHANCE that I could start working from home. If that happens then that will help me decide where I want to buy a house. I've already been pre-approved for pretty much any house I want but I also do not want to buy a house that maybe, if the job changes, I cannot afford. So I am trying to find something within my budget. I know what I want and it will probably have to be 1-2 hours from the office.

What I DEFINITELY want is a large, screen covered pool! Can we all say POOL PARTY?! :). Talk about feeling far more blessed that anyone deserves to be, I'd be first on the list. Sometimes I wonder -- well, all the time I wonder why God has done so much for me when I personally know that I deserve nothing but fire and brimstone. He knows what I do, He knows the plans He has for me but sometimes I just veer off to the left or right and even I have to scratch my head wondering what the heck I was thinking. What I have learned is to NEVER doubt His plans for you, for me and for this Earth.

Everything else is fine. I got to watch a little WSBK racing (Who knew Biaggi was going to come in for a few races but actually today he finished 3rd. Not bad for a 43 year old eh? Just 'coz you are old doesn't mean you lack skills. Age is a state of mind -- just keep that body in good shape, work out, eat healthy and follow God's plan for you and all is good! That does remind me I have to find a new Church -- though it was great to meet with one of my Pastor's from Horizon when I was in San Diego.

Well that is about it for the week. If you have never watched all "The Venture Bros" seasons, you need to watch them. HILARIOS! Have a great weekend!

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