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Week ending Sunday, August 26th, 2012
Hmmm weird week...

OK to say this week was a bothersome week is an understatement! I mean, work wise everything is ok but I guess sometimes I get annoyed for taking flack when someone isn't happy about a solution when they didn't include me in the process from start to finish and ask me right at the end to make sure everything is up to our plans. Ok well, normally I don't have a problem with that but just make sure you include me from the beginning so I am not trying to play catchup at the last minute. Otherwise, everything else is ok and I'm not angry or anything. Just venting a bit -- I like to get things off my chest.

So I am still upset about the whole FaceBook deal and the timeline. It's been forced on my page and I hate it. I installed a program that takes the data from the timeline and tries to sort it out the way it used to be (Take that, Zuckerberg!). If FaceBook doesn't like it they can delete my account whenever they want. On top of that I decided that I was tired of sifting through messages from "supposed" friends who really only have me there to read their "Look at me!" stuff or some promotional things. I went through and deleted about 130 of them and feel a lot better. Now the news page allows me to see what's going on with family and TRUE friends without all that other garbage.

I was supposed to fly this weekend but due to the bad weather we had to call it off. On top of that Mr. President decided to cause a TFR over Martinsberg Airport which is on the way to York, PA so I would have had to fly back to Charlottesville again. I like York better because I can stop there and get something to eat. I will let Penina know and see if they have time to visit but if not that's fine. There are some good pancakes there for sure! Oh and we lost my favorite person this week who worked at Landmark so that was a bummer. She was always a breath of sunshine in a sometimes dully and gloomy day but she had to find a job as the new company that took over wasn't making her an offer.

This weekend we have some MotoGP which I watched this morning and then I will go watch some WSBK racing. I will also be studying my ground school work as I have been signed off to take the ground test. Once that is done then I will be very, very close to being ready to take my FAA Examiner test. If I pass that as well I will be a pilot and then can fly wherever and whenever I want to which was the goal. When I get enough hours in I will see if I can start doing the charity work through my Church (if they want to do it, which I hope they do as the flights come out of my pocket!). It will be the least I can do since God has been so good to me -- and I am deserving only of death.

Speaking of which, Church was great this weekend and though sometimes I still struggle with focus, I was able to walk away knowing the lessons that were taught and appreciate my Pastor that much more.

Hope you all had a great week and for those who found this via FaceBook, glad you stopped by. Make sure you hit up the Guest Book if you desire to say hello (there is a link at the top of the front page to find it). Have a great week!



Week ending Sunday, August 19th, 2012
Busy week, as always...

So here's what's been going on this week:

Work has been going well. Actually got a lot accomplished given the circumstances (things changing on me that I don't have any control over). The new equipment that we're going to install arrived and we're on target to get it installed next weekend. We'll get that done I think on Tuesday then I will have a lot more to do with changing the configuration of the arrays. That's still fun stuff in my opinion!

Also I got "TimeLined" on FaceBook so right now I am at the point where I have told Mr. Zuckerberg that if they don't reverse it I'll just cancel; the account. It's ok there are other social sites you can go to like Twitter, Google+ or even this web site. Speaking of which if I close my FB page you'll be able to contact me here. I really think I should start my own social web site like FB but no ads and one standard page configuration. Hah! No, I don't want to do that, trust me. More work than its worth.

This weekend I did a dual flight with my instructor to go over some of the things I need to work on. There are some small issues I need to iron out but overall his comments were positive. Next weekend I will do my final cross country solo then work again with my instructor to iron out what is left, take the ground exam and then if he says "You're ready" I'll have the flight with the FAA Instructor and pass (I will!!). That'll be a great day and an accomplishment I've been trying to knock off the bucket list. That and getting the house was one of them. There was the band thing (which I did) and Motorcycle racing (did that too). I haven't done any car racing, maybe I need to do that. Does Go-Carting count?! HAHA.

Church was great as always and this weekend was our Passover celebration. We do it every week (Think: Last Supper). I really enjoy that because it reminds us of what Jesus gave up for us to be cleaned before God and presented blameless. Really starting to like my Church a lot and can't wait until the new Church has been built on the new property.

There's a lot of issues with my Mortgage right now since it got sold to a "two-bit, shady" Mortgage Company (Consumer Reports says they're the worst of the worst) so apparently Pulte doesn't care to ask us if we're OK with that. When I asked Wells Fargo if they could take it they told me nope, they have too many and they'd want me to give them 20% down. Uhhh, no thanks! We'll just see what happens.

Watched the MotoGP race today even through Nicky was not fit to race. Poor Ben Spies, I am starting to feel bad for that guy given all the problems he's has with his bike this year.

I hope you said your prayers for Miranda. I feel so bad for her parents, her friends and her family but we all know that she's in a better place. God's plans are always greater than our own and if He wants you you, He will take you and there's nothing any of us can do to stop it. We should rejoice if God says "I want you here with me..." That's a rather blessed position to be in if you ask me.

Hope you all had a great weekend and talk to you later. PS: I'll change to my Twitter link on this site if I close my FB account. You'll know because there will be a huge note on my page when I do - hah.


Week ending Sunday, August 12th, 2012
Coming down the "Flying" home stretch!

What a great, great, great week for me (all things being considered). I mean, work-wise as I always say I am getting things done but I really am. And while I equally admit I am not the smartest guy around, I am tenacious, work hard and get things accomplished. It helps that you love what you do and wouldn't it change it for anything! So while I have some time to relax over the weekend I can let you know what's going on.

