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Week ending Sunday, September 1st, 2013
Work your fingers to the bone, what do you get? Bony fingers!
Ok That's pretty much how the new job is going. Not complaining at all because I work from home but man, when you do that, you tend to work a LOT of hours. Definitely averages about 10-14 hours a day, but that's easy to do when you don't have to deal with traffic and such. Wish I had started doing this sooner, would have helped me out a lot with less "distractions". I did it a few times at the DEA but honestly, they want your rear-end in the seat so they can keep tabs on you (I am theorizing here).

I worked about 58 hours this week during the week then worked a few hours Friday night, 7 hours on Saturday and a few hours on Sunday. I am hoping that tomorrow morning I can put the leathers on and take the CBR out to "clear it's throat". It's been sitting in the garage collecting dust because I'm at home all the time. Hopefully I can just take a quick AM run up and down and then call it a day at my favorite spot (you all know where it is). Once that is done I'll come back home and hopefully relax.

So, I have new neighbors. May I remind you this area is normally very, very quiet with a lot of retirees or older people who don't party (yay!). Well, they are a family from another country and I guess they are not used to keeping the noise down because they are extremely noisy. I have to have the windows open to let the cool air in. Well, whatever cool air we get because the last couple of weeks it's been so hot that I've been sweating like crazy, even with a fan on me. It's been both hot and humid here. Very much unlike SOCAL but this happens every 4-6 years or so. Let's hope we get our cooler weather back. I do remember back in like in the summer of 2006 it being like 80 and humid at night, too!

Yesterday (Saturday) I got to FINALLY do some work with my Church. The last Saturday of every month they feed the homeless in downtown San Diego near the Mission. I got to serve this weekend which was really good the chef that created the meal did a great job. It's so sad to hear people say "This may be the only time I eat all day". What do I do? I know these people need help but I am one person. How can I help all these people who need encouragement, assistance and a way out of the life they are living now. If only they turned their face towards the Lord would they see there is always a true, guaranteed way out of anything -- if you let go and let God take control. I look forward to serving with them next month and I want to get more involved in more missionary work.

It's no secret I am trying to help my sister buy a house in Sebring but the work trying to get that inexpensive house is far more work that it took me to buy that HUGE town home in Virginia. Let's all pray that it works out so my sister stops being a renter and starts to become a homeowner. I know where she lives and even I cannot sleep there due to the road traffic. Her house is right on the parkway. I am not sure how anyone gets any sleep. Dear Sebring, don't put a parkway in the middle of a residential area. There was plenty of land elsewhere to make that road!

Anyway, that is about it for the week. Enjoy your holiday and I'll go watch my MotoGP and WSBK races. I don't even think AMA is on TV anymore. At least, I don't see it so I'll still with the foreign races!



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