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Week ending Sunday, August 31st, 2014
Not a great week to say the least!
How do I explain this? Well -- I had been doing everything the company asked me to do since the day I started. I worked on this contract for over a year, mostly 60-80 hour work weeks which includes working at night and on the weekends. On Wednesday I had a meeting with my new manager. Mind you, it was the third manager I have had since I started. And he passes on the "lovely" news.

"We have to lay you off...."

"Uhhhh why?" I asked? "Corporate decision (of course) as you were un billable". Yes, that is true. The contract we were on was lost barely a month ago (3.5 weeks to be exact) so yes, I was un billable for that time. However, I was asked to move over to a different group, new technology and I had been not only completing all the training they asked me to complete, but was ready to start doing some shadowing work.

Apparently that wasn't enough. You would think a super huge company like this wouldn't have problems shifting or moving people around to different areas. Heck, the whole time I had been there I never touched any of the technology that I have known for years. It was always NEW technology. So over the past 14 months I was constantly training and thrown right into the fire. "Sink or swim" has always been the mantra for me so I did what I have always done. I swam.

Now I find myself out of a job which is a VERY uncomfortable place to be. I LIKE what I do and I like working. I like the challenges that IT presents me and I like to stand out and excel. Now when I wake up tomorrow I will LITERALLY have nothing to do.

Well, that is not true. First and foremost -- God is on my side. And He has NEVER let me down. Oh sure, we have trials in our lives. I was talking to one of our Pastors last night and he brought up something that I hadn't considered. He said "People think God puts bad situations on us. He doesn't. That is just part of life. It is how YOU handle the situation is what matters. Do you seek God first or do you put everything on your own hands?" Great point. I am going to lean on God like I always do and pray that whatever happens, I know He will always take good care of me.

It's not as bad as I make it feel. By that I mean, the situation isn't nearly as bad as my personal take on it is. Yes, I have a decent (generous to be exact) separation package. I have some time to not rush out and take the first job that comes along. I have made up for my own shortcomings with working harder and studying harder. Heck, I even got several certifications completed while I was at the "old" company that I know other companies will see the value. But it's where God wants me to be. That He needs to be the focus and learn on Him! Sometimes I just needed to be reminded of that.

That company was where I always wanted to work. I was thinking about my 401k, my Stock investments, Health Insurance, etc. I have to redo all that. I had three weeks vacation and of that, I took one week in 14 months. It's easier to do when you work from home. Now wherever I go, I will probably have to join the rat race again and drive all over the place and sit in traffic. LOL. While I am NOT looking forward to that again, I will deal with it.

"With God, all things are possible." I truly believe that. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery and to be honest, when you are home alone all day long you don't really have any meaningful conversations unless you bump into a neighbor at the mailbox (LOL). We shall see what He has in store for me and I know that God will make everything work out just fine. Again, this is just an uncomfortable position to be in.

That's it for now. I hope by next's week's blog I will have more information. Don't be surprised if I have to -- even at my own dismay -- if I have to leave SOCAL again. It won't be the end of the world -- just a new adventure...


Week ending Sunday, August 24th, 2014
Well...I spent all of last week studying SRM and took the test (passed) so now I have 40 hours of training for SRM. Talked to my boss about it late Friday about getting some lab work so I can soon start shadowing and then eventually going ahead and being a Sr. S.A. for ViPR/SRM. This is really the way technology is headed and I am grateful and feeling very blessed to be giving the opportunity to increase my skill set and be useable. The last 3 weeks I have basically been "on the bench" so to speak but at least I am getting the training done. Nobody wants to sit on the bench, trust me!

So tomorrow I hope to get into the lab and get some work done and get a few deployments under my belt so I can say I am "proficient" with ViPR/SRM and be useful again, lol!

Church was great as always. Forgot to shut my phone off though and people at Church got to hear the "Futurama" them song. Not so good!! "Oops, sorry!" Other than that, nothing else much is going on. Doing my weekly work outs, studying for work and relaxing. Since one of my favorite movies was recorded for me automatically I am going to watch it. "The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".... GREAT movie and I highly suggest it.

That's it for a short blog. Have a great weekend! (No venting this week, I am sure you got enough of that through the media already lol).

Week ending Sunday, August 17th, 2014
What's on tap?
Great week of rest and relaxation! I actually got to hang out with friends and even rode the CBR up to LA to hang out with my friends up there for the day. That was really nice as I have never been up to Hermosa Beach Pier which was a lot nicer than I thought it was going to be. Still -- there is always a spectacle of people out there doing some really weird things. Always entertaining to say the very least. So I was "oot and aboot" (as the Canadians say haha).