The first part of the good news is that Entwined (the company I work for which to me is more like family than just a business, trust me on that) had a "get together" and ended up being "Medieval Times" not far away from us in Baltimore (which I haven't been to either). That was pretty fun. I mean I've been to the ones in Orange County and Las Vegas but that was years ago and I was expecting some bad acting but they actually did very well. Actually I have to hand it to the wait staff as well because they had to serve us AND go out on the dirt and do their bit parts as well. On top of everything we even had our own bus ride there and back. It was a lot of fun and feel bad for anyone who missed it!

This morning (Sunday) was one of the my last solo flights before we do the final stage 3 check ride. I flew from here in Leesburg, VA to Charlottesville, VA to Winchester, VA and back to Leesburg again. The best part was my favorite plane was back in service. 65410 is a Cessna 172SP and is a really, really nice plane but whoever flew it last bent the prop so it was down for like 2 months. It just feels far more different than the other Cessna's I've flown and really like. It was a nice ride and was so clear I could actually see CVille's airport from 22 miles away in the air. Not bad eh? On top of it all there was a great tail wind coming back so I checked out the GPS (secondary as I was flying VFR the whole way) and noticed I was doing 138kts at one point. Not bad!!!

The flight back was relatively quiet and it was only bumpy once I got over the 4000ft ridge and over to the Winchester side. Yes it was bumpy and there were a lot of other planes in the air. That's why I love 65410 because it has a collision warning system so I could watch out for other aircraft -- and I did! I did my flight in exactly 1.6 hours as I had planned but you get charged for the Hobbs time so it ended up being 2.0 hours right on the nose. Not bad at all, really.

Of course with the trip on Saturday night to Baltimore I missed my Church service and I really needed to go because we have lost yet another good person on this earth. My prayers go out to the Pearce family and the tragic passing of Miranda. We will never understand God's plans, and His plans are always greater for us than our own. Whatever the reason, I know when God wants you -- when He decides its your time, you go. I pray that the Pearce family is surrounded by loving friends and family during this time of sorrow. I know I have been praying so much, but let's pray that HIS will reins, not our own. We grieve because we're selfish and we don't want to lose people, but their gain in Heaven is far more important than our own selfish needs.

Well that is about it for the week. If you do pay attention to MotoGP you now know why Hayden was re-signed by Ducati. It's not just because he's been with the team the longest, but Rossi has re-signed with Yamaha to ride again with Jorge -- just like old times. Lets hope Ducati gets a good package (with Audi now owning them) and that Hayden can fight up front with the Aliens.

Have a great week and talk to you later!


Week ending Sunday, August 5th, 2012
Lots of checklist things done...

So overall, not a bad week, really. Of course there were a lot of things to get done at the office and yes, I got them done! Of course, my boss was on vacation this week (Cruise ship, wow!) so I am sure he had loads of fun. When he gets back there are a couple of things I need to go over but overall it is going well. In fact, I have to be in the office at 6am tomorrow so I will be calling it a night early today.

Of course I got to do some flying this weekend. It was time to do my Stage 2 check ride with a Senior Chief Flight Instructor (Sr. CFI) and that went a lot better than I thought it was going to go. Overall he had a lot of positive comments but there are also some things I have to work on. Flight controls and navigation are fine, the main thing being it's hard for me to time the flight when I trying to fly the plane and look out for other traffic as well. We didn't get to perform any flight maneuvers that we wanted to (ran out of time) but overall it was good. I think I'm ready to start doing the LONG cross country flights and I will be studying that as well as working on the DVD I have here to study from.

When I take the self-assessment program online I am scoring around 80% on average (weather kicks my tail end because to me, I'm sorry, weather is BORING!) but you need to know that stuff when you're flying. I mean, I didn't realize the major difference between a Low and High pressure area. Low is bad for flying, high is GOOD for flying, so you want to stay out of low pressure areas. I'll be studying the weather really hard that is for sure. Other than that, I think it is possible for me to have my license in the next month or two. Maybe three, lol. Let's see it's August so maybe November. It will be cold but not HARSH conditions yet. Around here that is Jan-April. Seriously!

It's been hot so that has really kept me off the CBR but I had planned to do an oil change today which I got most of the way through and went to put the new oil in and went "Oh crud, no oil spout!" There's no way right now for me to get the new oil in the bike, lol! I must have trashed that with a lot of stuff I had when I moved here. Oh well, I guess I have to make a run to the Auto Parts store tomorrow and grab one. It's already past 6pm here and since I have to get up early, I'm not going to worry about it. For my truck, well I had Toyota do the service on that Saturday because they keep good records of your service/maintenance so that's good.

The lawn is mowed, the house cleaned, the laundry done, the vehicles taken care of, there's no dirty dishes around and my place is presentable. Now I can kick back at watch some WSBK racing! By the way, we had a great day at Church this weekend as well (our Pastor's son got married at the Church on Saturday, so good for both of them!). As for me, I'm setting in to what God has planned for me so I'm just trucking along, sticking to the word (already into Samuel already!) and living life. I like the saying I read the other day: "Christianity isn't a religion, it's a RELATIONSHIP" and I totally agree.

Sorry to the people who seemed angry at me that I went to Chick Fil A on Wednesday. The owner has a right to say his biblical standpoint. It seems that the Gay/Lesbian groups get angry when you disagree with them and say "You shouldn't be able to say that" but hey, they're doing the same exact thing. And my answer to them is simply this: "If you don't believe in God, if you don't follow His rules, why would ask to have the same declaration He made to His faithful followers?! Marriage was defined by God between a man and a woman. If you disagree, that's fine -- love the sinner, hate the sin -- but don't ask for the same rights God gave to believers, not the un-believers.

Ok I'll get off the podium now. That whole issue has really irked me. I'm not going to budge on this because God's word trumps anything we as humans could possibly argue against. And honestly, if all of us were in a Court of God's law, we'd all be guilty. The good thing is we have Christ as our Counselor who will stand up for us. Remember that and keep the faith!

Have a great weekend!


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