I also got some shopping done that I needed to knock out. I am not sure why I cannot find a store in America that sells American Made products. I needed a new shower curtain, a fan for my office and a new frying pan. Thinking Bed, Bath and Beyond might be the right place -- I was sorely disappointed. All they had were Chinese made items which I really did not want to buy. I actually wrote the CEO of BBB and told them that I want the option of being able to buy US made products. I don't care if they are more expensive, they are far higher quality products which you don't have to replace.

No Church this weekend. I could have gone and I will go again soon but I think sometimes I need to get time and peace away from everything for reflection and rest. And that is what I did this week.

Starting tomorrow (Monday) I have another full week of classes before I hope to move over to Storage Resource Management, part of the Advanced Software Division for the company I work for. Let's hope the transition goes smoothly. My boss is being swapped out this week so I'll get to talk to the outgoing and incoming boss. Neat as always. I think I am on my 3rd or 4th boss -- so it's hard to maintain some sense of stability in who you are reporting to.

Honestly, that is about it. I want to rest as much as possible today then back to training and my work out schedule (which I took off this week). Hope you had a fantastic and God-blessed week!


Week ending Sunday, August 10th, 2014
Happy Birthday, Mom!
God bless her soul, if mom was still on this earth I would have gotten to say happy 67th birthday to my mom on August 7th. Unfortunately for those of us still here on the planet and still working out God's will in our lives, she was taken away -- before OUR time, but not God's time. I miss her often, think about her a lot and if she was here, I would do everything I could to take care of her. She took good care of me and my siblings when we were growing up. She was instrumental -- not the catalyst to everything that is GOOD about me. The bad stuff about me, well that is my own doing. I cannot blame anyone else for my own shortcomings.

Have I told you this planet is going to hell in a hand basket? Have you ever read "Revelation"? It is the last chapter of the New Testament. God warned us of floods (we're having them) and plagues (ebola ring a bell?). We're having them now. He spoke of the Devil being in charge of the earth for time, a time and a half a time. That would be Barak Obama. Now whether I am being a doomsday prophet or not, and I do not think I am, I can see many correlations to the Bible and what is going on to this planet, our Country right now. Everything is corrupt. Our Government, our Politicians and the WORLD in general. We're being invaded and our Government sits on their hands. No wait, they go on VACATION and do nothing. What do we pay these people for anyway??

Do I feel safer now than I did 10, 20, 30 years ago? Ah, the innocence of the child I once was. I remember when America was proud of being a, for a good majority, Christian. Now we have atheist and the ACLU pushing God out of everything. Never mind our money says "In God we Trust" -- I am sure they'll get that removed shortly. Never mind that our Country was founded by Christians. (Click link for an in depth explanation with proof!). Atheist and the ACLU are going to remove what sense of conservatism and good will this country once had. In answer to the original question starting this paragraph, an emphatic NO!

Now we have to deal with the influx of illegal invaders. We have to deal with ISIS (the most brutal form of the fake religion known as Islam!). ISIS feels it's OK to behead children. CHILDREN! If that is not the most barbaric thing on earth I do not know what is. Children are innocent!!!! But they kill these kids to teach their parents "Bow to Allah or we'll slaughter your family!". Hmmm, and they say Islam is a peaceful religion. Here's a good site that debunks and disproves Islam. It's a fake religion created by mohammad (not gonna capitalize his name) as an excuse to be a pedophile and to destroy anyone who disagrees with him. It was created around 603 AD. 570 years AFTER Christ died for our sins. How anyone can buy Islam as a true and peaceful religion, I really think they need their heads checked.

Well, rather than bash on that "fake" religion, I would rather talk about how great Church was this weekend. Pastor Bob was on fire. He makes eye contact with me a lot. I think he knows I am the guy asking "Why aren't we taking care of Americans instead of sending missionaries overseas and pouring donations to the Church into Mexico?" I think that is a fair question. Much like our Government, it seems even our Churches are forgetting that Americans need help. They need jobs. Some are homeless, starving, cannot find a job -- yet we open the flood gates for illegals who do not want to be Americans and do not want to integrate into America. For them, America is "Jobs, money and welfare -- that we can send back to the country we love!" (Guess? It isn't America).

Ok, I know I am ranting. Yes, I know that I have been a Political BUG over the past couple months. But I am paying much attention to what is going on in this world. When I read God's word I can see this coming to fruition. I have said many times we need to lock our borders down, deport illegals and then get after ISIS. What is our Government doing? NOTHING! Dropping a few bombs on some artillery pieces is not going to stop terrorism. In fact, these nut cases are using the internet to recruit more radical islamist to commit more acts of terror. If we don't stop this, we'll either turn into "Northern Mexico" or we'll have to bow down to their fake god allah.

So I ask again. What is the most POWERFUL nation in the world doing? NOTHING! And don't forget, as ISIS takes more and more countries over, eventually they will overtake Pakistan, India and possibly Iran. All of these countries have NUCLEAR weapons. Can anyone say World War 3? I can -- and it isn't going to end well for humanity. Folks, get ready for REVELATION. It's coming sooner than we know.

Sorry to leave you on such a negative note, but right now, all I can do is pray that God intervenes or prepare myself for God's kingdom....

Week ending Sunday, August 3rd, 2014
There are many ways to serve your Country...
Yep! That is what I did this week and will continue to do as often as I can. This week I called every Senator and Congressman I could to show support for our Immigration Laws as they stand. We do not need amnesty, we need LEGAL immigrants. Everyone who is pro-illegal-immigration seems to think that if you are against it, you must be a racist. Funny part about that is I have never mentioned race when I saw our Constitution and our Immigration Laws need to be upheld and respected.

Watch this video again:

For example, we have Luis V. Gutierrez. He is a Democratic Congressman from Illinois who is also a huge proponent of ILLEGAL immigration (Amnesty). Why? Oh -- well maybe because he is a part of La Raza which is a pro-Hispanic group in America that only caters to Hispanics. I thought this country eliminated racism, didn't we? Why do we need specific groups catering only to one specific race? I don't understand that.

So Gutierrez is trying to get our Constitution changed to that he can force America to open the floodgates for millions and millions of more foreigners to come to America. And why are they coming here? Well for jobs of course. There are MILLIONS and MILLIONS of Americans out of work. We're 17 TRILLION dollars in debt. 50% of the illegals in America are on some form of Government support (welfare, housing, medical, etc). We cannot take care of Americans -- how on earth are we going to be able to support another 5-6 million more people who are NOT contributing to America?

Look I am happy to welcome anyone who wants to immigrate LEGALLY to the United States, become a US citizen and embrace being an American. That's not what the illegals want. They want to bring their country here. If you love your country so much, why aren't you back there working hard to change YOUR country? America doesn't need to be changed. Our Constitution and the hard work of our forefathers is why this country became so great. There were many lives who paid for our freedom and democracy. There is no need to change it now.

So yes, I am protesting Amnesty. There are millions of people waiting in line to immigrate here legally. Why should they be passed up in favor of those who do not respect America and our immigration laws? We already spend billions in aid to other countries here in the West. Why isn't that money being used to get rid of gangs, violence, corruption, etc? We love our America and we want to keep it land of the free and the home of the brave. We do not want it to to be the welfare capital of the world. That will only lead to the destruction of America.

It would make a lot of sense of Luis V. Gutierrez to take his rear end south of our Border and fight as hard down there as he does here for the benefit of the people he says he wants to help. Instead he says "I want to punish Americans for not supporting Amnesty!!!" Really? You want to punish Americans who support our own constitution? Those of us who are War-Time veterans like myself? We didn't fight so that our laws could be changed to benefit other countries. We fought for THIS country!

Sorry I know I am waxing philosophically here but I bleed red, white and blue. I love this country and I can see it imploding from the inside out. We have to get a handle o this and get Americans working, get this country healthy and then we can reach out and help other countries get their act together. But a weak America benefits no one -- and that is the state we're in right now.

No church this week due to protesting. I want to remind people about breaking US immigration laws since I am on the subject of my faith. Jesus said "Give unto Cesar's what it Cesar's and give unto God's what is God's". In other words, Jesus respected the law of the land, why don't these foreigners? And if you want to know, try waltzing into another country and demand they make you a citizen. See how far that takes you (jail at best, shot on site at the worst and yes, that happens south of our borders).

If you are truly an American. If you are against socialism and communism (which is what the Democratic party is) then you will do something about it and call, write or go speak to your Congressmen and Senators and tell them you want our Constitution respected. You want our laws upheld and you want people that cannot follow our laws to be sent back home. We'll welcome them if they come back and immigrate legally.

Last note of the day: Microsoft laid of thousands of high tech workers then proceeded to tell Congress they want more foreign VISAS for foreign technology workers. They say they need them. Really? You just laid off thousands of AMERICANS and now you say you need thousands of foreign workers? This, my friends, is all about profits and stock returns. We already have Americans who can do those jobs, pay them a fair wage instead of paying cut rate salaries to foreigners who have no vested interest in America or BEING Americas.

God Bless America and save us from the morons in Government!



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